A Taming cycle is a somewhat-misnamed process that is similar to what a pokeball does. Taming cycle machines are usually incorporated to the healing and treatment devices found in Pokecenters. A pokegirl undergoes a Taming cycle inside her pokeball.

Like other pokecenter devices, they work by digitally sharing information with the pokeball to affect the pokegirl inside. This also insures that pokeballs that are defective or flagged as being stolen won't be used. A Taming cycle is a process that pacifies a pokegirl by heightening and playing on her natural instincts, making her comfortably obedient if she is otherwise too rowdy or wild to be Tamed successfully, or if initial Tamings don't take. There are multiple levels of Taming cycles, with each higher level being stronger than the last.

  • A Level 1 cycle is the same as a pokeball, and the newest Taming cycle devices don't feature this level at all (though they don't renumber the scale so as not to cause confusion).
  • Level 2 is slightly higher, and in general is enough to bring a grouchy or otherwise obstinate pokegirl back in line. Pokegirls who are already fully obedient tend to enjoy level 2 cycles as a reward, since they find them soothing and relaxing by reiterating what they already know.
  • Level 3 cycles are stronger, usually used on captured Feral pokegirls that are too dangerous to Tame before being fully subdued, or if they are too strong for a pokeball to condition.
  • Level 4 Taming cycles are extremely strong, being used mostly to 'correct' pokegirls who are lesbian in taste so that they are either bisexual or heterosexual (Tamer's choice, the machine has either setting, though it defaults to heterosexual with mild bisexual tendencies). A pokegirl run through a level 4 Taming cycle tends to be dazed for days on end afterwards, having trouble thinking clearly and following complex instructions. They tend to be almost mechanical in disposition until about a week afterwards.
  • Level 5 Taming cycles are the highest. These cycles completely wipe away a pokegirl's memory of herself, save for her name. She still understands that she's a pokegirl, and basic things such as having a master, being in a Harem, etc., but she knows nothing about herself, and tends not to care either. This option is mostly used on Threshold girls who are so miserable with losing their humanity that they can't stand it anymore. Most Tamers never run their pokegirls through a level 5 cycle, since it would wipe out all their hard work in customizing their pokegirls in thought, action, habits, etc.
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