Aliases The Dream Weaver, Sangrael, Miriam of Bethany, Thallie
Family Minx (daughter), Gamina (daughter), Kasumi (wife), Frank (husband), Anri (father), Reka (uncle), Udan (uncle), Ulsa (aunt)
Occupation Oracle
Species Eluini
Love Interest Kasumi Tendo
Loved By Kasumi Tendo
Rivals Frank
Creators Jim Bader
Gender Female
Thelendra --—600+, Eluini Oracle, daughter of Anri

Appearance Edit

Thelendrais a stunningly beautiful woman with distinctively occidental features. She is certainly tall, every bit as tall as a man, yet easily the match for any woman in looks and charms, most particularly in that she curves like an hourglass and is most noticeably top-heavy. Her hair is a shimmering shower of rainbow hues that fall in every color, casting an iridescent light that banishes the gloom of the night while painting all around her in a soft enduring glow. Her eyes are changeable and shifts from one color to the next, and her skin glows with health and perfection, as everything about her is as well crafted as if she were born one of the Kami. The outfit that she wears is the barest silk refinement that does not so much conceal her ample assets as accentuate her womanly contours.

Background Edit

Thelendra is the oldest of Anri’s offspring that is presently known about, She was born and raised in a place known as Arcadia and once dated a gremlin named Gymp and she bore at least two, and possibly more, daughters from her brief union. Do to Gymp being a gremlin it was a while before Thelendra was aware of them. Regretfully she didn’t do more then care for Gamina, who she found with the assistance of her father. Sadly she has lost touch with both of them. Gamina is currently is Gymp’s custody now, learning the ways of the Gremlins, which include their skills at disassembly of technological components.  Last she her she had taken up a job as a Beta tester in Silicon valley.

History Edit

Thelendra was first introduced when Siren brought Nabiki and her counterpart from Continuum #32145896 after acknowledging her niece she asked her father why he had called her there.

Later as Anri was talking to Kasumi in the park helping her through her relationship issues Thelendra arrived in the form of a curiously rainbow-winged butterfly that fluttered past his head, and when Anri stretched out a finger to offer her a perch she casually settled there and rested her wings, sparkling in the sunlight with a beautiful panoply of colors shimmering from her luminous body. Kasumi was entranced with the vision, and she had the most peculiar sense that the butterfly was winking at her, but then a voice startled her and called her away from the entranced state of her unfocused awareness.

After Kasumi left Anri asked his daughter if she approved. Thelendra replied that there was nothing about Kasumi not to be approved of. She was more concerned about him wondering what her mother would think about him flirting with the nascent demine. Anri laughingly replied that he would not lose sight of the purpose for their coming to Nerima. All things will unfold as they must at the proper time and channel. Thelendra scoffed that she had heard that before and then floated off towards the approaching sunset.

The two then watched the events of Ryoga being corrupted by his aunt and as the family group split up, some moving towards the dojo, others towards the main house, none of them were privy to the presence of two perched atop a distant tree. Thelandra called her father out for his penchant for coy melodrama especially given what was at stake. Anri was perfectly aware but for now all they could do was play the role of observers and narrators for the play that they are about to see acted out. As their time was not yet at hand for more immediate intervention. Thelandra was getting tired of playing the idle role of mere spectator to tragedies but all things in their proper time and place. Which was proven by the arrival of Happosai and Pantyhose Taro

He and Thelendra watched the events unfold he only intervened when Kasumi furious at Taro hurting her family. As Kasumi showing her true Vampiric nature ignored the cries of her friends and family and was about to strangle Taro to death Anri spoke in her mind causing her realize what she was doing and let him go. When Taro kidnapped Nabiki causing a number of people to chase him either to rescue him or to stop the Minotaur Anri felt that matters were getting a bit too much out of hand here, and it is well past time that they took a more active part in these matters.

Thelendra wondered if that was the best course of actions given all that was at stake. Anri replied that there was far greater risk in not getting involved and that he found that he’d enjoy getting to know them. This caused Thelendra to once again bring up his sixth incarnation. Anri replied by warning her not to kill Happosai. Just as Thelendra asked what he was talking about Happosai attached himself to her ample bosoms and rubbed his white-mustached face up and down against the perfect skin that projected forth from the cleavage of her tunic. Thelendra pried the wizened old pervert from her body and began to stomp on him with uncharacteristic violence, before punting him away with such force that he went rocketing forward as though shot out of a cannon.

Vowing make the pervert pay should their paths cross again Anri remark about how much she reminded him of her mother. With that thought in mind the very strange pair vanished into the night once again, and the wind blew warm in their passage with the hint of a spring thaw that chases away the harshest of winters. Thelandra appeared before Kasumi as a fortune teller as she was looking for Taro. Not really believing in Tarot cards and wanting to find Nabiki Kasumi initially blew her off, but Thelendra was able to convince her by revealing that she was Anri’s daughter. After warning Kasumi to beware her inner nature 'lest the demon swallow her whole. She read her fortune and explained to her what an Eluini was Kasumi feared that her vampiric nature was growing in strength and eroding away at her humanity, Thelendra and Anri were there to give the benefit of their many centuries of existence, and thus complete her transformation. She aided Kasumi in conquering her inner demons allowing her to embrace her nature as both a vampire and a goddess.  Then like Belldandy before her she bared her throat allowing Kasumi to drink her life-giving elixir.

And all at once Kasumi was no longer gorging herself upon Thelendra's blood but rather moved her lips and mouth in accordance with a different sort of hunger, the kind for which her thirst was mighty and for so long unrequited.  Without needing to think about it her hands moved of their own accord and fingers skillfully glided over smooth skin and blemishless body, casually brushing aside the dress that Thelendra wore in order to remove that very slight obstacle obscuring her touch from finding sensitive nerve endings.

Thelendra gasped and reacted as if surprised by Kasumi's boldness, but no effort was made to resist this changing tide of vampiric passions, for rather she found herself helplessly enthralled by Kasumi's innate knowledge of her brother's Kama-Senken. Her efforts were swiftly rewarded as Thelendra began to move her own hands in similar accordance, and then both women fell into a bed of stars and began to share the warmth of the night through actions of a consensual nature that helped consummate their growing union, and from that stage forward set about to achieving the glorious heat of a raging super-nova.

Thelandra and Kasumi basked in the afterglow of their experience. Thelandra was surprised at how experienced a lover Kasumi was given that she was a virgin. She answered that it the memories she inherited from Ranma when she shared blood with him. While she enjoyed the experience Kasumi was sadden at the fact that she betrayed Frank. Despite this neither she or Thelendra regretted their actions for a second. The conversation moved on to Thelandra herself as well as the nature of the Eluini as her memories began flowing into Kasumi’s mind unbidden. Kasumi could not help extending a hand to caress her fingers across the place where the marks had been, then turned to see if Thelendra evidenced any signs of vampirism.  To her considerable relief the other woman's Ki remained untainted by the darkness of the Rakshasa, though the smile Thelendra turned on her was enough to set Kasumi's pulse to racing.

However she stopped upon realizing who Anri was finally understanding just what sort of being had approached her that very morning. Thelandra explained the Daoken to Kasumi. The two were about to continue their carnal desires when Kasumi remembered Nabiki. Thelandra apologized for distracting Kasumi from saving her sister. Then with a kiss she sent her on her way. Watching her leave Thelandra called her father out making her relive such sad memories before reasserted itself, and with a wave of her hands she gathered the tent up into her hands and folded it into the pockets of her sleeves before banishing it altogether.

Thelendra's sour mood was hardly improved when she found her father watching the battle with Taro and demanded to know if he knew what would happen between her and Kasumi. Without meeting his child's resentful expression Anri replied that he could sense that something might happen but knew she could handle things. Anri didn’t apologize for his actions as it helped her get over Gymp and it was worth it to see her smile again. Thelendra replied that despite the moment of happiness Kasumi wasn’t hears to claim. Anri replied that the future is never entirely written. After the two apologized to each other the two watched as Chusen Saotome the new Eluini was born into the world.

Thelendra noted that he would need guidance to mature and grow into his true nature, but since the crisis hadn’t happened yet Anri wasn’t worried about that. He just wanted them to take comfort in the fact that a tragedy has been avoided and that there will now be some hope for the future. When Thelendra wondered if that was wise Anri replied that it was best not to tip their hans prematurely. To which Thelendra replied that it wouldn’t be long before her aunt and uncles sensed what was going on. Since Ulsa would guide things from afar Anri wasn’t worried.

Atsuko secretly watched the sparing match between Keiko and her father when she suddenly sensed a presence behind her. Anri informed Atsuko that while she is right to be concerned a son yearns for his mother. Upon realizing who he was Atsuko bolted away in fear deapite Anri’s protest that he wasn’t that bad. Thelendra stepped from the seeming concealment of a nearby tree and wondered if his pawns were ready. Anri remained confident believing that the weak possess a nobility that is best found in adversity. It was here that Thelandra realized that Anri planned on having his brothers to goad them to bring out the hidden strength that lays within them. since they had already been attracted by the scent of impending disaster so why not encourage them to do so if it has the effect of creating the conditions that they are after. Thelandra was adamant that Reka and Udan constituted a level of overkill that surpassed all description. Anri wasn’t worried however assured that everything would work out. when  his daughter asked him who he planed on asking to provoke Udan. He answered that he was already on his way to this timeline. He then changed the subject to hwe affections for Kasumi. Thelendra glanced hastily away, and then she stepped back into the shadow of the trees and vanished from ordinary sight, though by no means beyond the vision of the man who was her father.

As they gazed down from the cloud that they were sitting within to observe David attack Furinkan Thelendra noticed the troubled expression upon her fathers face. Asking him what was wrong, he answered that he was contemplating how his teachings had come to this. Thelendra assured her father that he wasn’t to blame for others corrupting his word to justify murder. Anri then turned the tables on Thelendra bring up her budding relationship with Kasumi. She called her father out for tempting her with a coice that could only bring disaster. But answered that she merely suggested that she not write off the possibility prematurely.

After watching the battle with David Thelendra accused her father of orchestrating the outcome. Only for him to feign an innocence that they both knew to be patently false. Knowing that more dangers were to come Anri suggested that they pay them another visit starting with Kasumi who he noticed Thelendra staring at. Though Thelendra wondered if he was beyond hope Anri also wished to help David.

As they were watching the TCP Anri advised Thelendra to have patience when she wondered why he just didn’t have them get involved. Explaining that they would play their part when the time comes. Siren’s arrival revealed Anri had her convince Ranma and Nabiki take a more serious interest in improving their training. However they had one more champion to prod so with a sigh Thelendra banished the image ball and turned away, to vanish into the haze as she headed off to meet with Kasumi.

Thelendra met with Kasumi as she was visiting her mother’s grave. An  awkward silence quickly formed as the two stared at and took notice of one another. Kasumi eventually thanked her for the help she provided causing Thelendra to offer another bite. With Great effort Kasumi restrained her impulse. Thelendra relented at her tease and congradulated Kasumi on her engagement. The conversation moved to Thelendra’s own family. specifically how she recently broke up with her boyfriend Gymp as well as the two daughters he had with him. She explained to Kasumi the nature of Gremlin’s and how she was estranged from her daughters.

With the talk of motherhood another awkward silence fell between them, and then Kasumi and Thelendra shared another restrained look between them, before Thelendra remembered why she was there in the first place. To warn her that David was but the beginning of a terrible event that would test her and her family to their limits. However the two could no longer fight their attraction to each other and began making out. 

Before they could go any further they were interrupted by the arrival of Anri, causing both women to startle and glance to the side with looks reminiscent of two deer caught in a pair of headlights. While he loathed too interrupt them business must come before pleasure. However he did take the time out to get the two to admit that they were in love with each other. What to do about Frank was left up to them. It is revealed that the two were lovers in a past life.

With that Anri explained the nature of the Daokan. Kasumi was shocked upon finding out about Udan and Ulsa’s relationship, but quickly conceded upon being reminded of her attraction to Nabiki’s cursed form. Anri hoped to awaken the memories within Kasumi of her past lives so that she would be more prepared for the coming battle. He and Thelendra then informed Kasumi about the demon Genocide telling her that she, Ranma and Nabiki were the key players needed to thwart him. with that he left the two to their own devices. The conversation quickly moved to what they would do next. While Kasumi did love Thelendra, but she didn’t want to hurt Frank.

Anri and Thelendra were watching Lenore prevent Yagyu’s assassination attempt. Thelendra accused Anri of having a hand in Lenore’s timely intervention but denied it. With that done he introduced Thelendra to Amalthea. Finding out that he brought her from Lao Thelendra wondered what her father’s angle was as she was damaged goods. However Anri told her that she was under estimating Amalthea. To prove his point he attacked. The young lady named Amalthea blinked her eyes and then reacted automatically as a fist came rocketing towards her face from seeming no where.  She had not even perceived the Lord Anri as having moved---let alone attacked her, but her body was so well trained and her reflexes so near-instantaneous that her hand moved to intercept and block the punch before it could totally connect with its designated target.

Seeing this Thelendra studied the girls aura and was able to feel the fire burning within her. By this point Ulsa arrived and much to Thelendra’s surprise when she started laughing at seeing her brother being defeated. Even more so when she wanted to take over the first stage of Amalthea’s training. She planned on loosening the mental bonds placed upon her by Madam Lao, to fully awaken her warrior's spirit so that she will be well armed and in the right mood to kick some butt in order to free her brother.

Thelendra wondered why her aunt who has always been that of total pacifism would suddenly do this. Anri had her watch as his sister approached the silver-haired Amalthea, bare feet gliding through the sand as she moved with a grace that was preternaturally sensual and as regal as the bearing of an empress. Amalthea herself gasped as Ulsa came to stand before her, andthen leaned forward and planted a kiss upon the younger woman's forebrow. Said kiss was followed by another, this time lower on the face and much closer

to the mouth, which was where the third kiss was next planted, and then Ulsa reached out with both arms and drew the half-Kirin girl into an embrace in which Amalthea quite naturally reacted by returning these affectionate gestures in accordance with her pleasure-girl training.

Anri informed a stunned Thelendra that they should leave, but she just continued to gape in solid disbelief over what she was seeing. She came to her senses when Anri closed her mouth and allowed him to guide her away. It took an entire three minutes of silence before Thelendra could speak once again. asking her father what was going on he informed her that Ulsa had brought Amathela. He then informed her that when Ulsa's work was done he would begin in assuming the role of Amalthea's teacher. He also reminded her of her appointment. When she asked what he was talking about he told her that Reka was fated to arrive soon which could be a problem if he initiates the testing of Kasumi. Thelendra cried out in dismay, and vanished into a fold of space and time.

Thelendra appeared before Reka just as he found out that Latisha was pregnant with Ranma’s baby, demanding to know what he had done to Kasumi. Hearing the possessive and loving way she referred to her sister Nabiki’s eyebrows vanishing beneath her hairline. Reka informed his niece that he just sent Kasumi on a little voyage, and she should already remember it. Initially confused Thelendra’s expression altered as the significance of Reka's statement registered in her mind then the rainbow haired woman vanished as swiftly as she had appeared, leaving Ranma and Nabiki to gape in open wonder. They became even more shocked when Reka informed them that she was Kasumi’s wife from a previous incarnation.

Arriving in the past she was mistaken for an angel by Yuda while Yesus and Miriam where shocked at realizing that she was a future incarnation of their daughter. Rushing towards Kasumi she finally stopped and calmed down upon realizing where she was. Seeing the way her younger self was eyeing her body she uncomfortably shrugged her shoulders and told her to get her mind out of the gutter before urging Kasumi that they had to leave. Yesus agreed that it would be wise for them to leave and bid them farewell.

Thelendra took Kasumi out of synch with the normal flow of the timestream. However she quickly discovered that she couldn’t return them to their own time as Reka had blocked the way. So trapped in the time of her least favorite era, and during one of her more unfortunate incarnations, she and Kasumi were forced to watch events that lead to her father’s crucifixion unfold. Thelendra was sure to show Kasumi Paulus a lowly Temple guard who perverted her father’s teachings and turned it into what is commonly known as the Bible of the Christians. That was what Reka wanted to show Kasumi. Talking about this time period and what Paulus did to her father’s teaching greatly affected Thelendra forcing Kasumi to attempt to calm her down. Thelendra made an effort to relax and apologized for her outburst.

The conversation moved to the threat to Kasumi and her family. however Thelendra could only tell her so much as she was still not ready to learn. Kasumi called her out on this stating that while she loved Thelendra she barely knew anything about her, and given that she repeatedly keeps things from her and her friends and family how could she trust her. Thelendra apologized and to both make it up to her and answer her question she offered her neck. 

Having made out in a furious session of passionate lovemaking, Kasumi and Thelendra enjoyed the blissful languor that came in the post-coital bliss of intimacy that followed in the wake of their physical and spiritual consummation. Their passions not entirely spent, they enjoyed the moment of privacy sitting down upon a log that was purely a figment of their mutual imagination, as the rainbow-haired Eluini summoned up images in mirror-reflection to act as visual aids as she resumed her private tutorage of Kasumi, stimulating dormant memories that had been absorbed through the transmission of blood from Oracle to Vampire Goddess.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Anri who had come to free them from the barrier Reka had erected to keep them from returning to the present. With all that she had learned Kasumi regarded Anri in a new and different light than before, seeing now his close resemblance to the darker and swarthier Yessus. However he was quick to stop her from calling him lord. Before they left Kasumi asked Anri why he didn’t answer the prayers of Christians. Anri’s response was that haunted by how his teachings were distorted and misapplied to create a system of theocratic oppression. Kasumi felt her heart go out to the man, but was steadied by the hand that Thelendra slipped into her own in silent sympathy for their mutual position. She assured her father that he wasn’t to blame for what others have in his name.

With that off his chest they moved back to the matter at hand. Reka doubts that Kasumi had what it takes to win out over the opposition caused him to send her to the past to show her Anri’s life. now that she knew what was at stake it was time to confront Reka. It was here that Anri informed her that he had made a point to challenge Ranma and Nabiki. With almost frantic urgency, Kasumi left to go save her brother and sister, followed in great haste by Thelendra.

Kasumi and Thelendra arrived just in time to rescue Ranma and Nabiki from a geyser of molten lava. Reka was surprised as he didn’t expect Kasumi to be back so soon. Nabiki stopped Thelandra from chastising her uncle for trying to kill them to get an explanation of who she was. Then much to their shock without hesitation she introduced herself as Kasumi’s lover. The conversation about relationships was interrupted by Reka reminding everyone that they were in the middle of a fight. After arguing somemore Reka once again attacked only for it to be met with Kasumi’s barrier. Reka’s response to this was to use more power. Kasumi proved to be unable to handle the force of the assault forcing Thelendra to step in the way of the attack.

Horrified Kasumi attacked Reka in a fit of rage while Nabiki and Ranma both stared in appalled silence. Reka was unprepared for the speed of her assault and ended up having some of his essence drained. However his level of power proved to be too much for Kasumi who recoiled away in agonized horror, her very blood on fire as she screamed at the raw essence of fury that she had drawn from her nominal victim. Seeing this Lenore came out of hiding to check on her goddess. Ranma and Nabiki were about to as well only to be distracted by the presence of Ranko and Cheshire.

By this point Anri came to put a stop to this. Reka showed little remorse for his actions. However Anri wasn’t there to argue semantics he was there to get Reka to apologize for hurting his daughter. When Reka refused Anri revealed that Udan was there as well who promptly knocked him out. Anri introduced Ranma and Nabiki to Udan and Ulsa as well as Amalthea who they recognized as resembling David. As well as Ranko and Cheshire. Ranko quickly tried to leave only to be stopped by Anri perpetrated by Udan glaring at them. Anri apologized on behalf of his brother, before everyone left so that they could properly explain what was going on. 

They took Ranma, Nabiki, Kasumi, Lenore, Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Where Anri finally explained the nature of the Daokan and his past incarnation of Yesus Ben Yusef as well as the history of humanity. Ranko and Cheshire forced to explain their lineage. Cheshire was the first grow impatient and demanded to know what brought her and Ranko to that timeline. Anri explained Holocaust the true being behind Otono and the Umakusa Suekazen Society whose aim was to unleash a pestilence upon Japan to further his goals for greater power. Anri was just about to go into the specifics about why Otono was out to destroy the Tendo’s when the group was asked to leave as the visiting hours were over.

After explaining the nature of Christ Mithra Sol Ivictus Anri showed them the back-stage story of what it means to be dead and living in either Hell or Heaven. Their first stop was the land of Nod. Lenore’s knowledge of the Kabala allowed her to recognize the place. As they toured the realm they witnessed the arrival of Akhmed Muhammad Pulavi a suicide bomber and his victims. Despite what Akhmed was told he was not greeted by seventy virgin Houri but dragged to Malabolge by Erinyes. The silence that followed this incident was broken only by Anri’s regret on having to do that. Akhmed’s victims were equally as shaken as Nabiki and the others, but the lead of the trio managed to ask Anri who he was. Anri replied with his usual modesty as they began to fade from view, becoming misty lights that rose up into the sky and vanished altogether. However he was interrupted from going back to his discussion by the arrival of Michael.

Michael had come because he heard that Anri had been once again harassing his staff, so he was furious to find him interfering with their appointed rounds of gathering the fallen and conveying them to their place of destination. Anri tried to explain that he merely delayed a few travelers for the span of an instant, but Michael wouldn’t budge and the fact he had brought mortals only made him angrier. Not even when Reka decided to comment or Anri reminded him of the looming crisis did he back down. Only when Udan made his presence known did he start to show fear, but he still refused to be intimidated.

However the change in Michael's attitude and manner when Kasumi asked him to let them continue was striking. All at once he was down on one knee with head bowed, even as the other glowing figures made similar gestures of supplication in the direction of the astonished Tendo sister. Now that they were aware that the divine Goddaughter of the Central Manager for Michael’s department was there Anri had far more leverage.

As Nabiki was pondering Michaels abrupt change in behavior. Michael’s daughter Jerika went up to Ranma as she sensed a familiar presence from him. Not wanting to deal with another Elemental Nabiki shoved herself into the path between them. Michael apologized for Jerika’s immaturity Kasumi apologized to Jerika for Nabiki’s outburst, and much to Nabiki’s frustration Thelendra asked if Jerika would be their tour guide. Surprised that a goddess was asking permission rather than demanding it Jerika agreed. Their next stop was Heaven.

Of all those present, only the dark-meined Udan seemed truly out of place in this lofty setting, a shadow amid the brilliant colors of eternal spring who manifested an entirely discordant aura, not so much antagonistic as more reflecting a breath of winter chilling the ground upon which he was standing. Lenore also seemed somewhat out of place in these environs, but there was a look almost of rapture in her eyes as if she yearned to be a part of such a peaceful landscape, to walk among the fields and plains without the taint of Vampirism giving her a negative glow that absorbed the light around her, causing a partial fading in everything that came near her. Flowers wilted and grass turned brown at her feet, a phenomenon not at all consistent with Kasumi's aura, which had the opposite effect, causing things to bloom with radiant life as if joyfully enraptured by her presence.

Reka burned brightly in the endless sun of day, but the smolder he represented was the hot breath of a desert wind disturbing the landscape and threatening to turn the verdant green into the ash of a drought ridden summer. Clearly he did not fit in any more than his brother, yet he stood aloof rather than hostile to all that he was viewing as if mindful to respect his place and not intrude upon the good fortune and happiness of others. Amalthea was another to whom this strange dominion seemed both appropriate and fitting, and as she gazed around with puzzled eyes she noted how familiar everything felt. Doubtlessly it was the presence of the blonde named Ulsa who was tempering her brother's flame, for she seemed quite at home within these environs and radiated her own potent aura of life-enhancing emanation. 

It was here that Kasumi, Nabiki, and Ranma got to see Kimiko. Anri tried to continue his lecture only to be stopped by Ulsa so that the four could have their reunion. During this she and Reka also transformed Ranko back into her true form so she and Ranma would no longer be in stereo. After their greetings and explaining how their lives turned out Kimiko turned away and returned to what she was doing, leaving all three of her closest family members staring in amazement, unable to shake a sense that the Tendo matron was somehow turning back to her day-to-day existence and gradually forgot about their presence, her eyes settling into her task with a pleasant glaze that seemed contended and a bit too dreamy.

Anri assured them that this was just the nature of the realm they were in. Kimiko had responded to their presence since they were still living before going back to living out the dreams of her existence. Jerika was explaining Kimiko’s (as well as Kasumi’s former) nature as a Template when Peorth arrived. Peorth initially didn’t recognize the three though she did recognize Kasumi’s resemblance to Belldandy. At least until Thelendra reminded her of the wish she performed ten years ago. Unfortunately Anri chose to leave before she could say anything. He took them to Malabolge so that they could see further along the gradual path of evolution that the soul undertakes, from death to the afterlife, from the highest to the lowest and back again. 

The group watched in dismay as the Erinyes went about their work tormenting lost souls. Jerika called her father out for constantly butting in as she was the one hired to guide them. This nearly started a fight between the two as Michael still considered her to young before Anri stepped in. They then went to the transition point in the afterlife where souls are channeled and prepared for reincarnation. The Daokan also went into more detail about the nature of the Eluini. However the actual reason they were brought there was to show them the Old Ones. As they started up at the creatures Ranma and Nabiki noted that one of them was staring at them. that was the true enemy Baal Ariman Yahweh the forsaken, False God and enemy of all Creation. Who saw the two a threat to his dark ambitions.

This prompted a discussion of the connection between Hebrew and greek mythology to explain how Yahweh got his name. During which Amalthea accidently revealed that Lao was her former Mistress. She also almost revealed that Lao recently gave birth to Nabiki’s child but was stopped by Ulsa. Though Nabiki noted the way she regarded her new "pet", and got a sudden lurching sense in her stomach from it. However this did force them to get to the point of the discussion the Shimubara Rebelion. Otono is the direct linear descendant of Amakuza Shiro. Just as the Tendo and Saotome clans themselves had ancestors who took part in suppressing that rebellion. At this point Yahweh began to feed on the soul energy of the recently deceased Fundamentalists Christians. Since they were followers of the false Yahweh Jerika had no sympathy for them, causing her father to call her insensitivity.

The group watched as the Heaven's Aerial Defense Force which included Kimiko marshaled to repel him. Unfortunately while the weapons they had effective against any lesser demon of the outer dark. A greater Old One was a different story. So the Daokan decided to step up. Hearing this Michael gave the order for his troops to withdraw as the Daokan united to form the Incarnation. Michael and Jerika fell to their knees and bowed their heads in abject submission to her, while Thelendra too bowed her head deeply and manifested a posture of differential respect and humility that made Kasumi take notice. The divine Tendo sister herself felt an emotional stirring of amazement as she basked in the light of the inhumanly beautiful giant, while Nabiki and Ranma stood to the sidelines with Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire, mouths hanging agape, while Lenore herself lay utterly prostrate as if hoping not to be noticed in the light of such perfection.

They were driven to their knees by the clash between this Celestial being and the monstrous beings known as Old Ones that seemed to go on and on for an eternity all about them, threatening to drown out all of existence with the violence of these awful exchanges. Once Yahweh was driven off and the Daokan separated again they took the group back to their world both to spare them from further psychic trauma and to explain what happened. Seeing that level of power Ranma and Nabiki realized that what the Daokan need at the time was a lower caliber of ammunition that hits the target without creating too much collateral damage. Since if they fought it would most likely destroy the universe.

Unfortunately the Old One hadn’t been completely driven back and ended up possessing Lenore. As Ranma, Nabiki and Kasumi watched in dismay as their friend and retainer was horribly afflicted by a thing of nightmare. The possessed Lenore turned to Michael and called him out for changing sides. However Michael didn’t take the bait and calmly stated that Moloch died along time ago. Before the conversation could go any further she was killed by Reka. As the others turned on him Reka flatly stated it was unavoidable. Anri mediated stating that it wasn’t the goal that they were objecting to but the excessive means he used to solve the problem. Ulsa agreed that Lenore didn’t deserve such a fate so had Udan resurrect her.

Michael found himself pushed out of the way as Kasumi rushed to huge the resurrected Lenore who had no memory of what happened. Reka brought the conversation back to him, he still didn’t believe that that they were strong enough to deal with the Old Ones. Unfortunately Udan agreed. Since he didn’t feel that Ranma and Nabiki were up to task he decided that he would deal with it personally. Knowing that such a battle would destroy their universe Ranma challenged Udan for the right to face Otono. Much to everyones horror this caused Udan to laugh. Amused Udan accepted Ranma’s challenge and gave both him and Nabiki much to her surprise three days to prepare. With that he, Ulsa and Amalthea were about to take their leave only to be stopped by Reka.   

Reka was angry that Udan was trying usurp his position of challenging the couple. Udan replied that he better back off since he knew his greatest weakness. Reka laughed at the notion that he feared man or beast causing Anri to remind him that she was neither. Reka started to fearfully edge away only be yanked back by his ear by his wife Verigar. Everyone who wasn’t an Eluini or Angel collectively gasped upon realizing who she was. Anri decided to intervene by greeting his sister-in-law. Verigar sounded delightfully charmed as she greeted Anri back while not releasing her iron-grip upon her "husband."  She was a little disappointed to find that Udan, Ulsa and Amalthea had already left. Telling Reka it was time he spent time with his family the lovely green haired woman dragged the protesting Reka away , the both of them vanishing as suddenly as the Lady Ulsa, which left Anri and the others to stare in mixed reaction to their sudden passage.

Ranko decided that it was best that she and Cheshire leave as well and called her back into her pokeball, before saying goodbye to her paratime parents. As they were wondering about such the odd form of transportation Anri reminded them of Ranma’s challenge to Udan. Nabiki snapped at the erstwhile 'Lord of Light' for allowing such a thing, but it was out of his hands. However he was quick to ensure Ranma that Udan wasn’t totally invincible. Michael revealed that he had tasted defeat around the year 37 BC. This in no way calmed Nabiki down. Anri reminded them that they had teachers to train them Siren for Ranma and Trudy Wells for Nabiki.

At this time Frank arrived as he turned a glowering look in the direction of the Lord Anri Thelendra recognized that Gamina was with him drawing a startled look her way from Kasumi. Picking up Gamina off the Monster and setting her down on the ground he turned his murderous glare at Thelendra who instinctively darted around behind Kasumi, keeping the vampire goddess squarely between her and the towering man-brute. Frank tried to circle around Kasumi, only to find Thelendra adept at moving to keep their mutual love interest squarely between them. Hearing Gamina refer to Thelendra as Mommy as she was gathered up into Anri's arms caused Kasumi to turn in wonder allowing Frank to catch Thelendra. What followed was a brief tussle as two superbly trained martial artists attempted to wrestle for advantage, Frank attempting to grapple and immobilize Thelendra while the rainbow haired Eluini sought just as desperately to avoid being entangled. They traded blows that each one blocked with a speed that even Nabiki found dizzy, but all at once they were both shoved rudely apart before either one could gain the advantage on the other, and each was held at arms length by Kasumi, who easily resisted the best efforts of her promised husband to get around her at her "girlfriend."

Thelendra tried to escape as Frank was distracted but was stopped by Kasumi’s firm grip. Kasumi asked about the girl calling her mother. Thelendra explained that Gamina was a child she had with a former boyfriend. She then turned Frank and took full responsibility, explaining much to his dismay that she and Thelendra shared a history and a past. Turning back to Thelendra she told Thelendra that they need complete honesty if they were going to have a relationship. Much to her surprise Thelendra answered that she should stay with Frank. Gamina spoke up calling her mother out for once again not being honest and revealed that Kasumi was pregnant with Frank’s child. 

Anri revealed that Kasumi was having twins and that one was Frank and one was Thelendra’s. In an attempt to protect the child she caused the embryo to divide into two each with half a soul. So to fix it she implanted a part of her essence into the cloned half of the cloned offspring. At this point Frank had frozen solid causing Lenore to tip him over. Once he came back to his sense he once again tried to exact his revenge on Thelendra only to be stopped by Kasumi. Much to their shock she suggested that they take a page from Ranma and Nabiki’s book. This naturally started a fight between the two though Kasumi was eventually able to calm things down and see things her way. However still made at Thelendra for lying to her she gave Frank permission to properly discipline her.  The tall Eluini suddenly found herself being picked up and tossed over the shoulder of the much larger Frank, who held her there kicking and squawking in protest while Kasumi folded her arms and looked on with approval. Thelendra protested as she was rudely carried off like a sack of flower towards a nearby grouping of trees that would prove sufficient covering to obscure from the night what was about to take place under full moonlight.

Thelendra and Kasumi talked the next morning though thanks to the thorough venting of his wrath and displeasure over her conduct Thelendra opted to stand. Much to her surprise Kasumi thanked her for allowing her and Frank to have a child, before asking her about Gamina’s father Gymp. She was interrupted by the arrival of the Gremlin himself who introduced himself by coping a feel on Kasumi. Thelendra was not happy to see him which he took in stride as he continued explaining how Gamina was born. Revealing that he was actually Gamina's biological mother while Thelendra was her father. As well as the fact he had given birth to eight other children. Thelendra still angry that she didn’t find out about her kid wondered what she ever saw in Gymp. Kasumi's eyes went as wide as saucers, and even Thelendra gasped when he undid the fastenings to his loincloth, to remind her. With a lascivious grin Gymp offered Thelendra one more ride on the 'Pony,' for old time's sake, but Kasumi denied before she could form her own reply. After the Gremlin gathered up his untethered manhood and struggled to stuff it back into place Kasumi asked if he had any clue to the whereabouts of Thelendra’s other children.

Telling the two he’d get back to them Gymp decided to take his leave, Thelendra warned him to be sure he actually left. After they were sure he was gone Thelendra took Kasumi up on her offer of breakfast. She decided to forgo more amorous pursuits, so they could get down to business. She explained to Kasumi the true secret of love, before going further into the legend of the Great Division of Spirits. This cubulated in telling her about Lilith both the legend and the true story.

Personality Edit

Thelendra always speaks in archaic speech patterns. Its an ingrained habit developed from her last rebirth where grew up in a place known as Arcadia, where she spoke the language of the ancients. Since her early years were expended in deep meditation when she awoke the memories of her former lives. The pattern of speak stuck. Thelendra used to be so contented with her work as an Oracle, but ever since her breakup with the Gremlin Gymp it seems as if every vision is a chore, and all it does is remind her of the emptiness that's been aching within her. Upon meeting Kasumi the light has returned to her eyes and though she tries to deny it. It is obvious she has fallen in love.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Thelendra is a lot more powerful than she lets on at first impressions. Playing a cross between a magician's assistant and an oracular advisor. She peers beyond the boundaries of dream, form, thought and time and see many things which are hidden from the likes of ordinary men

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