Daokan Lady of Air and Water
Aliases The Divine Sophia, the Holy Spirit, Silent Will of all humanity
Species Eluini
Ulsa Laoloana --Eluini, Daokan Lady of Air and Water

Appearance Edit

Ulsa is decidedly feminine with ample curves and exquisitely refined features that define a kind of beauty that goes beyond ordinary description. Long blonde hair that falls around a pair of slender shoulders and a body that is clearly evident even beneath the long white shawl that she wears over a pale blue halter-top.  Blue jeans adorn her hips and legs leading down to a pair of bare and quite shapely feet. The utter simplicity of her appearance is belied by a strange kind of compulsive magnetism that attended her like a halo. 

History Edit

Ulsa is first mentioned when Anri knowing that she was watching asked if she was guiding the actions of their brothers to affect his plans. She made her presence known by fixing the damage done in the wake of Udan and Shiva-Ranma’s fight. A few years ago she made Lao’s acquaintance during what she thought to be a routine snatch and grab. A target of opportunity supposedly encountered by chance but in reality Ulsa was controlling the entire situation manipulating Lao into doing what she wanted, which came naturally enough considering how easily Lao was mislead by her baser reflexes. This is why when she and Anri went to retrieve Amalthea Ulsa first appearance was making her presence known to Lao when the POJ sailed near Lemuria by displacing trillions of metric tons of water to display the lost temple. Lao greeted Ulsa before informing Martha Kent who had flown her why she was answering questions that hadn’t been asked that she didn’t talk. When she asked why she was there Anri revealed himself.

While initially reluctant given what had been done to the young girl Lao agreed to give Amalthea to him. Before they left Anri informed Lao he and Ulsa would forgive her for her transgressions against Ulsa a few years back. Unfortunately just as she was sighing in relief he informed her that Udan was another story altogether. Anri appeared in the chamber when Lao told Amalthea who would be her new master. Needless to say everyone was shocked as the presence of a man within the Seraglio was almost unheard of. Nonetheless the enigmatic blonde named Ulsa appeared at the side of her equally strange brother, and Lao hastily calmed them down.

It turned out that Ulsa was actually the one buying Amalthea revealing that she had let Lao kidnap her specifically to learn her craft. Anri was just there to train her so that she could help reclaim the soul of her brother. Hearing that her brother was alive Amalthea broke discipline by raising her voice in total contravention of her training as a sex-slave. However she quickly self-corrected herself. Hearing Anri comment that he was confident that she would shape up nicely Martha demanded what he meant before catching herself. However Anri wasn’t offended and stated that he wanted to rekindle the flames of the warrior within her, to say nothing of awakening her Kirin blood so that she may go to battle with those who betrayed both her and her brother. Amalthea’s tone no longer soft nor submissive asked when do they begin.

Ulsa arrived right after Anri had Amalthea demonstrate her prowess to Thelendra. Much  to Thelendra’s surprise when she started laughing at seeing her brother being defeated. Even more so when she wanted to take over the first stage of Amalthea’s training. She planned on loosening the mental bonds placed upon her by Madam Lao, to fully awaken her warrior's spirit so that she will be well armed and in the right mood to kick some butt in order to free her brother.

Thelendra wondered why her aunt who has always been that of total pacifism would suddenly do this. Anri had her watch as his sister approached the silver-haired Amalthea, bare feet gliding through the sand as she moved with a grace that was preternaturally sensual and as regal as the bearing of an empress. Amalthea herself gasped as Ulsa came to stand before her, and then leaned forward and planted a kiss upon the younger woman's forebrow. Said kiss was followed by another, this time lower on the face and much closer to the mouth, which was where the third kiss was next planted, and then Ulsa reached out with both arms and drew the half-Kirin girl into an embrace in which Amalthea quite naturally reacted by returning these affectionate gestures in accordance with her pleasure-girl training.

Not even with Madam Lao herself had Amalthea ever given vent to such indescribable delights as she had experienced within the past few moments with her new Mistress. It was like making love to a gentle-mannered goddess who seemed to implicitly understand her every urge and requirement, and who brought her skillfully to the heights of ultimate pleasure only to bring her down as gently from the precipice of absolute joy to the blissful ease of a cloud gently descending upon a hill, and when the moment of union parted she was left tingling and spent with every inch of her body resonating with a happiness that knew no limits for the boundaries of total consummation.

Ulsa regretted having to rise Amalthea as she laid there basking in the afterglow, but it was time that she resumed the mantle of a warrior. She would become Ulsa’s, champion to do the work she needs, the services that can only be rendered by a demi-immortal as she herself am restrained from. Amalthea wondered what such a being as Ulsa couldn’t do and was met with a sad and wistful smile. She informed Amalthea that power such as her’s can never be used lightly, let alone gratuitously and to think of herself as a surgeon's scalpel trained to do fine work that the human hand alone is ill suited to manage.

Amalthea felt oddly touched and moved to think that her new owner might require something of her that only she could manage. Laolana turned an amused look towards her but told her not be so quick to agree as what she asks no light matter. However Amalthea was more than ready. As they were talking Ulsa sensed Reka amusing himself with Anri's agents. Amalthea asked if there was something she could do. Ulsa asked their might be but first they had to go in pursuit of her weapon.

There first stop was Udan. Like always Udan sensed Ulsa’s presence first before sensing the cowering Amalthea. His eyes narrowed sharply and with a glance he read her as he had the Manga and knew at once that the scent of his wife was thoroughly upon her. Ulsa halted his first impulse and explained that she brought her from Madame Lao. The thought that he wasn’t enough for Ulsa hurt him greatly, but Amalthea wasn’t there for vengeance but the finer touch of one who fears the touch of death.

Ulsa asked Udan to help Amalthea obtain the Umurika, and with a fatalism born of  long practice he resigned his will to hers and sighed, then acknowledged with a nod his tacit understanding of the circumstances and allowed her to dictate to him the shape of her intentions. He then regarded the half-kirin who was palpably nervous about standing in the presence of a man whose very nature seemed to draw in the shadows all around him.  He asked Ulsa if she was prepared to take on the challenges of getting the weapon. When Ulsa affirmed her potential Udan gave Amalthea another hard study and then nodded. This decided Udan led the way forward, followed in close step behind by Ulsa and Amalthea, the former confident and serene as she crossed the span of many miles distance, the latter far more hesitant, yet dutifully submissive as she obeyed the silent urging of her Mistress.

The Three appeared on Monster Island where Baby was nesting around the Hiroikotsu. It was feeding energies into the area that were helping to nurture the eggs and incubate them. Gojiro was poised over her is a defensive manner, and the angry glare he paid towards them indicated that such intrusions were anything but welcome. Udan was about to destroy the eggs so that they couldn’t over run the world, but was stopped by Ulsa revealing that several eggs had already been taken to be experimented on.

Since Amalthea had to cross the field guarded by the Nephlim, and then scale the stones bare handed to get the Hiroikotsu, Udan cleared the way for her. While Gojiro tried to stop him Udan basically ignored him eventually just trapping him stone hand. As he was doing that Ulsa went to the side of Baby and convinced her to allow Amalthea to pass. With the path clear Amalthea climbed the ridge and reclaimed the Hiroikotsu. Ulsa persuaded Baby to allow them to take an egg which she gave to Amalthea as a pet. As they left Ulsa reminded Udan to free gojira.

Upon there arrival Udan knocked out Reka both to put a stop to him attacking Ranma and Nabiki and for him hurting Thelendra who stood in front of an attack met for Kasumi. Anri introduced Ranma and Nabiki to Udan and Ulsa as well as Amalthea who they recognized as resembling David. As well as Ranko and Cheshire. Ranko quickly tried to leave only to be stopped by Anri perpetrated by Udan glaring at them. Anri apologized on behalf of his brother, before everyone left so that they could properly explain what was going on. 

They took Ranma, Nabiki, Kasumi, Lenore, Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Where Anri finally explained the nature of the Daokan and his past incarnation of Yesus Ben Yusef as well as the history of humanity. Ranko and Cheshire forced to explain their lineage. Cheshire was the first grow impatient and demanded to know what brought her and Ranko to that timeline. Anri explained Holocaust the true being behind Otono and the Umakusa Suekazen Society whose aim was to unleash a pestilence upon Japan to further his goals for greater power. Anri was just about to go into the specifics about why Otono was out to destroy the Tendo’s when the group was asked to leave as the visiting hours were over.

After explaining the nature of Christ Mithra Sol Ivictus Anri showed them the back-stage story of what it means to be dead and living in either Hell or Heaven. Their first stop was the land of Nod. Lenore’s knowledge of the Kabala allowed her to recognize the place. As they toured the realm they witnessed the arrival of Akhmed Muhammad Pulavi a suicide bomber and his victims. Despite what Akhmed was told he was not greeted by seventy virgin Houri but dragged to Malabolge by Erinyes. The silence that followed this incident was broken only by Anri’s regret on having to do that. Akhmed’s victims were equally as shaken as Nabiki and the others, but the lead of the trio managed to ask Anri who he was. Anri replied with his usual modesty as they began to fade from view, becoming misty lights that rose up into the sky and vanished altogether. However he was interrupted from going back to his discussion by the arrival of Michael.

Michael had come because he heard that Anri had been once again harassing his staff, so he was furious to find him interfering with their appointed rounds of gathering the fallen and conveying them to their place of destination. Anri tried to explain that he merely delayed a few travelers for the span of an instant, but Michael wouldn’t budge and the fact he had brought mortals only made him angrier. Not even when Reka decided to comment or Anri reminded him of the looming crisis did he back down. Only when Udan made his presence known did he start to show fear, but he still refused to be intimidated.

However the change in Michael's attitude and manner when Kasumi asked him to let them continue was striking. All at once he was down on one knee with head bowed, even as the other glowing figures made similar gestures of supplication in the direction of the astonished Tendo sister. Now that they were aware that the divine Goddaughter of the Central Manager for Michael’s department was there Anri had far more leverage.

As Nabiki was pondering Michaels abrupt change in behavior. Michael’s daughter Jerika went up to Ranma as she sensed a familiar presence from him. Not wanting to deal with another Elemental Nabiki shoved herself into the path between them. Michael apologized for Jerika’s immaturity Kasumi apologized to Jerika for Nabiki’s outburst, and much to Nabiki’s frustration Thelendra asked if Jerika would be their tour guide. Surprised that a goddess was asking permission rather than demanding it Jerika agreed. Their next stop was Heaven.

Of all those present, only the dark-meined Udan seemed truly out of place in this lofty setting, a shadow amid the brilliant colors of eternal spring who manifested an entirely discordant aura, not so much antagonistic as more reflecting a breath of winter chilling the ground upon which he was standing. Lenore also seemed somewhat out of place in these environs, but there was a look almost of rapture in her eyes as if she yearned to be a part of such a peaceful landscape, to walk among the fields and plains without the taint of Vampirism giving her a negative glow that absorbed the light around her, causing a partial fading in everything that came near her. Flowers wilted and grass turned brown at her feet, a phenomenon not at all consistent with Kasumi's aura, which had the opposite effect, causing things to bloom with radiant life as if joyfully enraptured by her presence.

Reka burned brightly in the endless sun of day, but the smolder he represented was the hot breath of a desert wind disturbing the landscape and threatening to turn the verdant green into the ash of a drought ridden summer. Clearly he did not fit in any more than his brother, yet he stood aloof rather than hostile to all that he was viewing as if mindful to respect his place and not intrude upon the good fortune and happiness of others. Amalthea was another to whom this strange dominion seemed both appropriate and fitting, and as she gazed around with puzzled eyes she noted how familiar everything felt. Doubtlessly it was the presence of the blonde named Ulsa who was tempering her brother's flame, for she seemed quite at home within these environs and radiated her own potent aura of life-enhancing emanation. 

It was here that Kasumi, Nabiki, and Ranma got to see Kimiko. Anri tried to continue his lecture only to be stopped by Ulsa so that the four could have their reunion. During this she and Reka also transformed Ranko back into her true form so she and Ranma would no longer be in stereo. After their greetings and explaining how their lives turned out Kimiko turned away and returned to what she was doing, leaving all three of her closest family members staring in amazement, unable to shake a sense that the Tendo matron was somehow turning back to her day-to-day existence and gradually forgot about their presence, her eyes settling into her task with a pleasant glaze that seemed contended and a bit too dreamy.

Anri assured them that this was just the nature of the realm they were in. Kimiko had responded to their presence since they were still living before going back to living out the dreams of her existence. Jerika was explaining Kimiko’s (as well as Kasumi’s former) nature as a Template when Peorth arrived. Peorth initially didn’t recognize the three though she did recognize Kasumi’s resemblance to Belldandy. At least until Thelendra reminded her of the wish she performed ten years ago. Unfortunately Anri chose to leave before she could say anything. He took them to Malabolge so that they could see further along the gradual path of evolution that the soul undertakes, from death to the afterlife, from the highest to the lowest and back again. 

The group watched in dismay as the Erinyes went about their work tormenting lost souls. Jerika called her father out for constantly butting in as she was the one hired to guide them. This nearly started a fight between the two as Michael still considered her to young before Anri stepped in. They then went to the transition point in the afterlife where souls are channeled and prepared for reincarnation. The Daokan also went into more detail about the nature of the Eluini. However the actual reason they were brought there was to show them the Old Ones. As they started up at the creatures Ranma and Nabiki noted that one of them was staring at them. that was the true enemy Baal Ariman Yahweh the forsaken, False God and enemy of all Creation. Who saw the two a threat to his dark ambitions.

This prompted a discussion of the connection between Hebrew and greek mythology to explain how Yahweh got his name. During which Amalthea accidently revealed that Lao was her former Mistress. She also almost revealed that Lao recently gave birth to Nabiki’s child but was stopped by Ulsa. Though Nabiki noted the way she regarded her new "pet", and got a sudden lurching sense in her stomach from it. However this did force them to get to the point of the discussion the Shimubara Rebelion. Otono is the direct linear descendant of Amakuza Shiro. Just as the Tendo and Saotome clans themselves had ancestors who took part in suppressing that rebellion. At this point Yahweh began to feed on the soul energy of the recently deceased Fundamentalists Christians. Since they were followers of the false Yahweh Jerika had no sympathy for them, causing her father to call her insensitivity.

The group watched as the Heaven's Aerial Defense Force which included Kimiko marshaled to repel him. Unfortunately while the weapons they had effective against any lesser demon of the outer dark. A greater Old One was a different story. So the Daokan decided to step up. Hearing this Michael gave the order for his troops to withdraw as the Daokan united to form the Incarnation. Michael and Jerika fell to their knees and bowed their heads in abject submission to her, while Thelendra too bowed her head deeply and manifested a posture of differential respect and humility that made Kasumi take notice. The divine Tendo sister herself felt an emotional stirring of amazement as she basked in the light of the inhumanly beautiful giant, while Nabiki and Ranma stood to the sidelines with Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire, mouths hanging agape, while Lenore herself lay utterly prostrate as if hoping not to be noticed in the light of such perfection.

They were driven to their knees by the clash between this Celestial being and the monstrous beings known as Old Ones that seemed to go on and on for an eternity all about them, threatening to drown out all of existence with the violence of these awful exchanges. Once Yahweh was driven off and the Daokan separated again they took the group back to their world both to spare them from further psychic trauma and to explain what happened. Seeing that level of power Ranma and Nabiki realized that what the Daokan need at the time was a lower caliber of ammunition that hits the target without creating too much collateral damage. Since if they fought it would most likely destroy the universe.

Unfortunately the Old One hadn’t been completely driven back and ended up possessing Lenore. As Ranma, Nabiki and Kasumi watched in dismay as their friend and retainer was horribly afflicted by a thing of nightmare. The possessed Lenore turned to Michael and called him out for changing sides. However Michael didn’t take the bait and calmly stated that Moloch died along time ago. Before the conversation could go any further she was killed by Reka. As the others turned on him Reka flatly stated it was unavoidable. Anri mediated stating that it wasn’t the goal that they were objecting to but the excessive means he used to solve the problem. Ulsa to agreed that Lenore didn’t deserve such a fate so had Udan resurrect her.

Michael found himself pushed out of the way as Kasumi rushed to huge the resurrected Lenore who had no memory of what happened. Reka brought the conversation back to him, he still didn’t believe that that they were strong enough to deal with the Old Ones. Unfortunately Udan agreed. Since he didn’t feel that Ranma and Nabiki were up to task he decided that he would deal with it personally. Knowing that such a battle would destroy their universe Ranma challenged Udan for the right to face Otono. Much to everyones horror this caused Udan to laugh. Amused Udan accepted Ranma’s challenge and gave both him and Nabiki much to her surprise three days to prepare. With that he, Ulsa and Amalthea were about to take their leave only to be stopped by Reka.    

Reka was angry that Udan was trying usurp his position of challenging the couple. Udan replied that he better back off since he knew his greatest weakness. Reka laughed at the notion that he feared man or beast causing Anri to remind him that she was neither. Reka started to fearfully edge away only be yanked back by his ear by his wife Verigar. The three took the opportunity to leave.

Ulsa and Udan stood nearby watching as Amalthea soul-bonded with Luna after she hatched. Udan still disapproved as he remembered how hard it was to brng and end to this particular line of the Titans, but Ulsa assured him that she is taking steps to see to it that this age does not revert to the era when giant monsters roamed the earth and made life too difficult for ordinary humans. One of which was giving her the talent of Mass Displacement in order to make her more manageable and to disguise her true nature. After Luna went to sleep Ulsa gave each a new mission. Ulsa and Amalthea were going to liberate her brother David while Udan still had to prepare for his challenge match against Ranma and Nabiki.

Given that Ranma and Nabiki were mortal Amalthea questioned weather or not it was sportsmanlike for Udan to challenge them, and was afraid to she offended him when he left without bidding them a farewell. Ulso explained that was just his way. When Udan went off to fight Shiva-Ranma Ulsa sensed Nabiki’s plan to subdue him and used that opportunity to attack the NERVE compound with Amalthea and Luna acting as her shield of strength. When they arrived at Nerv Headquarters Ulsa had Amalthea restore Luna to her true size. She was astonished by how big the dragon had grown as roared and flexed her body in a raw display of elemental fury before turning and giving his Mistress a comforting look that assured Amalthea that she was still her pet and would willingly serve her as a loyal friend and vassal. With that the Seagull was on the march, and woe betide to anyone who might think to challenge the Lady of Air and Water, who moved slowly ahead with the inevitable fury of a raging typhoon that swept all away within its forward passage.

Ulsa hardly bothered to notice as the intensive fire rained down on them from multiple directions, having all the effectiveness of rain drops against an umbrella as she told Amalthea and Luna to be patient. Knowing that her powers would be limited in the NERV headquarters Ulsa summoned a giant wave and with that she tore through the steel doors while the wall of water smashed against the doorway and poured into the inclined tunnel, flowing like a river down the mouth of a giant, effectively bringing a halt to the defensive fire of numerous hidden security devices. Amalthea and Luna felt perfectly dry as they followed after their mistress, amazed at the sheer power on display in the gentle hands of the Lady of Air and Water, and wondering just what a being of her nature was doing needing their support in the first place.

When the SEELE troops descended upon the tunnel from vectoring side-routes, bypassing the cascading waterfall of water that had partially flooded the entrance. Armed with Equalizer, Prototype Mark XIII’s and armored they fell into flanking positions well above the flowing tide and trained their guns upon the three intruders, opening fire as soon as the trio was within effectively firing range, raining down enough bullets to take down a full division.

Ulsa bent space and time to create a G-force equal to fifteen times the normal force of gravity causing the bullets to be slammed down into the water, well short of their marks as though dropped to the ground by the force of a giant magnet. With their potion revealed Luna unleashed her fiery breath weapon, scorching the area near to where the men were hidden and causing many to drop their weapons and hastily attempt to put themselves out as their Kevlar bests were catching fire just from the near contact. While Amalthea moved so fast that she literally became a blur in their eyes as she rushed them boldly, running up the side of a wall and leaping an impossible distance while bringing her Hirokotetsu into play against these soldiers.

Ulsa advanced down the main access cargo tunnel, blithely ignoring all attempts to block or impede her progress while she left the heavy work of fending off the defenders to her two loyal companions, both the fleet-footed Amalthea and the raging draconic beast known simply as "Luna." When they finally made it to NERV proper after finding out where David was being held Amalthea and Luna went ahead allowing Ulsa to steady herself in readiness to meet the greater challenge of a direct confrontation with Lilith.

Ulsa softly padding her way to two solid rows of heavily armed gunners, not in the least afraid as she braved the lines of lethally armed men aiming to take her life with their specially made Orachalcum-tipped weapons. She walked with no particular haste to her steps, almost seeming to glide over the floor of the cavern as she moved with grace and dignity in her bearing, arms folded beneath her shawl, blue eyes cool and aloof yet somehow intimate and knowing. She bore the dignity of a queen before her court and clearly feared not the specter of death, to which she had been impervious for the better part of twelve thousand years ongoing.

Ibrahim began taunting her for arrogance, but the moment he ordered his sniper to take the shot Luna burst through the wall. Under such daunting circumstances discipline broke and the men began shooting wild at the new target in their sights, forgetting all else in their panic-stricken terror as they tried to draw a beat on the charging dragon, only to stare in wild disbelief as their lethal projectiles went wide of their mark, as though the curtains of time and space itself were warping within its immediate presence.

Amalthea at the same time dealt with the sniper who was so focused on his task that he didn’t even realize she was there. His bullet ended up missing its objective by a distance of several meters, hardly bringing so much as a flinch from Ulsa. This provided the prisoners the opportunity to break their bonds and wreck further havoc to the rear guard of his rapidly diminishing forces. Agent Kei in turn stopped Ibrahim from fleeing. Amalthea was ready ground him into powder only to be stopped by Frank as making him pay was Ulsa’s job. She grabbed his face and angered by his feeble efforts to resist her full unfettered justice told him that he would yield to her. Before the others were forced to glance away they glimpsed Ibrahim true form as he was banished back to his realm.

When they turned back to see her standing over Ibrahim who was as motionless as a doll and barely showing the least signs of continued breathing only Agent Kei seemed calm and unaffected. Ulsa greeted everyone before turning her hardened gaze to Gendo who tried to look away, only to find his body refused to obey him. He tried to justify his actions by saying he was just doing what the Scrolls said only for her to reveal that it was Ahriman who was behind those prophesies. The revelation that he had been manipulated into cloning Lilith caused Gendo to reveal to Kozo and Naoko.

It is revealed that Kei was the one who informed Ulsa what was going on. While she knew pretty much near everything she was unaware of the Mark XIV. Since Orachalcum absorbs Magic she had to put a stop to SEELE’s research before it progressed any further. She went herself because she didn’t want to risk Udan. Ibrahim as a minion of Ahriman was also privy to things denied to her. After hearing how Atlantis and Lemuria fell Kozo agreed that they’d made a mistake. The next corse of action was to deal with Lilith. with an expression of resolve mixed with resignation she had Amalthea give Frank the gun as she prepared to face the First Woman, the Uber-Neflim before whom all others save only for Adam are but pale shadows and imperfect copies.

Ulsa arrived at the lab to prevent Lilith from dissecting Reiko and Excel to find out why they were able to resist her influence. Ulsa Laolana stood there surveying the scene, then softly she sighed. It was much as she had expected it would be. One thing about Lilith, she never did learn from her mistakes and former lessons. Reiko and Excel were slammed against the far wall quickly forgotten about as she addressed her Great-granddaughter.

Upon being told that Udan wasn’t there Lilith smiled slyly calling her foolish for stepping out of her element. Ulsa however refused to rise to the bait and tried to get Lilith to see reason. Stressing that whatever she did it would not alter the outcome. Lilith however wasn’t concerned confident that Ulsa was no match for her. With that Ulsa’s expression firmed and she took a step into the chamber, and all at once the floor, walls and ceiling dissolved to be replaced by a star-like background that stretched to all infinity in all directions. Of those within the room only Ulsa and Lilith seemed totally unaffected by the sudden loss of gravity and a determinately “up and down” direction. They faced each other from the same space as before with neither one making overtly hostile moves, and yet the tension in the air between them was as electric as it was incredibly pointed.

Now that the mortals were safe from any collateral harm that might be caused Ulsa informed Lilith that she’d been tricked it wasn’t her DNA that Ibrahim used to create his virus, but Samael’s. He had tricked her into thinking that he was fulfilling her aims so that she would not interfere with his plans and would even enable them from a distance through her clone’s nascent powers. The virus Ibrahim planned on unleashing would scar through the population of the entire planet with the full fury of that most terrible of Neflim. Lilith believing that she is infallible accused Ulsa of trying to deceive her. This caused the blonde Laolana to raise a pale eyebrow as the notion of her ling was absurd. She also caused Lilith out on her hypocrisy and the fact that she lets hate rule her soul.

She attempted to convince Lilith to let go of her hate and forgive those who once wronged her. Sadly Lilith refused her offer and once again pointed out that Ulsa did not posses the power to stop her. Ulsa shook her head sadly and regarded the blue-haired child with a sad demeanor. Telling her that she was just furthering the ends and ambitions of Ahriman was answered by Lilith saying that the old ones were weak causing her to laugh at Ulsa for fearing them. Ulsa in response dropped another bombshell Lilith had already fallen prey to the Old One’s manipulation which was why her relationship with Adam failed. This caused Lilith to spit with fury, but Ulsa didn’t let up telling her that it was time to let go, to cease perpetuating the struggle against herself that she wrongfully projects onto Adam.

This gave Lilith an opening she accused Ulsa of projecting her own relationship with Udan onto her and Adam. Stating that eventually Udan would betray Ulsa just like Adam did to her. While this did cause Ulsa to show a visible reaction she was confident that wouldn’t happen. This gave Lilith another opening pointing out that her confidence only came from her omnipotence and not from actual trust. Ulsa had a slightly pained expression as she reflected on that, then raised her eyes again and addressed herself with restored serenity. She called Lilith out for lashing out rather then dealing accuracy of her observation by bringing up issues that she knew was both unfair and inaccurate. Unlike Lilith Ulsa accepted Udan flaws and all. Lilith couldn’t fathom accepting the pain that men bring and called Ulsa insane.

Ulsa admitted that not wanting to put him in danger from Lilith’s virus was partially the reason she wanted to confront her herself. Lilith claimed that the virus only killed men because they were weak, but Ulsa pointed out that it only destroyed the physical body and did nothing to the soul which would eventually be reborn in the body of a women. All she would be accomplishing was forcing a choice on the whole of the human race. Which would lead to further imbalance, and that is what serves the interests of the Old Ones. Unable to argue against this logic Lilith just lashed out suddenly the space between them flared up with brilliant phoenix fire as the child’s body began to emanate waves of pure elemental chi that reflected her inner rages.

Ulsa didn’t let up bringing up the Solnoids and Paranoid and how the only way they prevented the annihilation of all life within this portion of the galaxy was to re-create the genome of Man through combining the DNA of a Paranoid seed with a Solnoid host body, and through them bore a clone who more closely resembled a child of Adam. Lilith responded that they created an abomination and because of them humanity can never hope to attain the glory of the Nephilim. She once again lashed out when Ulsa pointed out that it only happened because of her virus and all she was doing was repeating history.

Rei’s body started to mature as Lilith transfused her essence fully. Ulsa found it difficult to remain standing on her feet and was driven to one knee by the sheer intensity of the other’s elemental onslaught. The transformation seemed almost incidental as Lilith’s mind and consciousness were focused towards the struggling Ulsa Laolana, and indeed that cast an even more terrible pall to her inhumanly beautiful aspect as she continued to grow in size until she reached gigantic proportions, standing well over twice the height of a man and still growing, with everything else about her shaping to fit the ideal form of an indescribably attractive young woman. Her blue hair grew long and wild and her crimson eyes became like burnished gold as more and more life energy radiated out from her with the sole aim and focus of driving the Silver Seagull fully to her knees and humbling her altogether.

Ulsa managed to bear herself against this onslaught and managed to raise her head as she glared up defiantly towards the now cyclopean Lilith, and in doing so appeared to manifest a single silent command, telling Frank to take the shot. The Orachalcum shell hit the wall of space and time and shredded it, dispelling the darkness into nothing without so much as braking its hypersonic momentum. It dissipated the energy fields with a resultant cascade of brilliant blue-white catalytic reaction. Time and space seemed to yield before the tip of this hurtling projectile and created a vortex of cancellation that sucked it further along until it crossed the hundred meter distance and terminated its flight in the breastbone of the giant Lilith.

The resultant effect of impact caused Lilith to shriek in pain and recoil away in horror. The tiny pinprick absorbed the psionic energy within its immediate vicinity and broke apart the complex web of patterns that held Lilith incarnate within her gigantic clone-body and disrupted the Akashic bonds that allowed the union of distant soul to replicated body to exist fell apart into coherent fragments of pure energy, and then a gigantic wave of explosive force filled the room with an echoing reverberation and like an avalanche of light and sound the whole chamber exploded to a force like unto a megaton of raw human potential.

When she came to she found herself being cradled by a worried Amalthea. Sitting upright she admitted she wasn’t sure if that would work. Ulsa told Amalthea to forget about her and focus on her brother. Seeing the shattered container in which a naked body lay nestled, she left the side of the recovering Silver Seagull and effortlessly shifted aside tons of debris that blocked her path, digging through with her claws until she had reached the side of the hapless young man lying in a pool of spilled life-sustaining fluids.

In between vomiting up the contents of his fluid-filled lungs all over the floor David expressed disbelief at finding his sister alive. Before he passed out he told her that his last name wasn’t Deveneu, but Lo. Ulsa informed Amalthea that she must be strong for her brother because his mind is still under the influence of those who have lied and deceived him. He believes that she is dead at the hands of enemies, and he blames non-Christian believers were responsible for her untimely separation. Furious Amalthea was ready to make General Han pay, but Ulsa was able to calm her down.

With that dealt with Agent Jay and Kei brought the conversation back to Lilith and what exactly happened to her. Ulsa confirmed Frank’s theory that the Orachalcum bullet essentially let the hot air out of her ballons pointing out Rei to everyone. Despite being quite helpless looking and as naked as a newborn the sight of her caused Reiko and Excel to reach for a non-existent side-arm. Ulsa assured everyone that the bullet severed the link between Rei and Lilith. She soothed everyone’s fears stating that she would see to it that Lilith does not reassert control as well as revealing that the other half of her biology came from Ikari Yui.

Jay was shocked by this revelation as well as the fact that Ulsa knew his real name but Kei took it in stride realizing that she altered Rei’s DNA just enough to give her a natural resistance to the influence of Lilith. Also to ensure that she doesn’t remain under the influence of Gendo she resurrected Yui. Though she also made sure to allow her to retain some abilities and memories of her sojourn. It turns out that through her connection with Rei she had been semi-aware of what was going on in the world. This allowed her to readily accept Rei as her daughter. When she remembered her son Shinji the thought of how Gendo must have been mistreating him sent her on a warpath. Ulsa told Yui to nurse those feelings.

Excel left to go free her partner Hyatt prompting John to bring up the fact that she and Reiko were still naked. Ulsa straightened out and favored the Werewolf with a smile of inner knowing. She revealed that she had been deliberately suppressing everyone’s body-consciousness, but realizing there was no practical reason to justify having everyone move about without regard to their dignity she restored everyone’s clothes. Reiko gave a start and found herself to be once again clothed in her tight-fitting security uniform, while Yui wore a different sort of outfit reminiscent of an Astronaut’s flight suit, and the girl-child named Rei was herself clad in a powder blue dress that fit her tiny person.

All things progressed exactly as Ulsa had hoped that they would though in all truth it was close. Lilith came dangerously close to overwhelming her, and life upon this earth would have suffered greatly if she had fallen. The next step was to deal with Gendo. as the instigator of this perfidy he bore the greatest responsibility for setting in motion a chain that might well have resulted in total disaster. Frank was all to happy to lend his support as she rendered her judgment on Project EVA and the entire NERV project. The group stood off in one corner, guarding what was left of the SEELE paramilitary force while watching Yui read Gendo the riot act with mingled looks of pity and satisfaction. Seeing Ichiro, Kenoe, and Naoko doing the same with their daughters Ulsa took pity on them and decided to call Naoko out on her hypocrisy for being mad at them for breaking into a secure lab knowing full well that the greater crimes were committed by those in their employ. While she realized that she acted at the behest of one who claimed to love her, that didn’t let her off the hook.

Ulsa fixed the older blonde Akagi woman with a silent litany of past sins that culminated with the present knowledge about the special “extra-marital” affair presently being conducted between herself and the project director, Gendo Ikari. Naoko reacted to this betrayal of her darkest secrets by taking a step backwards and gasping in fear of their revelation, but Ulsa silently conveyed to her that she had no intention of making what she knew such common fodder for rumor and gossip. Rather she silently admonished the scientist with a very stern-yet-compassionate thought of warning that she needed to clean up her act and do right by Ritsuko.

By this point Yui had ended her angry tirade by telling Gendo that it was over between them. Seeing Gendo’s devastated look shocked Naoko to no end as she had thought the man would get over Yui in time and realize that she was much better suited to be his equal, companion and help mate. Ulsa pointed out that Gendo never truly loved her she was just a means of company and comfort. She assured the tearful Naoko that she sympathized with her pain. She wasn’t taunting her merely bringing this tragedy to a close before she and Gendo could render any further harm to humanity. She trusted that Naoko was wise enough to change her ways after seeing her errors through Ulsa’s eyes.

When Naoko asked what she had left. Ulsa told her that she had many years to repair the rift between her and her daughter, because despite Ritsuko’s age she will always need her. The conversation was interrupted by Excel coming back with Hyatt. Before another argument could start between her and Reiko about the existence of ACROSS. Ulsa removed the mental block that was keeping her from processing data in a regular manner. Causing her to believe she was Reiko’s twin sister. She also changed the polarity of Hyatt so that she is not quite so Necrotic, allowing her to process Oxygen normally so that she would not pass out every few seconds and would have considerably more vitality. Which she would need as Ulsa also directed Excel’s former one-sided infatuation away from Lord Ilpalatzo and towards a more appropriate partner. Finally she directed them to find a nearby motel so that they can work off their long-repressed ardor.

John was amazed that Ulsa was able to do all that with just a glance causing her to turn her amused gaze towards the werewolf and project a faint air of uncharacteristic smugness. This caused Frank to shudder slightly at the casual display of whimsical humor in someone whose reputation to date had depicted her as anything but the type to show off her prowess in so off-handed a manner. By this point Yui had finally spent her rage and was turning her back upon her husband, who was standing there stricken with a look of forlorn yearning. Gendo stammered, half to himself that he only wanted to help. When she turned back to favor him with one arched eyebrow. He declared that he wanted to give humanity a chance of evolving at last to a nigher level.

Agent Kei spoke up curtly telling Gendo that didn’t justify anything as Humanity wasn’t at a dead end, he just saw the next level of human growth as anything but a threat to the status quo. Calling him by his original name Rogunbugi Ulsa told him that his actions have forfeited any right that he might have for claiming the Ancient technology that he has been abusing so badly. It was time for NERV to be disbanded and for he and his people to pack up and leave this complex altogether. Naoko, Ichiro, Kozo and even Yui tried to protest only to be told that it wasn’t a request she made her point known with a solid wall of roiling water that stood more than a hundred meters high, threatening to crash down upon the chamber and flood it utterly with everyone present being caught within its deadly tide. She gave everyone an hour to evacuate before she released the tide.

She gave Gendo one final warning there would be a reckoning for his actions, but for now escape and tell SEELE what he would regarding the circumstances. When he asked what he could do to redeem himself she told him to be a father to Shinji and Rei, one they can respect and look up towards. Ulsa next turned her gaze upon the SEELE men, and with a glance caused their bindings to fall away completely. Then glanced in wonder and confusion at their sudden liberty, and then turned equally wary looks upon their benefactor, sensing in her a power that could as easily smite them down as give them back their mobility. Frank asked if it was wise to let the mercenaries go, but there was no pretext to hold them.

The SEELE men, not being the types to look a gift horse in the mouth, picked themselves up off of the floor and started filing out of the room, along with the NERV personnel whom they had been menacing not more than an hour ago. Ichiro and Kenoe joined Naoko in urging their daughters to make haste towards the exit while Yui picked up her own newly acquired daughter and did likewise with Rei clinging dutifully to her shoulder. Kozo waited until he got the all-clear from his people then nodded to Gendo telling him that while it may be the end of one dream, at least they could always dream another.

Frank had waited until the room was mostly empty before he and John left. Before he did Ulsa told him, Agents Kei and Jay that the waters that would only fill this chamber for one year, after which time the chamber would evacuate itself naturally. She entrusted only them with this knowledge so that they see to it that SEELE doesn’t try to reclaim it. She sensed that within a year aliens would arrive on earth, a lost branch of humanity who have survived since the time before the rise of the Second Adam who are in need of a new sanctuary. She also told not to destroy the gun but give it to one who is more than capable of utilizing the weapon to its maximum abilities. With that the big man exited the chamber, followed in close order by Talbain and the MIB agents. Ulsa was left alone with Amalthea, David and Luna and silently reflected upon the awesome burden that she was undertaking, then nodded to her companions. Carrying her unconscious brother in her Amalthea she waited as her Mistress opened a portal to grant them passage to the outside and they took their leave of the place with the Silver Seagull transporting them elsewhere.

When David finally came to and saw Amalthea he initially thought that he was in Heaven. Upon seeing Amalthea he tried make sense of the image of the half-naked girl as he asked how she was alive. Amalthea started going on about how Han had lied to him and how happy she was that they were finally together. He finally noticed Ulsa when she calmed Amalthea down. He frowned when Amalthea introduced Ulsa as her Mistress however his main focus was on the fact that Ulsa wasn’t a Christian name. Ulsa gave him a cool smile and regarded him levelly with her impossibly clear blue eyes before confirming that she wasn’t a Christian. Amalthea was shocked at hearing the hostility in David’s tone when he responded by asking if she was a minion of Satan.

David called her a liar when she told him that there was no Satan. Ignoring his queasiness David forced himself to his feet and demanded to know who Ulsa was and why she claimed ownership over his sister. He almost attacked her when she replied that Amalthea had already named her only for her to increase the gravity around him smashing him back into the sands as though an invisible giant’s hand had flattened him thusly. Ulsa informed him that while she adhors violence she would not sit passively with him and permit him to threaten her. Though she was quick to assure Amalthea that he wasn’t hurt though she had to make sure he did not provoke her again.

Far more wary he shook off Amalthea’s attempts at comforting him and asked Ulsa again if she was a demon. When she replied no he asked her if she was a servant of the Lord which she again replied negatively. Amalthea finally spoke up telling him who Ulsa was and that he was being ungrateful by provoking her like that. David didn’t see why he should be grateful he just wanted to know how Amalthea was still alive. Amalthea finally let loose seeing how much David trusted Han all but exploding in his face as she told him exactly what Han did to her. Through it all David protested telling himself that she must be under the influence of Satan. Amalthea refused let him do that and reached out to grab the younger man by the shirt, lifting him off of his feet and shaking him like a leaf as she continued to shout at him.

David tried to work himself free of the older girl’s grip but found that rage had leant to her a righteous kind of strength that defied his own physical prowess, so he was left helplessly to say that she was wrong. When she told him that he was brainwashed David called her a liar and started claiming that all of this was a trick of Satan that she wasn’t really his sister. Amalthea stared in dismay at the younger man’s denial, then she let go of him and dropped him back to his feet. Shaking her head in dismay she turned to Ulsa and asked what was wrong with him.

Ulsa informed her that David believes that he can resist seeing the truth by shutting out the unpleasant facts that he knows within his heart are real in favor of a standard excuse line that has been well practiced. He is in denial, but on some primal level he does hear and understand what you are saying. She refused when she asked her to make him see reason as she had no right to violate his free will and sovereignty.

This gave David something to latch onto once again and started to insult Ulsa screaming various obscenities only to be slapped by Amalthea. Eyes burned with righteous anger Amalthea called him out for not only embracing the service of evil, but bringing shame upon their name by speaking in such foul tones to her Mistress. David felt the side of his cheek, the ringing in his ears finally drowning out the fury of his righteous wrath as he stared at his older sibling and saw the sterness of his own mother burning within her golden eyes. As she went on David tried to raise a point in his defense, knowing that he ought to be able to quote some verse from scripture that would cover these affairs and explain everything in a neat and orderly manner. Amalthea tried to get him to realize his heritage. He turned to Ulsa again relieved to have someone other than his fierce-eyed sister to confront with his righteous fury when she spoke up saying that he could feel it and shouldn’t deny it.

He instantly rethought this strategy as he caught a look of something in the eyes of the blonde Ulsa that chilled him to his marrow. His eyes grew wide in horror as Ulsa released the restraint that binded his memories. David took a step backwards and away from the enigmatic woman, yet for all his attempts to put distance between them he could not shut out the memories that were awakening from inside him, lost or blocked memories of the lies his handlers told him

Amalthea gave back with a start as though hearing these thoughts within her own head, thinking how lucky she was to have found her way to Lao. When David still tried to deny what he was remembering Ulsa gave a very soft sigh and then stood up from her perch upon the choral. She took three steps down and set her bare feet upon the sandy soil and then confronted David directly with a gaze so level that you would have thought that they had been transported onto a battle arena. Seeing David assume a fighting crouch as if preparing to attack the blonde before him Amalthea started to move forward, only to be stopped in her tracks as her Mistress raised a hand and silently ordered her to keep her distance.

Seeing Ulsa once again giving his sister orders David immediately charged ahead with a fist that carried the weight of his supernaturally enhanced strength backed by the pain and rage of the confusing tide that raged within him. Ulsa did not move by so much as an inch, but the fist missed its mark and went wide of the target, and all at once David splashed face down in the tidal pool, tasting brine for all of his troubles. Despite being told that violence didn’t work against her David pushed himself up and tried to execute a leg-sweep, but again he misjudged the distance and went tumbling onto his rump even as a wave lapped the shore and soaked him thoroughly for his troubles. Yet he still ignored her warnings and continued his assault. Amalthea cried in dismay as she saw her brother get picked up and carried by a blast he took full in the chest and sent sprawling on his back at several meters distance.

Ulsa told her he was fine as she wasn’t trying to hurt him just get him to learn to pick his enemies more carefully and not to presume the worst of everyone whom he encounters. Understanding Amalthea thanked her mistress. Ulsa then revealed that she was just paving the way for the one who will become his new teacher, revealed to be Anri. David tried to sit back up, only to blink his eyes as the sun played tricks with the lighting and made him turn his head in surprise as he caught the silhouette of the seated Anri. When he asked who he was Anri replied by asking who he was a puppet prince or a swan in the shape of a Kirin. He then went on to tell David that it was time for him to be Baptized in the proper way. Confused David told him that he had already been baptized only to be told not the way Anri does it.

David admitted as he felt the rage and anger melt away from him inexplicably, to be filled with a dawning sense of awe that took away his ordinary fears and replaced them with something more akinto a holy rapture. Anri stated that was a good place to start assuring him that by the end of the day he would learn the true meaning of repentance and forgiveness. If he survived the teaching process that is. David tried to grasp for something familiar to take hold of, only to find his crucifix was missing, the most prized of all of his possessions. Seeing Anri holding it he balled his fists and looked quite determined to take it back by force, but Anri just smiled at the challenge and waited for the younger man to make the first move, which would begin the pain and humiliation of teaching this brash young fellow not to rush into things or be quite so impulsive as he was hardly the passive sort like his sister and was more than ready to show off his own brand of righteous retribution.

Ulsa was contenting herself by combing Amalthea’s long white hair when Udan returned. The Time Patrol Agents, Ranma and Nabiki Saotome, were off to one side the latter giving Udan a wary eye while her husband just glowered his way. Udan felt the urge to take a step towards his erstwhile rival but immediately checked the impulse as he felt the slight displeasure radiating from Ulsa. The next moment Nabiki told him that she didn’t mean any ill will by sending him to fight Majin Buu it was just necessary.

Udan glowered in spite of his unvoiced admiration for the audacity of the woman and her actions. However he calmed down considerably when Ulsa revealed that it had been her idea. When he asked her why Ulsa arched one eyebrow and gave Udan a frankly bland expression before telling him that for ages on end he has been her champion and protector, but at times his attitude towards her can be suffocating and patronizing, because he refuses to see her as an equal in all ways and prefer to believe that she is weak and helpless, in need of his unflinching protection.

Udan’s astonishment was beyond measure as he gazed at the woman whom he had known for thousands of years as though she had become a complete stranger. She then went on to say that he wasn’t equipped to deal with Lilith which was why she recruited Amalthea and Luna as they could act where she was powerless to do so. Udan seemed to be struggling with himself as he considered what his wife was telling him, then reluctantly favored her with a faintly hurt expression. Asking her if she had so little faith in him that she would have him detained fighting a meaningless battle while she risked it all taking matters into her own hands. She replied by asking him what he would have done to escape SEELE’s trap. Udan thought a moment about that then glanced away, leaving the question unanswered, which in itself was a tacit self-indictment, for which Ulsa favored him with a look of soft indulgence.

Ulsa wasn’t prepared to risk his personal health and safety. She also wanted a taste of what he goes through every time he faces their enemies. Ulsa was tired of taking a back seat to the heroism of her brothers. Udan’s surprise was complete as he stared incredulously at the woman he knew as more than just a sister. He struggled to form a coherent means of expressing his emotions, only to feel the warmth of her smile as she gazed upon him with great fondness, a thought so light that it felt like a soft caress against his cheek, belied only by the sadness in her eyes as she conveyed to him the rest of her unspoken meaning. The pedestal she was on was starting to feel cold and distant. She wants a taste of what it truly means to live, to risk life for the sake of a greater purpose, to feel the uncertainty and peril of a moment when life and death hang in the balance and all that is left to you is the courage of your convictions.

For not she was content to let Udan continue to play the hero, but he needed to know that she reserves the option of doing this again should she ever deem it necessary. When Udan asked how she thought that would make him feel knowing that she was facing danger alone. Ulsa replied by lifting her nose and giving him a particularly haughty look, then told him that he would finally know what she felt like for the past twelve thousand years. With that thought expressed she abruptly touched Amalthea on the side of the girl’s head then stood up from the rock upon which she had been perched, taking the Kirin girl by the hand and urging her along, much to the latter’s profound curiosity of expression. She asked about her brother, but Ulsa told her that he would be fine with Anri and she wanted to properly thank her for her help in the caverns.

Ulsa and Amalthea wandered back up from the part of the beach where they had been occupying themselves for the better part of several hours and observed the continued exchanges between Anri and his putative “disciple” wear down to their exhaustive conclusion. Amalthea was appalled that stubbornly refused to except reality. While Ulsa merely gave a serene and compassionate nod, as she told Amalthea that while David is stubborn next to Anri his resolve is like sand before the tide, for Anri could wear down the patience of a mountain. Even pointing out that he has worn down Udan from time to time. Amalthea averred softly, but still she could not help but feel appalled at the way her younger brother was refusing to budge from his mistaken resolve and she could not help but wonder if their long-dead sainted parents might look down in despair at their children from high in the heavens.

When it finally became too much for David and he collapsed to his knees clutching at his face. Amalthea felt conflicted and turned a questioning look towards Ulsa, and to her relief her lady nodded assent, and so she rushed forward, splashing in the surf to reach her brother’s side in a matter of seconds, and then she threw her arms around him and gripped him by his wrists as he instinctively started to struggle against her efforts to restrain him from doing physical damage to himself, while Anri looked down and regarded them both with infinite compassion.

Anri began to wonder if he was a bit too rough on David in forcing him to regard the truth, but Ulsa insisted that he needed to face this. As it was long since time that he grew up and leave behind the mistakes of his painful and tragic past. Just then the two sensed the attack on the Kuno estate. Amalthea was ready to help but was worried about David who had devolved to infancy as he relived the horrors of a few years back in stunning detail and felt the trauma that had warped his nature take hold of him again, only now with the realization that he had submitted to the will of his own enemies in a vain attempt to avoid more suffering, and allowed himself to be coached into becoming a monster. Anri surprised everyone by telling her to take him with her. He explained that David needed to know that what he is experiencing now are true memories and not the mere shadows of ill fancy.

David was still shedding tears as he stared bleary eyed up the quixotic man who had been tormenting him with words before now, only this time he correctly read the compassion and understanding in Anri’s expression, and then he turned a glance up at Amalthea, and gently pushed himself away, attempting to stand on his own feet without anyone else’s assistance. Amalthea instinctively reached down to lend him support but found the gentle hand of Ulsa upon her shoulder restraining her action. David managed to get upright and on his feet on his third attempt, and then he stared hard at Anri and made a decision that, for him, meant turning a page on his entire existence as he said resolutely, he would go and see the truth for himself.

Personality Edit

Ulsa, the Lady of Air and Water is an Eluini Avatar of vast and near limitless power. She is the most powerful of the Daokan and yet her nature is one of total passivity for it is against her nature to act save through the agency of her brother the lord Udan. Ulsa like Udan has no need for a voice to convey what she is experiencing at any given moment. She simply is and that is all that can be said upon the matter. To question her beyond this is to voice a riddle of the ages, for compared with her the Sphinx itself is a chatterbox. She is omniscient and omnipresent and knows the ultimate secrets of space and time, which she keeps to her own counsel rather than share what she knows with those who are incapable of grasping his wisdom. To her the secrets of existence and the purpose of life itself was entrusted, and to her even Anri must bow and acknowledge her as superior to his own humble perceptions.

Relationships Edit

Ulsa and Udan are as Yin and Yang, joined in spirit and body.  Though ever apart they are never far away, and as Ulsa's nature is to observe from afar, so it falls to Udan to be the eternal wanderer, ever restless and ever roving. He embodies a power beyond description, and yet he is totally in service to Ulsa, whom he loves as he does no other. Udan and Ulsa were not raised together as brother and sister but lived their lives apart until the hour of their first meeting. From the moment that happened they were inseparably joined as two halves of a single agency which is what Uta-Haled had intended for them all along seeing as Ulsa's passivity requires a strong outlet, and in Udan she has a champion knight unlike any other.  Wherever Udan goes he is a force of nature, unstoppable and indomitable, with a reputation as a monster slayer beyond any other. Udan and Ulsa represent two forms of Order that help maintain the balance of the many worlds.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Ulsa is the most powerful of the Daokan. However power such as hers can never be used lightly, let alone gratuitously. Violence does not work when directed against Ulsa. She is Air and Water, the Sea and the Shore. She is restlessly eternal, yet she is at peace regardless of the fickleness of the weather. Anger directed towards her inevitably returns to its source. In trying to punish her you only managed to achieve punishment of yourself for the grief that you carry within you. If Ulsa stretched out her hand and acted on her impulses she could squeeze entire legions between her fingers. It is far too delicate a weave the pattern of destiny that she must sift through in order to find those moments where she may act without causing an imbalance. This is why she requires Amalthea and Udan she needs much finer tools with more restraint than she can muster to do those minor tasks that must needs doing.

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