Saki Asamiya
Aliases Yo-yo girl
Age 18
Gender Female
Saki Asamiya ---18, Sekeban Deka, Mistress of the Combat Yoyo


Saki is a natural born fighter who enjoys getting into scuffles with various people. She never backs down and is very stubborn. Saki has found herself identifying with Nabiki on some levels as she reminds Saki of herself when she was the same age.


Of average height, Saki's waist-length pink hair, drawn into a ponytail, combined with her striking, green eyes and the cool, calm, utterly self-possessed look on her face, give her a strong, powerful aura. At school she wears a standard 'seifuku' (sailor fuku), and black patent-leather shoes, although off-campus she takes to a dark grey shirt, jeans, boots, and a trench-coat. She gives the appearance of wiry strength and boundless determination.


Saki Asamiya was an incarcerated juvenile delinquent whose mother is an incarcerated criminal herself. She was sent there because she took the fall for a friend of hers who killed killed a man in self defense but couldn’t prove it so Saki took the blame. She was kept in solitary and wasn't allowed anywhere near the other prisoners as she was deemed too dangerous. They wouldn't even let her wear shoe laces, and she had to go cuffed even when she went to the bathroom.

One day Saki is recruited from prison by the government and is allowed freedom if she agrees to become an undercover cop for them. She complies and given a metal yo-yo that doubled as a badge and made to infiltrate high schools around Japan to investigate and stop criminal activities.

Her current assignment is Furikan high where she is attempting to stop the activity of Shokti Yusura. She had been assigned ther for about a month before Nabiki showed up so when Nabiki confronted Shokti Sukeban Deka decided to use that as a chance to arrest her.

Saki later showed up after Keiko’s match with Kodachi informing Nabiki that she had been reassigned and asking her to meet her later. Their she informed Nabiki that not only did Saki convince her superior’s that Nabiki wasn’t not as big a threat as what they've already put down, but the contract on Nabiki’s head had been canceled.

The next time Saki is seen she came to the dojo to warn Nabiki that the Road Ronin leader of the Road Warriors had proclaimed that he's personally out to get her. as well as the fact that his usual MO was to attack the loved ones of his targets. When Nabiki ran off to save everyone Saki agreed to stay at the dojo to protect Kasumi and Shampoo.

While talking Shampoo wondered if Saki was descended from Amazons due to her hair color as well as wondering about her sexual preferences. As the two were reminiscing on their pasts Saki an red dot that suddenly appeared along the side of Shampoo's forehead.

She instantly tackled Shampoo and Kasumi to the floor. Sudden fear almost paralyzed Saki when she saw the blood on Shampoo’s forehead, a fear of history repeating itself, her mind filling with images that she had relived a thousand times since that awful day so many lifetimes past. The broken body, the overwhelming emptiness that turned to rage and self-loathing and the realization that someone very dear to her would never be a part of her life again because she had failed in her duty as a friend, she had not protected poor Junko...

However she was able to put that aside and get both of them to safety. Saki was relieved to discover that the bullet had merely grazed Shampoo even more so when Nabiki arrived. Uncomfortable with Shampoo and Nabiki’s level of intimacy she was relieved when the others arrived. Though she was surprised when Ranma took the time out to make sure she was alright. She and Cologne then attempted to find out who hired the gunmen before Nabiki took over. She then took him in.

Saki called in the aid of two officers from Bokuto Station in Tokyo's Sumida Ward Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa to help take down the Ronin. She then went to deliver a message to Godai on Nabiki’s behalf that Kaneda wanted to meet him in Furinkan Park to settle this issue once and for all. Her parting words were Shonkar before escaping using a smoke bomb.

Before the match Saki was amused when Nabiki introduced her duel nature stating that she will never get used to the change. However everyone quickly grew serious upon the arrival of the Rival where he revealed that he had kidnapped Ryonami. After Kodachi dispatched all of the Road Warrior’s Saki warned Natsumi not to let her guard down right before they were attacked by the Ronin. Managing to get away Saki was able to save Nabiki from the Ronin by wrapping her yo-yo around his neck. However the Ronin quickly dispatched her with a single back hand. After the Ronin’s defeat Saki agree to stay behind with Natsumi and Miyuki so that they could work everything out with the local police

After briefing her superiors to let them know what really happened Saki went to the dojo. Where she had another conversation with Shampoo about the possibility of her being an Amazon. Even Cologne theorized that it might be true while everyone thanked her again for saving Shampoo’s life.

It took awhile for Saki to reach a the hospital due to the storm and even then it was only because of some friends of hers from Tomobiki. Walking up to Natsumi and Miyuki she was surprised to see that Lao was there as well. By this time Saki was finally able to make it through the storm though she stormed off to talk to the Tendo’s upon finding Lao with them. So she stormed off in the direction of the Tendos.

Lao continued to antagonize Saki forcing Guile to step in to break up the two. When Lao took offense Akiko stepped in to assure her that Guile meant no disrespect. After Lao mentioned how Crying Freeman of the 108 Dragons Cammy worried about that they were talking about this in public Chun-Li who was aware that the cat was out of the bag informed Miyuki and Natsumi who Crying Freeman and the 108 Dragons were. The four was just registering the fact that the storm stopped when Akane rushed in informing everyone that Shampoo had given birth to Lylac.

When Frank wheeled in Shampoo while Nabiki hovered at her side Saki was in awe at how small Lylac was. When Frank was able to prevent Lao from sneaking out Guile, Cammy, Saki, and Chun-Li were surprised when he called her Kitty causing them to realize that he had something on her. It was here that Frank revealed that he is her ex husband.

Despite changing her address Saki was contacted by Ryonami inviting her to the match between Nabiki and Ranma. while there she was spotted by Natsumi. After talking for a while the three then noticed Frank but didn’t go over to talk to him. Once the match started the three were surprised at the high level moves the two were using as the fight had gone well beyond the limitations of any ordinary martial arts duel.

Saki took Shithead Taro in after he kidnapped Nabiki, unfortunately the guys in lockup didn’t believe her about his curse and he was able to escape. Making her way to Nerima she found Nabiki to warn her that he might be gunning for her. She also informed her that she had asked to be her official police escort. When Nabiki assured her pink haired companion that she could handle her own fights. Saki replied that it was more to protect him from her. When she noticed the moving tattoo on Nabiki’s arm she informed her that Sharil was hitching a ride with her. Before Saki could inquire why they heard the sound of David attacking the school and the two went to see what was going on.

The two entered the scene of the ensuing drama and halted full in their tracks as they took in the sight of both the ongoing brawl between Angel and David and the massive devastation that it had already taken upon the landscape. Saki quickly recognized David as a Toishindin fighter. After explaining the Toshindaibukai to Nabiki she told her that David was wanted by Interpol on numerous counts including armed assault and even mass murder.

Sharil explained to Nabiki that David was part Kirin. Saki seeing the spaced out looked in her handsome male companion asked if she was ojay. Nabiki told her that she was talking to herself Saki just took the comment in stride with a shrug. Nabiki was saved from having to explain her temporary alliance with one of his husband's elementals by the arrival of Ryonami. Ryonami told Nabiki that Ranma and Perfume had been hurt and led her to them. Saki hurried to match the loping stride of her male companion and marveled once again at the virility and power contained within the male aspect of her friend and sometime ally in adventure, and marveled to note how very much she had missed being around Nerima for precisely that reason.

They found Perfume and Ranma being looked after by a panicked Ukyo as well as Natsume and Kuno. Kaneda bit his lower lip and glanced at both of his co-mates, then put off attending to his husband's needs and instead went to kneel beside Ukyo, who was clearly the most distressed of anyone present. After making sure that Perfume was okay and upon hearing what David did to Ranma Nabiki was about to go confront him Saki was suddenly confronting him warning him that David was completely out of his league.

Nabiki gently but very firmly pushed the pink-haired Sekeban Deka out of his way. Saki tried to argue, but Nabiki still left. Afterward Perfume noticed that Ranma was sporting another hard-on. Ukyo narrowed her eyes and snarled that he better be thinking about one of them. Perfume agreed, her own eyes narrowing into a glare turned towards their nocturnally aroused husband.

David proved to be far more powerful then Nabiki anticipated and after seeing the devastation that he wrought. Hinako ignored Saki and Kaneda;s warning and attacked him. David reacted with a start and dug the tip of his sword into the ground as he felt his energy begin to be drained into the hand of the little girl, who abruptly started growing to full adulthood. Thinking she was a witch he ripped his sword up out of the ground and using it to block the cone of absorption as it was large enough to act as a full-bodied shield against Hinako.

Miss Hinako was dismayed to feel the currents of energy that she had been absorbing change from that of a hot battle aura to something far colder and more bone-chilling than the iciest glacier. All at once the sword began to glow hotly, altering the temperature of the Chi that she absorbed to well beyond normal tolerances, which is why she abruptly broke off her attack and fell to her knees clutching at her head as something horrible and hideous attempted to assault her senses. With the collapse of her absorption field, however, Principle Kuno sensed his moment to strike and thought to take advantage of the mildly weakened state of David.

Unfortunately David recovered in time and cut him in half. His top half peeled off from his lower body and landed to the side, his legs taking a moment longer to collapse as blood began to spurt from both halves of severed trunk, leaving only a stunned silence in the wake of his topple from grace and power. Which was broken by Tatewaki’s horrid cry for his father. Without showing the slightest remorse for his actions, David turned to finish off Hinako. Who at the last second was saved by Saki, who pulled her out of danger and hastily carried her from the field of impending disaster.

Vice Principal Choy watched in equal parts of dismay and horror, wondering how such a thing could happen. Trudy answered that he picked the wrong fight with the wrong guy, causing Takaharis and Hinako to call her out on callousness. Hinako herself was dismayed at how close she came to dying and thanked Saki for saving her, who just shrugged that it was reflex. By this point Angel had recovered from her previous battle against David. Tatewaki hopefully asked if she could heal his father, but sadly resurrection was far beyond her means.

However she could aid his soul in passing on. Respecting Godai’s culture Angel performed a Shinto prayer not Christian. When she completed the chant and performed a final ritual gesture, much to the astonishment of everyone but Trudy Godai’s spirit rose from his corpse. She explained to him that emissaries from beyond were there to guide him to his destination. Thanking her he became totally transparent and then faded into nothing. Ranma approached the scene of tragedy, grace and carnage to give his condolences to Tatewaki and apologize that he wasn’t able to prevent it. However Kuno blamed himself as for being to weak to claim vengeance on his fathers murderer. Angel put a stop to this thinking stating that vengeance belongs to god alone, justice is what he should claim on David.

They were interrupted by a recovered David luckily Trudy was barely able to put up a force field in time to block his attack. Everyone was shocked at David’s quick recovery Takaharis explained that his Kirin blood made him immune to ki attacks. also much to their horror she told them that he was getting stronger. David brought his sword up high and sliced the ground once again, causing a wave of force far greater than before to orient towards the gathered party as the earth opened up to swallow them completely.

They were kept safe by Ranma creating a pocket zone of safety. When they were able to pull themselves out a now-devolved Hinako fished out a coin. However she was quickly stopped Nabiki as trying to absorb that much energy would get her killed. She then promised that she and Ranma would put a stop to him without anyone else being injured, killed or worse.

Frank arrived vaulting over the nearest section of wall and arced slowly in the air, headed inevitably towards the enraged half-Kirin. David recovered as everyone explained to Frank and Kasumi what was going on. Having enough he surged to his feet and stretched out a hand to summon his humungously large weapon. Frank recognized it as a Kirin’s claw but before he could remembered where it was from David unleashed yet another of his patented shock-waves with a slice of the air by his sword, only this time discharging ten times the force of his previous attack waves.

However it was blocked by Kasumi with an east that made a mockery of his furious rampage. As Kasumi tried to get him to see reason Siren arrived. David pointed his blade at her, but Siren not wanting to deal with him just extended her hand and caused the silver cross around his neck to fly into his hand. She tossed it to Angel who promptly destroyed it. With the spell over the area broken Trudy made her move striking David at the base of his neck, and with no further adieu he collapsed to the ground like a puppet and ceased glowing altogether.

Though tempted Trudy didn’t kill David just knocked him out as she figured he was of more use alive. Frank had a containment crew bring him in. He also had Shelly call contractors to help rebuild the school. Seeing that Frank had a lot of experience with this sort of thing Choy asked him if he wouldn’t mind talking with him in his office.

Saki met up with Nabiki as she was aking Trudy to train her, and much to her surprise Trudy knew who she was. She was quick to assure Saki that Nabik hadn’t ratted her out and revealed that she was a cop. Trudy agreed train Nabiki as long as not ask any question unless given permission. Not trusting Trudy Saki decided to tag along. Much to their shock she took them to the home of Takeda Sonada, head of the Takeda wing of the Sazuke Clan, Obuyan for the Furinkan Financial district.

As Trudy began to systematically assassinate the Yakuza as they made their way to Takeda she explained the nature of the Kurustani to the two. Explaining to them how she was able to determine the difference between an innocent and a complete monster. Much to the horrified girl relief they eventually came across a member who took the hint and lead her to the Obuyan. Saki and Nabiki were quick tofall in place at her heels but managed far less of the redhead's stoicism asthey braved the den of iniquity with a certain knowledge that they were in over their heads...and about to sink in even deeper.

Hideoshi greeted Nabiki when she Saki and Trudy were brought into his office. Who regarded the Yakuza boss of the entire Nerima district, and fully understood the nervous way that Saki was flexing one hand as if preparing to summon her yo-yo for a fight in another minute. Much to everyone’s surprise Trudy entered to room like she owned the place paralyzing his bodyguard before he could do anything about it.

Both Nabiki and Saki reflexively tensed as the dangerous element within the room had escalated. Trudy introduced herself and informed Hideoshi about the attack on the school. As he was led to believe by his son that a water heater had exploded he wasn’t pleased to hear this. Annoyed by the casual way Trudy was acting as well as how much she knew about his family he asked her who she really was. She she gave her title of Legionnaire there was an audible sound of breath being sucked in, and then Nabiki and Saki noted how the men fingering the coats suddenly jerked their hands away as though bitten by something electric.

Trudy stated she was there to discuss business assuring him that it wasn’t the same sort of business she had with Hirada and his organization. Nabiki was shocked to see an Obayun of the Yakuza acting so submissive to a gym teacher. Trudy informed him that she was just there to tell him that someone commissioned a hit on his turf. To which he answered that he would look into it. Much to his reliefe she also informed him that she had no plans of dealing with him.

After that Trudy started ignoring the Yakuza and addressed Nabiki and Saki. There was an audible shudder from several corners of the room as she used her recent actions to explain why you should always think of the future. Nabiki was quick to point out that David wasn’t to concerned about his future. When Saki stated that his kind usually weren’t Trudy brought up her father and how he was killed by her mother. With this statement Hideoshi finally recognized Saki as the girl who took on the XXX sisters and put them out of commission. He was surprised when he found out it was Nabiki who David was sent to kill. Recognizing the dame he informed Trudy that he worked for a Korean syndicate. When Trudy informed him that she took David down, but didn’t kill hi Nabiki could not help but notice that several of the Yakuza goons had mingled expressions of dismay and relief on their otherwise impassive faces...and some money was being exchanged covertly between hands, as though bets had been made and were now being collected, which left her more than idly curious about what these men had invested in the field of Toshinden players.

He tried to claim he didn’t he didn’t know much about Otono, but Trudy already knew his group had ties to the Umakusen. She quickly pointed out how strange it was that a lowly kendo champion would want to hire an assassin and warned him to be wiry of any dealing he has with them. With a promise to make whoever commissioned the hit pay Trudy let Tanaka go back to what he was doing. As they left his eyes following her movements the way another man might view a scorpion that just happened to cross his path. He did pause to acknowledge Nabiki again and ask her if she was really going to study under Trudy. Nabiki started to form a reply to that, but Trudy cut her off stating that while she wasn’t going to turn Nabiki into as assassin she was going to train her.

Before they left much to Hideoshi’s surprise one f his yakuza tried to stab Trudy only for the redhead to easily catch the blade between two fingers and snapped it in half with hardly any effort. She told Hideoshi she knew it wasn’t his doing and left the man there for him and his crew to handle. Tanaka assured her that he would get answers. With that she left followed in short order by her reluctant "students" as Nabiki and Saki made haste to keep pace with their nominal "Sensei."

Not too far away Saki and Nabiki began demanding answers such as why the yakuza were so afraid of he and how she was able to do all of that. Trudy just explained that it was a side effect of her training. She then congratulated both of them on their skills stating that they had the making of two of the most promising students that she’s ever taken under her wing. Saki tried to protest that she never agreed to to be Trudy’s student, Trudy was quick to point out that Saki was the one who begged to come along out of friendship and concern for Nabiki. Telling the two to think it over the redhead sauntered away into the night, leaving the two younger girls to stare at her vanishing profile. Saki asked Nabiki what she had gotten them into, who replied that she didn’t know. Telling Saki it was good to see her Nabiki went back home as well. After she was gone Saki expressed her regret that she was already taken.

When Saki mentioned Trudy to her boss he went absolutely white and acted as if she'd dated an Oni. He went off and read Saki the riot act, telling her that she was absolutely not to go anywhere near her, that she was the worst possible thing that could happen to a trouble case like Saki. Despite this Saki decided to take Couch Well’s on her offer. Seeing Nabiki staring off into space Saki went to greet her. Trudy arrived as the two were talking. Trudy was ready to get to business telling Nabiki that while she had a busy night it was time to put it behind her. Saki took this to mean that Nabiki had gotten frisky with either her husband or wives. She took it as a joke when Nabiki told her that she’s met god and became disturbed when Nabiki didn’t affirm this. After being told who Udan was She became horrified upon being informed that she and Ranma had challenged such a man.

Assessing the two Trudy decided that they weren’t too bad on the whole. Taking that as an insult Nabiki took up Trudy’s offer to test her skill. Only to be laid out with ridiculous ease when Trudy absorbed her Blazing Fist Attack as though she were extinguishing the wick of a candle. Saki was next though she didn’t fair much better. In the end Trudy took Saki’s Yo-Yo away from her and told her to rely solely upon her skills as a martial artist from then on. Trudy then had them attack her together offering to take them out to dinner if they won to a place that wasn’t run by the Yakuza. The attack began at once as both Nabiki and Saki came at their teacher with fists and feet in rapid motion, and thus did the slaughter begin as the two of them rapidly discovered what a human wildcat was their teacher, with much humiliation to be visited upon them both as they learned first hand the huge gulf that existed between their skills and those of a Shaloh-Ahl master...

Saki sat on the sidelines with her mouth hanging open as she watched Nabiki be dominated by Trudy. She was brought out of her shock when the later decided to switch partners. Before too long Saki was panting hard and feeling the strain of her repeated failure. Each blow was costing her more and more of her reserve stamina, but pride would not allow her to back down as she kept pounding away hoping to find a chink in her Sensei's armor, some hole in Trudy's flawless defense that might be exploited to salvage the situation. Eventually Trudy grew tired of the uneven match and allowed the two to rest as she explained what they did wrong as well as more of the Shaloh Ahl philosophy.

While still wary at the fact that she practiced an assassination art Saki and Nabiki decided to stick around. With that Trudy had the two spar by launching roundhouse kicks while simultaneously blocking. Naturally Saki sent airborne and landed in a roll that left her sprawling in the dirt, barely even conscious. Trudy’s aim was to show that Saki was made of sterner stuff then the two gave them credit for. Trudy then had Nabiki sit back down while Saki practiced her kicks. Catching Nabiki not paying attention she was about to call her out only to start freaking out and apologizing upon realizing that she was talking to Anri. Refusing top raise her head Trudy explained to the confused Saki who Anri was. Embarrassed Anri chastised Trudy for humbling herself like that in front of her students. Afterward he gave Nabiki and Saki some Manna Kola to help them regain their stamina.

Trudy had Saki throw one kick right after another for close to an hour while correcting her form, technique and delivery. When Saki started to question what the point of it was Trudy showed the benefits of her training revealing to Saki that her mother had been faking her insanity so she executed. This caused Saki to remember a long buried memory of her father’s abuse. She was also horrified to realize that her employers had been lying to her. As Trudy explained how her power works Saki slowly came to the realization that she knew everything about her. Trudy was quick to assure her that she wouldn’t tell Nabiki about her feelings. The point of Trudy’s training wasn’t just to use Saki as a tool to hone Nabiki's already sharpened skills it's to make it so that Saki can never be used again by anyone without her consent or knowledge. Trudy saw a lot of herself in Saki and wanted to help her find herself. Trudy was there to help her both with her relationship with Nabiki and in liberating her mother Saki just needed to trust her. Which meant doing exactly what she told her to do and get back to the basics of her training. So Saki resumed a ready stance and at once launched an improved roundhouse kick following all of the guidelines set down by her new Sensei.

By the time Nabiki and Anri returned Saki had mastered her form and then with no further preamble crossed the distance between them and threw her arms around Nabiki and kissed her. Once she realized what she was doing Saki started running away as fast as her legs could carry her. Trudy opted to go get her herself knowing that Nabiki going would only make the situation worse. She later brought a much-subdued Saki back causing Nabiki what the American had done or said that could convince the pink haired Sekeban Deka to follow beside her so meekly. With this Anri decided to take his leave. Nabiki assured Saki that she held nothing against her though in silent agreement they both decided to pretend that the kiss as just as enthusiastic hello due to Saki being excited about mastering her kick. Seeing that they were just delaying the inevitable Trudy decided to continue with restart their training.

Though she was not showing it outwardly Trudy was both pleased and impressed with the performance of both of her new students. Saki had sharpened her integration of mind and body through the simple exercise of repeated leg thrusting, a process no doubt enhanced by the imbibing of Liquid Manna that Lord Anri had shared with her earlier in the day. Without knowing it young Asamiya had shot up rapidly to become ten times the fighter that she started out being at the beginning of her training, and now the girl found it far easier to move with an ease, speed and grace that made her former mastery of the martial arts seem like the stumbling efforts of a small child wearing weighted hobbles. She was striking, kicking, spinning and punching with a natural rhythm that seemed effortless on a primary level.

Of course as good as she now was, Saotome Nabiki was somewhat better, having improved only slightly less than Saki in the same interval, yet having started so far ahead that the level of her skill at the present was all the more impressive. She was, perhaps, two or three times the fighter that she was earlier that morning, her inner Chi having been bolstered by the taste of Ambrosia and the mysteries revealed to her by the Lord Anri. Having started out at around four times the ability of Saki, she now stood at roughly twelve times the fighting potential that Saki had started out with, which meant that the two girls were near parity, with Nabiki possessing a slight edge, a fact both girls seemed to be growing more and more aware of for all the fact that neither truly comprehended the actual degree of their mutual improvement.

Eventually she felt that that matters had proceeded far enough on their own and called a halt to their sparring, having satisfied herself that they were indeed making progress in their training. Wanting to bring up their feeling each other something and despite neither of them wanted to talk about. Saki did explain when she started developing feeling for Nabiki. Mentioning how she was both envious of the family Nabiki has as well as attracted to her. Trudy once again played the mediator guiding the two so that they could better express their emotions before dropping the bombshell by suggesting that Nabiki not cheat on her spouses but add Saki to her family circle by becoming her partner.

When Nabiki expressed the fact that she had to bring this up with Shampoo after hearing how intimate it is Trudy offered to do it. She was confident that Shampoo would come around as she knew how Amazons think as she had been to Joketsuzoku before. Nabiki decided not to press the issue when Trudy mentioned Carla, but still didn’t believe that Trudy would be able to convince Shampoo. Trudy in return started mentioning some of their kinks before they could stop her. She then had Saki explain what about Nabiki attracts her the most. Nabiki could not help herself for staring, even knowing as she did that she was making things worse for her friend by being so open about her own confused emotions. The two exchanged awkward glances with neither one daring to voice aloud the thoughts on what they were feeling yet squirming uncomfortably in the knowledge that Trudy’s lecture about courtship were not far removed from those thought that they were sharing in common.

When Saki admitted that she would like to have a child but expressed her doubt that she would make a good mother given her life and upbringing. Trudy was quick to disagree before moving on to talk about competition between women and how it relates to Nabiki’s marriage. The lecture ended then Trudy started comparing their relationship favorably to hers and Carla’s. Carla who had been listening in decided to make her presence known. With one hand she seized the locket that Trudy wore about her neck and yanked it down to reveal that it concealed a kind of choker-chain, which tightened around the redhead's throat, forcing the other woman's eyes to bulge slightly. Then demanded to know what she had been up to accusing her of trying to seduce Nabiki and Saki. Both Saki and Nabiki stared in round-eyed amazement as their nominal teacher was cowering before the wrath of the dusky skinned Gaijin who was allegedly her lover. Almost the tone being implied here resembled that of a dog being scolded by its owner, and suddenly they started to get an inkling of just why it was that Trudy had been so nervous every time she had mentioned her reunion with Carla.

They were brought out by of their shock by the arrival of Miyuki and Natsumi who introduced them to Inspector Morisato who was impressed by the fact Nabiki knew he was there to investigate the Amakuza Shinzen. He was about to ask about her sources when they were snapped at by Carla for distracting her from sharing quality time with her wife. While shocked at this revelation Nabiki wasn’t all that surprised considering how much their behavior resembled herself when being interrogated by her own Shampoo during one of the latter's mood swings.

Trudy tried to say something but again Carla tugged on her chain, dissuading her from continuing further as she dragged her off telling the others that they would contact them later. Natsumi seeing Miyuki's eyes sparked with speculation as she eyed the choke-chain Trudy wore quickly dissuaded her of such thoughts. Nabiki and Saki watched the two American police women go off together, then slowly turned questioning looks upon each other before shrugging in implicit resignation. Nabiki invited everyone back with her but they all declines, Saki because she didn’t want to face Shampoo just yet, while Morisato Natsumi and Miyuki had to contact their superiors.

Trudy and Carla brought Saki to Reka’s caravan so Trudy could convince Nabiki’s loved ones to let her go through the next step of her training. Saki glanced down at the sandy floor and felt her cheeks burning brightly, aware of how tenuous her position was since she regarded Shampoo as a friend, and yet knew in her heart that she was also something of a rival, a thing to which the Amazon was not yet privy. Nabiki at the same time visibly wilting as she felt trapped and helpless, caught on the spot of an impossible dilemma since she knew something of what Trudy was about to reveal. Trudy bowed before Shampoo who sitting there with the sleeping Chusen on her lap found herself sensing that something truly momentous was about to be asked of her.

Trudy went into Saki’s history Shampoo surprised her by committing that they might be distant relatives given her pink hair which reminded both her and Perfume of Amber. Trudy continued as Saki and Cologne joined the group. Trudy was happy about the Matriarch as she could affirm what she had to say about since it was Amazon law and Precedence. Trudy told the group of the legend of Wel-La and Bal-Sam and applied it to Saki who also represented the last line of her family and used to convince Shampoo to allow Saki and Nabiki to undergo the next stage in mastering the Shaloe-Ahl. Confirming that this was the only way she would become strong enough to overcome Udan.

She then when into detail of what the Shaloe-Ahl was and what Nabiki and Saki would be doing. Shampoo and Ukyo couldn’t go through with it due to being pregnant. Perfume couldn’t go through with it because of the differences in their nervous structures. With Ranma the power works best when awakened between the same gender. They would have to be two guys who felt perfectly comfortable and at ease making love to one another and in spite of some interesting attempts they had undertaken on prior occasions neither Ranma nor Nabiki were entirely comfortable with bisexuality carried out on that end.

Shampoo agreed and after a little arguing they were able to convince the others as well. Though Perfume made sure that Saki knew how lucky she was since anyone else who made such a proposal would be dead. It was also pointed out that this meant that Saki was effectively part of their circle, and a Concubine at that, putting her in a junior status to you them. Saki squirmed a bit at making the connection with what her teacher was saying and what the others would actually be empowered to do with her if they had the inclination.

Nabiki sat there and looked around at her wife and co-wives frank amazement, and then at Ranma, who seemed less inclined to raise a fuss about the matter, then at Saki, who seemed no less bewildered than she herself over the way things were turning out, and lastly she glanced at Trudy, only to notice the slightly smug look on the face of the woman known as Carla, who was eyeing her companion as though pleased for some oblique reason known only between themselves. Her only thought was that she was good.

Saki stared at Nabiki from across the space in the room as though amazed at the thought that they were about to be allowed to do something that neither one of them had imagined doing with permission. It was mind-blowing, incomprehensible that the issues of jealousy and possessiveness had been taken completely off of the table, and now they were being given the chance of fulfilling the urges that they both had been sensing from the time that they had parted company no more than a few hours earlier in the day.

Reka broke the spell of the moment by calling the two back to reality, when he gave them their own personal space and saw to it that they weren’t disturbed. Almost magically before their very eyes a literal banquet was laid out before the Saotome clan, complete with sweets and treats of every type of imagining. Before too long everyone was eating at the table, slowly abandoning their cares, complaints and reservations as food and wine began to ease away their tension while Lord Reka and Lady Veragar observed it all impassively, neither touching the food nor the drink but seeming to revel in the company that they were presiding over. This curious behavior naturally aroused the suspicions of Nabiki, who made a point to stop herself from eating too much as she obliquely studied the man and his wife, even as Saki was apparently gorging too much upon the appetizers and the freely provided liquor.

Reka quickly noticed this and assured her that she was safe as he would hardly resort to poisoning them, nor would he violate the sanctity of desert hospitality by treating them ill in any way. Trudy cut Nabiki off before she could respond. Thanking Reka and Veragar she decided that it was time to get on to the training session. Once inside the tent Trudy reverted from her “Slave Girl” pose to the tone and authority of a Sensei. Just as she had behaved earlier that day in the park she took immediate command of the situation, giving neither Nabiki nor Saki any time for second thoughts or personal recriminations, and within the span of a few heartbeats the two found themselves squaring off once again…yet in a very different context than when they had been sparring together. For here the purpose was marital, not martial, and the intent was hardly to bring harm or do injury to one’s partner as Saki and Nabiki made eye-contact and felt an immediate synthesis that brought an increasing awareness of each other’s sexuality to the surface.

The two started to once again express their disbelief that this was happening but were stopped by Trudy as their real training was about to begin. Trudy led them through the process first they had to remove the other’s clothing. They had to remove all barriers and obstacles and open themselves fully to each other. Only then will the power flow between them, kindling the awakening of the Change that will kindle their hidden potential. It was like magic as they felt the urge to come together, to embrace one another, but before they could consummate this flow their heard Trudy snap them back to reality with gentle firmness as though urging them to delay the point of carnal satiation.

It was a magical moment in spite of the circumstances, and as they felt the last of their inhibitions fall away they began to get royally into their exchanges, feeling the warmth of the night fill their souls as if they were bathing naked in the moonlight itself, alone but for their Sensei and not at all feeling chaperoned for her presence, touching and building a closeness that was truly indescribable as their moment built to a slow and steady crescendo to find a climax at the end that would truly rock their mutually shared world and cause the heavens themselves to sit up and take notice.

Everything else was discarded for the evening, only the two of them existed in all of creation, and soon there would be only one as the rhythm of their souls beat in unison together, one heart and mind united in purpose and giving the creation of new life their complete and total blessing as time itself stood still and the evening wore on long into morning.

Nabiki and Saki were discovering a whole new plane and dimension of sensual, tactile and spiritual awakening as they stood facing each other with hands moving to trace the flow of energy that each could sense within the others being. Fingers caressing nerve-clusters, freeing blocked channels and opening up new levels of resonance, the power contained within their bodies was unfettered and free-flowing. It was like discovering a whole new world of sight and sound through the contact of their bodies, and the more that they explored the more that they appreciated how much they had yet to know. It was far more intimate than any regular sexual interaction might achieve, and far from conventional in the way it opened them out to one another in a way that transcended the normal limits of flesh and physical matter.

For Nabiki the touch of Saki’s body was like opening a map to the path of destiny, for in her eyes Saki was like a universe unfolding to her examination, filled with stars and comets of interlacing energy that filled the empty space in-between as the gulf of night is filled with astral forces. One caress by her fingers could set of supernova chain reactions and cause Saki’s very being to reel with the explosive force of a galaxy being born. Every line of energy that coursed through her body was like a river channel building up to flood tide as Nabiki explored and traced it from source to tributary. The more that she explored the more Saki seemed to come alive with pulsing dynamism as the very course of the starts was altered within her mercurial arrangement, giving Nabiki the sense of total command over the heightening crescendo of life that poured from Saki into their immediate environs.

For Saki, a relative novice at this sort of game, the awakening of her virginity meshed with the more experienced and confident attitude of Nabiki as she, too, explored the reaches of an inner cosmos with the tips of her fingers. To her awed mind it was like a total revelation to become aware of another mind and person through the physical conduit of shared sexuality, and even as she felt her own pleasure building at the contact she could feel Nabiki caressing her skin as though the other woman was reaching down to touch her very being, which made the sense of commingling essence that much more intoxicating, and the more that she explored the more she hungered to feast upon the sweet succoring flesh of her companion, whose every gesture mirrored her own desires as though the impulses of one were being fed to the hands of the other.

Seen objectively from outside of their merging the two girls seemed to be almost motionless statues who faced each other with but a few inches separating the tips of their breasts. Their hands alone were doing all of the action and it might seem as though they were slowed to the state of molasses for all the progress that they were making, roving up and down one another’s skin and fondling any place that took their fancy with an almost possessive glee, in effect giving both themselves and each other the benefits of a mutual masturbation. It was only when you moved you awareness from the purely physical that what actually was transpiring became more apparent.

For there were swirling discharges of seemingly random energy being generated by sensuous exchanges. Life force-giving Manna was channeling up like a geyser into the bare feet of these girls and was conducted up their legs to their crotches, and from there up their spines to their heads, filling their brains with Cthonic energies to balance out the downpour of Astral force that was descending in an opposite charge from above to down below in precisely the same manner as a lightning burst, the positive and negative poles creating a circuit that was electrostatically charged in nature. Though the two girls remained oblivious to the actual effect that their performance was creating they were preternaturally aware of the rising tempo of the heat that was burning within them, a fire that was demanding that they carry things to the next level, which compelled them to close what remaining distance there was in their relationship.

When they entered the third stage of their evolving command of the power they brought their mouths together for a kiss that had been long delayed throughout the evening, and from that point on continued the consummation of their passion by meshing their bodies together and completing the circuit. In this manner did the accumulated energies collide and mesh as one, which resulted in a massive discharge of pent-up energies that created a wave of sommanalic pressure that radiated outward in all directions, contained only by the outer wall of the protective barrier that had been erected about them. To ensure that the future came about in the manner that she preferred Trudy splashed Nabiki with a pale of water reverting her to her other self.

For the rest of their natural lives this moment would endure within their memories and shape their very being, and when the time came for them to share with the rest of their mutual clan the benefits of Shaloe-Ahl wisdom they were certain to relive the moment all over again and again in an eternal dynamic that carried the Power of Life from its root beginnings to the very first Shaloe-Ahl master, and from her loins to the present in perfect continuity with the force of Eternity itself linking them in a spiraling chain whose ultimate destination no mortal could predict, though all who knew this would be in awe of the never-ending nature of this endless dynamic.

At some point Nabiki had transformed into her alternate identity of Tendo Kaneda. When Nabiki awoke and realized what happened Saki murmured something faintly in her sleep not to worry as she wanted this. However this did little to ameliorate the guilt that Kaneda was feeling about adding to the already complicated life of her pink-haired companion, who had known so little joy in this world and was still far too young to be burdened with being an unwed mother. Still and all Kaneda smiled, and for some odd reason could not regret the deed that was now beyond undoing.


Saki fights with a metal Yo-Yo she was taught how by her mother who was taught by her mother. A yo-yo is light and easy to conceal and hardly anyone expects it to be as useful as Saki does. Plus since she is undercover posing as a student she can’t always carry a gun. She can obviously fight without her yo-yo and shows a lot of hand-to-hand skill. Saki's a pretty standard martial artist; she is a fast runner, can superleap and has the ability to absorb an inordinate amount of damage. Though according to Trudy she tends to rely on the Yo-Yo a little too much when she decided to take up her offer to be trained in the Shaloh-Ahl.

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