Reka Radagar Agrikal
Lord of Earth and Fire
Aliases Reka Firestar, Agni, Loki, Chernobog, Hono Flamelord, Honogo the Reaver
Family Verigar Greenfire (Wife), Latisha (Daughter), Kali Durga (Daughter)
Species Eluini
Love Interest Verigar Greenfire
Loved By Verigar Greenfire
Reka Radagar Agrikal --Eluini, Lord of Earth and Fire


Reka is a tall manly figure with a strikingly handsome profile. While he looks similar to his brother, only an instant is needed to recognize the substantial differences in form and appearance, not least of which is the mark of his spiritual aura. One can feel the difference between Reka and Anri, for he has a wilder cast about him, intensely radical with anger and rage boiling just beneath a pleasantly toned surface.


Reka was reared among the fiery steppes of Northern Asia, near to where Russia currently is, and he shares many of the habits and customs of the barbarian nomadic tribes he was raised among.


Reka nature is Chaotic and he loves to spread disorder in his wake. A problem child if ever one lived. Not really a bad sort as incarnations go, and not exactly evil, but certainly a far cry from the sort of fellow you'd invite to social gatherings. Particularly since he tends to set fire to things whenever it amuses him and his power is great, though in effect he is the weakest of the Daokan. Reka is what the Greeks call a Cynic...a fallen idealist who has grown bitter with humanity and does not believe that the good in human nature will always prevail over the evil. Reka interprets freedom as total Anarchy, the right to do whatever you want, but even he knows better than to act in a way for which there are unfavorable consequences.


Reka is first introduced when he appeared before Kasumi. Wanting to test her potential he sent her back to the period when Anri was in his Jesus incarnate. Lenore sensed that Kasumi was in danger and raced to save her. Naturally she proved no match for Reka and Ranma and Nabiki arrived they found him holding her by her neck at arms length with as much ease as he might a helpless kitten. Ranma started to take a step forward only to be stopped by Nabiki who could sense how powerful he was. After congratulating Nabiki on her perception he confirmed her suspicions. He then casually tossed Lenore to the side stating that he was just trying to figure out why she they and his brother found her so interesting. Ranma went over to check up on her and after she regained her composure she told them who he was.

Anri didn’t send him Reka had come on his own to see if they were worth all of the bother. Ranma had had enough of Reka’s arrogance and fired a Mako Takabishi at him. To both him and Nabiki’s surprise the blast hit its target and fragmented, the energy dissipating harmlessly as if absorbed against a barrier without the intended victim showing the slightest sign of having been affected. Reka was impressed when Ranma started using his Senken maneuvers but they still proved to be no match for him. This time Reka retaliated all at once Ranma felt the side of his face explode, and then his guts were driven inward by a second powerful impact, and then he was slammed hard into the pavement, all in the space of less than a single heartbeat.

Nabiki started to rush forward, only to find Lenore blocking her path. She tried to warn Nabiki just how powerful Reka was only to be struck with a blast of flame. Nabiki turned a shocked expression towards Reka who was berating Lenore for interfering. Stepping over Ranma’s downed body Reka commented on how much Nabiki impressed him by standing back and studying her opponent. Contemplating what to do next Nabiki ask what he did to Kasumi. When he revealed that he sent her to the time when Anri was in his Jesus incarnate she became horrified.

Reka goaded Nabiki to attack by explain he was just there to bring out the latent potential contained within the women in her line. Nabiki attacked with a variation of the Temporal Fugue but she came away from her attack limping backwards and reeling from the shock of having almost broken her foot against her foe, and with a look of dismay she gave him a renewed wide berth and a look of total apprehension. Reka who recognized the technique congratulated an unbelieving Nabiki on refining it before attacking himself.  Nabiki screwed up her eyes and stared in disbelief at the hand that had fallen just short of splitting her skull open. Without the slightest bit of doubt or hesitation she conceded the fact that she was no match for him.

Taking his hand away Reka told Nabiki to attack again using something far more effective. With renewed vigor Nabiki called forth her Shadowskill training. The power of her Ki whipped forth like the claws of a serpent and smashed into Reka with force enough to cause the entire region to reverberate with the violence of her onslaught. But when she opened her eyes again she found herself utterly bewildered, as Reka stood untouched and in no way visibly affected standing in the smoldering crater surrounding him. Reka chastised Anri for thinking that someone like Nabiki could defeat the coming enemy.

Nabiki asked Reka who the true enemy was and he was about to go into detail, but by this point Ranma had recovered for a moment even the powerful Daokan seemed staggered, which prompted Reka to display his first real element of surprise during the encounter. Ranma followed up with the Yamasenken while fortifying himself using Nagashi. Reka was knocked back on his heels for several paces. Ranma called the power of Latisha however Reka's reaction to this was not that of terror or even apprehension but rather surprise. It turned out that he was Latisha’s father. Reka demanded to know why she was shielding Ranma against him much to his outrage Latisha replied with quiet resolution that he was her master. Nabiki was shocked when Reka sensed that she was pregnant while Ranma only blanched, hearing this confirmation of his own deep suspicions.

Nagisha made her presence known as well revealing that she to carried Ranma’s seed. Reka didn’t know weather to be impressed or moved to outrage especially when he sensed Karina and Sobriel. The two took shape in the space to the left of a much-surprised Ranma ready to defend him. Sharil meanwhile went to Nabiki. Seeing that there was more to Ranma then he initially thought Reka gave him a more intensely focused study and told him that he had best be ready to honor the commitment he made with my Latisha or else.

Before he could go into further detail on him implied threat Thelendra arrived demanding to know what he had done to Kasumi. Hearing the possessive and loving way she referred to her sister Nabiki’s eyebrows vanishing beneath her hairline. Reka informed his niece that he just sent Kasumi on a little voyage, and she should already remember it. Initially confused Thelendra’s expression altered as the significance of Reka's statement registered in her mind then the rainbow haired woman vanished as swiftly as she had appeared, leaving Ranma and Nabiki to gape in open wonder. They became even more shocked when Reka informed them that she was Kasumi’s wife from a previous incarnation.

While still vague about who was coming for them Reka explained that he sent Kasumi to gain a new and fresh insight into why they were fighting. Tired of him beating around the bush Ranma and Nabiki demanded to know where he sent Kasumi. Only to become horrified to that he sent her to the time when Anri was in his Jesus incarnate.

Ranma tired of Reka’s cryptic warnings called him out on the fact that he refused to tell them anything useful, but was just stroking his own ego. This caused Reka to congratulate Ranma on his bravery to which the Elementals quickly came to his defense. Even Latisha spoke up against Reka needlessly torturing them with veiled hints and suggestions of immanent danger. Reluctantly Reka offered to give Ranma and Nabiki a straight answer if they defeat. Going so far as to offer to refrain from using the balk of his powers. Nabiki was quick to refuse pointing out that even holding back he clearly has the advantage.

While he didn’t stop them he noted that Chusen would be in danger if they leave. This got their attention. Reka assured the two that he wasn’t threatening their son, but the knowledge he was offering was for his benefit. Tired of his manipulation and furious and him using her son Nabiki agreed to Reka’s challenge, but stated that she wanted to go all out and not hold back. With that Ranma’s elemental ladies flowed back into his body, all but Latisha who told her father that she wouldn’t hold back.

Ranma and Nabiki’s attacks were well-timed and expertly coordinated with power enough between them to take on a good sized army, yet from the onset it was plain enough that they were horribly overmatched by their opponent, who countered their blows with an ease that was almost contemptable. Even moving at Amiguriken speed was hardly enough to keep pace with the Lord of Fire and Earth as he absorbed the worst that they could dish out towards him.

While there team effort was having some effect, nothing so significant as a major turn around in the battle, being more on the level of slowing down the rate at which they were losing by his hand. As tough and hardy as they were, their reserves and resources were as nothing when contrasted with his, and Reka delighted in showing off his superior advantages by absorbing the worst that they could dish out and giving back in equal measure. It was true enough that he did not use more than a fraction of his true might in order to keep them off their guard and at a decided disadvantage

With a little help from Latisha they realized this and shifted into higher gear by employing more and more improvised Elemental techniques designed to counter Reka's natural strength in the realms of Earth and Fire. Ranma formulated a way of using the natural affinity between Sobriel and Karina while Nabiki drew upon Sharil's aqueous nature. As powerful as he was, however, he could not be everywhere at once, and with Nabiki's newly gained ability to seemingly "melt" and reappear at random it was all that he could do to lash out at the after images that she left him, and in doing so he created openings that both Saotomes were quick to exploit.  As both Ranma and Nabiki were too clever to use the same attack twice in a row they each were forced to draw upon the wellspring of their own creative talents to press on with the attack in hopes that they might find the right combination of methods to hold their opponent off-balance.

The three fought for 23 minutes Nabiki synchronized each attack with Ranma’s own potent offensive and combined their efforts to drive their foe on the defensive, holding him back and preventing him from mounting an effective retaliation. Yet for all the fact that they were scoring frightfully against their foe, they made little actual effect. Reka shook the worst of their attacks off with an ease that belied their best efforts, and then came back snarling at them with movements of his own that were not slowed by fatigue or exhaustion. Finally tired of this Reka increased the gravity of the area five fold driving Ranma and Nabiki to their knees. Nabiki tried to call him out but Reka was quick to remind her that she was the one who rejected his offer to fight on their level. If it wasn’t for the intervention of Sharil and Nagisha the two would have been crushed.

Sharil turned the ground to mud catching Reka off guard allowing Nagashi to solidify it around him. unfortunately Reka once again took the battle to the next level and formed a geyser of molten lava. The elementals either had to much of their resources drained or just weren’t powerful enough to take on Reka.  While Ranma and Nabiki were far too weakened by their ordeal to mount an effective escape from the lava as it threatened to consume them. If it wasn’t for the timely intervention of Kasumi and Thelendra they would have been killed. 

Reka was surprised as he didn’t expect Kasumi to be back so soon. Nabiki stopped Thelandra from chastising her uncle for trying to kill them to get an explanation of who she was. Then much to their shock without hesitation she introduced herself as Kasumi’s lover. The conversation about relationships was interrupted by Reka reminding everyone that they were in the middle of a fight. After arguing somemore Reka once again attacked only for it to be met with Kasumi’s barrier. Reka’s response to this was to use more power. Kasumi proved to be unable to handle the force of the assault forcing Thelendra to step in the way of the attack.


Horrified Kasumi attacked Reka in a fit of rage while Nabiki and Ranma both stared in appalled silence. Reka was unprepared for the speed of her assault and ended up having some of his essence drained. However his level of power proved to be too much for Kasumi who recoiled away in agonized horror, her very blood on fire as she screamed at the raw essence of fury that she had drawn from her nominal victim. Seeing this Lenore came out of hiding to check on her goddess. Ranma and Nabiki were about to as well only to be distracted by the presence of Ranko and Cheshire.

By this point Anri came to put a stop to this. Reka showed little remorse for his actions. However Anri wasn’t there to argue semantics he was there to get Reka to apologize for hurting his daughter. When Reka refused Anri revealed that Udan was there as well who promptly knocked him out. Anri introduced Ranma and Nabiki to Udan and Ulsa as well as Amalthea who they recognized as resembling David. As well as Ranko and Cheshire. Ranko quickly tried to leave only to be stopped by Anri perpetrated by Udan glaring at them. Anri apologized on behalf of his brother, before everyone left so that they could properly explain what was going on. 

They took Ranma, Nabiki, Kasumi, Lenore, Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Where Anri finally explained the nature of the Daokan and his past incarnation of Yesus Ben Yusef as well as the history of humanity. Ranko and Cheshire forced to explain their lineage. Cheshire was the first grow impatient and demanded to know what brought her and Ranko to that timeline. Anri explained Holocaust the true being behind Otono and the Umakusa Suekazen Society whose aim was to unleash a pestilence upon Japan to further his goals for greater power. Anri was just about to go into the specifics about why Otono was out to destroy the Tendo’s when the group was asked to leave as the visiting hours were over.

After explaining the nature of Christ Mithra Sol Ivictus Anri showed them the back-stage story of what it means to be dead and living in either Hell or Heaven. Their first stop was the land of Nod. Lenore’s knowledge of the Kabala allowed her to recognize the place. As they toured the realm they witnessed the arrival of Akhmed Muhammad Pulavi a suicide bomber and his victims. Despite what Akhmed was told he was not greeted by seventy virgin Houri but dragged to Malabolge by Erinyes. The silence that followed this incident was broken only by Anri’s regret on having to do that. Akhmed’s victims were equally as shaken as Nabiki and the others, but the lead of the trio managed to ask Anri who he was. Anri replied with his usual modesty as they began to fade from view, becoming misty lights that rose up into the sky and vanished altogether. However he was interrupted from going back to his discussion by the arrival of Michael. Michael had come because he heard that Anri had been once again harassing his staff, so he was furious to find him interfering with their appointed rounds of gathering the fallen and conveying them to their place of destination. Anri tried to explain that he merely delayed a few travelers for the span of an instant, but Michael wouldn’t budge and the fact he had brought mortals only made him angrier. Not even when Reka decided to comment or Anri reminded him of the looming crisis did he back down. Only when Udan made his presence known did he start to show fear, but he still refused to be intimidated.

However the change in Michael's attitude and manner when Kasumi asked him to let them continue was striking. All at once he was down on one knee with head bowed, even as the other glowing figures made similar gestures of supplication in the direction of the astonished Tendo sister. Now that they were aware that the divine Goddaughter of the Central Manager for Michael’s department was there Anri had far more leverage.

As Nabiki was pondering Michaels abrupt change in behavior. Michael’s daughter Jerika went up to Ranma as she sensed a familiar presence from him. Not wanting to deal with another Elemental Nabiki shoved herself into the path between them. Michael apologized for Jerika’s immaturity Kasumi apologized to Jerika for Nabiki’s outburst, and much to Nabiki’s frustration Thelendra asked if Jerika would be their tour guide. Surprised that a goddess was asking permission rather than demanding it Jerika agreed. Their next stop was Heaven.

Of all those present, only the dark-meined Udan seemed truly out of place in this lofty setting, a shadow amid the brilliant colors of eternal spring who manifested an entirely discordant aura, not so much antagonistic as more reflecting a breath of winter chilling the ground upon which he was standing. Lenore also seemed somewhat out of place in these environs, but there was a look almost of rapture in her eyes as if she yearned to be a part of such a peaceful landscape, to walk among the fields and plains without the taint of Vampirism giving her a negative glow that absorbed the light around her, causing a partial fading in everything that came near her. Flowers wilted and grass turned brown at her feet, a phenomenon not at all consistent with Kasumi's aura, which had the opposite effect, causing things to bloom with radiant life as if joyfully enraptured by her presence.

Reka burned brightly in the endless sun of day, but the smolder he represented was the hot breath of a desert wind disturbing the landscape and threatening to turn the verdant green into the ash of a drought ridden summer. Clearly he did not fit in any more than his brother, yet he stood aloof rather than hostile to all that he was viewing as if mindful to respect his place and not intrude upon the good fortune and happiness of others. Amalthea was another to whom this strange dominion seemed both appropriate and fitting, and as she gazed around with puzzled eyes she noted how familiar everything felt. Doubtlessly it was the presence of the blonde named Ulsa who was tempering her brother's flame, for she seemed quite at home within these environs and radiated her own potent aura of life-enhancing emanation. 

It was here that Kasumi, Nabiki, and Ranma got to see Kimiko. Anri tried to continue his lecture only to be stopped by Ulsa so that the four could have their reunion. During this she and Reka also transformed Ranko back into her true form so she and Ranma would no longer be in stereo. After their greetings and explaining how their lives turned out Kimiko turned away and returned to what she was doing, leaving all three of her closest family members staring in amazement, unable to shake a sense that the Tendo matron was somehow turning back to her day-to-day existence and gradually forgot about their presence, her eyes settling into her task with a pleasant glaze that seemed contended and a bit too dreamy.

Anri assured them that this was just the nature of the realm they were in. Kimiko had responded to their presence since they were still living before going back to living out the dreams of her existence. Jerika was explaining Kimiko’s (as well as Kasumi’s former) nature as a Template when Peorth arrived. Peorth initially didn’t recognize the three though she did recognize Kasumi’s resemblance to Belldandy. At least until Thelendra reminded her of the wish she performed ten years ago. Unfortunately Anri chose to leave before she could say anything. He took them to Malabolge so that they could see further along the gradual path of evolution that the soul undertakes, from death to the afterlife, from the highest to the lowest and back again. 

The group watched in dismay as the Erinyes went about their work tormenting lost souls. Jerika called her father out for constantly butting in as she was the one hired to guide them. This nearly started a fight between the two as Michael still considered her to young before Anri stepped in. They then went to the transition point in the afterlife where souls are channeled and prepared for reincarnation. The Daokan also went into more detail about the nature of the Eluini. However the actual reason they were brought there was to show them the Old Ones. As they started up at the creatures Ranma and Nabiki noted that one of them was staring at them. that was the true enemy Baal Ariman Yahweh the forsaken, False God and enemy of all Creation. Who saw the two a threat to his dark ambitions.

This prompted a discussion of the connection between Hebrew and greek mythology to explain how Yahweh got his name. During which Amalthea accidently revealed that Lao was her former Mistress. She also almost revealed that Lao recently gave birth to Nabiki’s child but was stopped by Ulsa. Though Nabiki noted the way she regarded her new "pet", and got a sudden lurching sense in her stomach from it. However this did force them to get to the point of the discussion the Shimubara Rebelion. Otono is the direct linear descendant of Amakuza Shiro. Just as the Tendo and Saotome clans themselves had ancestors who took part in suppressing that rebellion. At this point Yahweh began to feed on the soul energy of the recently deceased Fundamentalists Christians. Since they were followers of the false Yahweh Jerika had no sympathy for them, causing her father to call her insensitivity.

The group watched as the Heaven's Aerial Defense Force which included Kimiko marshaled to repel him. Unfortunately while the weapons they had effective against any lesser demon of the outer dark. A greater Old One was a different story. So the Daokan decided to step up. Hearing this Michael gave the order for his troops to withdraw as the Daokan united to form the Incarnation. Michael and Jerika fell to their knees and bowed their heads in abject submission to her, while Thelendra too bowed her head deeply and manifested a posture of differential respect and humility that made Kasumi take notice. The divine Tendo sister herself felt an emotional stirring of amazement as she basked in the light of the inhumanly beautiful giant, while Nabiki and Ranma stood to the sidelines with Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire, mouths hanging agape, while Lenore herself lay utterly prostrate as if hoping not to be noticed in the light of such perfection.

They were driven to their knees by the clash between this Celestial being and the monstrous beings known as Old Ones that seemed to go on and on for an eternity all about them, threatening to drown out all of existence with the violence of these awful exchanges. Once Yahweh was driven off and the Daokan separated again they took the group back to their world both to spare them from further psychic trauma and to explain what happened. Seeing that level of power Ranma and Nabiki realized that what the Daokan need at the time was a lower caliber of ammunition that hits the target without creating too much collateral damage. Since if they fought it would most likely destroy the universe.

Unfortunately the Old One hadn’t been completely driven back and ended up possessing Lenore. As Ranma, Nabiki and Kasumi watched in dismay as their friend and retainer was horribly afflicted by a thing of nightmare. The possessed Lenore turned to Michael and called him out for changing sides. However Michael didn’t take the bait and calmly stated that Moloch died along time ago. Before the conversation could go any further she was killed by Reka. As the others turned on him Reka flatly stated it was unavoidable. Anri mediated stating that it wasn’t the goal that they were objecting to but the excessive means he used to solve the problem. Ulsa to agreed that Lenore didn’t deserve such a fate so had Udan resurrect her.

Michael found himself pushed out of the way as Kasumi rushed to huge the resurrected Lenore who had no memory of what happened. Reka brought the conversation back to him, he still didn’t believe that that they were strong enough to deal with the Old Ones. Unfortunately Udan agreed. Since he didn’t feel that Ranma and Nabiki were up to task he decided that he would deal with it personally. Knowing that such a battle would destroy their universe Ranma challenged Udan for the right to face Otono. Much to everyones horror this caused Udan to laugh. Amused Udan accepted Ranma’s challenge and gave both him and Nabiki much to her surprise three days to prepare. With that he, Ulsa and Amalthea were about to take their leave only to be stopped by Reka.    

Reka was angry that Udan was trying usurp his position of challenging the couple. Udan replied that he better back off since he knew his greatest weakness. Reka laughed at the notion that he feared man or beast causing Anri to remind him that she was neither. Reka started to fearfully edge away only be yanked back by his ear by his wife Verigar. Everyone who wasn’t an Eluini or Angel collectively gasped upon realizing who she was. Anri decided to intervene by greeting his sister-in-law. Verigar sounded delightfully charmed as she greeted Anri back while not releasing her iron-grip upon her "husband."  She was a little disappointed to find that Udan, Ulsa and Amalthea had already left. Telling Reka it was time he spent time with his family the lovely green haired woman dragged the protesting Reka away , the both of them vanishing as suddenly as the Lady Ulsa, which left Anri and the others to stare in mixed reaction to their sudden passage.

Umakusa were surveilling the Saotome house and were just about send in mercenary assassins so Reka sent Veragar to get them. When they arrived they found him, calmly standing beside a large reddish-black bull whose neck he was calmly stroking like a pet. He neither turned around nor looked up at their approach, but he unquestionably knew of their presence as he both thanked them for accepting his invitation and apologized for any misunderstanding that might have existed between them in the past. Nabiki called him out on interfering, but Reka didn’t see it that way also pointing out that if they were allowed to cheat so was he. Ukyo finally asked Ranma and Nabiki who Reka was and what was going on. She was about to go into how they met over a challenge match when Reka revealed how impressed he was with them as well has the fact that he was Latisha’s father. This caused Shampoo and Perfume’s eyes go round as if in belated recognition and regard as one might some dangerous wild animal. He then gave Ukyo a name she might recognize. Advising them to avert Lylac, Chusen, and Fragrance’s eyes he killed the bull so he could feed the caravan.

Needless to say they were slightly appalled by the casual brutality of the deed, though Lylac and Fragrance stared at the bull as though freshly exposed to something almost as traumatic as their recent encounter with a certain deceased wizard who had abducted them for purposes that had earned his destruction. Veragar apologized on her husband’s behalf as he moved towards one of the larger tents of the encampment. When the others entered he was moving towards a pile of thigh plush pillows and cushions that occupied one end of the huge tent and was greeted at once by a beautiful young maid dressed all in silks and ornaments, who offered him a horn-shaped cup that he accepted graciously, lifting it up to the others in token salute before spilling the contents on the ground before his feet. Nabiki got straight to the matter of the assassins. Reka assured them that the matter was already being attending to. He then showed them an image of Natsume and Lenore taking the assassins out much to their shock. When Nabiki asked him why he was helping them, he replied why not and that it wouldn’t cost them anything they weren’t prepared already to sacrifice. He wasn’t offended when he read Nabiki’s thoughts comparing him to Lao. However he did point out that her analogy wasn’t an accurate one. He proved it by introducing them to Tara the maid who had greeted them.  

Tara served Veragar in the capacity of a handmaiden and expressed that she was quite comfortable. Veragar walked up behind the woman in question and knelt down beside her, tipping the girl’s head back with a hand to her chin and planting a kiss upon her lips that Tara returned eagerly before the both of them turned matching smiles back in the direction of the Saotome-Tendo posse. Reka explained that all who dwell within this encampment are freeborn travelers who merely share the way because it pleases them to band together. He keeps none in his company who do not wish to be there. He expressed how much he admired both Nabiki and Ranma. Nabiki was a woman who speaks her mind and knows her heart’s desires and does not deny herself from some misbegotten sentimentalist notions of morality, despite the efforts of Anri to instill in her a sense of her own spiritual nature. And Ranma was hardly the dull-witted clod that he took him for. He has an amazing ability to absorb and adapt to new experiences and challenging situations. Siren clearly knew and adjusted her training regimen accordingly, and in but a few hours time brought Ranma in closer accord with his elemental nature. However the training they had undertaken so far will not prove adequate against Udan.

He wouldn’t weep any tears should Udan be bested by them. He then showed them Udan fighting Majin Buu. Ukyo and Shampoo both blanched as they leaned forward, while little Lylac and Fragrance were round-eyed, and Perfume was openly gawking in dismay as they could all fairly feel the titanic forces being unleashed, forces so great as to be utterly indescribable, and each blow that connected caused a shockwave to reverberate throughout the entire tent. Ranma and Nabiki were staring the hardest of all those who were present, and between them both they felt a collective need to swallow. Ukyo and Shampoo gave a shuddering breath at the realization of who Ranma and Nabiki would be fighting.

Reka intended on imparting upon them the key to gaining the advantage all in good time. Since this was an informal meeting he had Ranma bring his Elementals out. The five flowing tattoos that covered his body beneath his clothing flowed away from his physical form and took shape in the space gathered around him, and five distinctly feminine shapes resolved themselves into appropriately revealing “Arabian Nights” style silken outfits, complete with appropriate jewels and ornaments that denoted their royal station. Latisha was he first to achieve full human semblance, and greeted her father while Nagisha set down and took a place beside a much-surprised Perfume. Sharil found a spot very near to a somewhat dubious Nabiki. Karina moved to sit besides Ukyo, and then reached out with her hands and took little Fragrance onto her lap as the child seemed to gravitate to her almost like a magnet. Sobriel ruffled the purple hair of a much-disconcerted Lylac before taking her own place beside Shampoo, who eyed the Void elemental with a look of some confusion.

Veragar said with a smile as she regarded the now-expanded Saotome clan with evident approval. She, Reka and Latasha talked alittle catching up on old times. Reka gave a dismissive wave of his hand, when she told him that she and Ranma weren’t married. No daughter of his would be consigned to such a lowly stature. He expected Ranma to do right before his daughter and acknowledge her as one of his consorts if not in full status of a wife, at least the honor of being more than a humble mistress. Ranma blinked his eyes, suddenly finding himself on the spot once again as more than twelve sets of feminine eyes swiveled towards him in full unison…not just his wives and his “consorts” but also his two infant daughters and the lady Veragar to say nothing of the smiling lady Tara.

Veragar put her own two cents in stating that it would only be fair for Ranma to acknowledge all five of his elementals as consorts. Nabiki saw Ranma glance at her as though silently pleading for her advice, and with great reluctance agreed. The others were quick to follow. The conversation intensified when Nabiki asked Reka what he knew about being human. Ranma was alarmed at the escalating tone in their host’s glowering demeanor. Reka expressed how he enjoyed living in a world of endless confusion, anarchy and discord. This brought the conversation back to the Amakusen much to Sobriel’s boredom who was tired of talking about the Christians.

Sharil explained the notion of the Anti-Christ. While Reka revealed that Anri rejects the analogy of Paul’s synthesis when that foolish Apostate created the initial synthesis that founded the basis of the Christian legend. Reka as well felt that it was a perversion of everything he believed. Little Fragrance surprised everyone by joining in on the adult conversation when she asked what homeostasis was. Lylac answered her question, only to belatedly become aware that she was drawing attention her way, which prompted her to cover her tiny mouth with one hand and say, “Ooops…” Nabiki eyed her eldest daughter before moving back to the conversation.

Ukyo was wary of the thought of everybody just doing whatever they wanted, but Reka answered that all societies and civilizations establish the same basic rules for governing themselves and restraining aberrant behavior. This surprised Nabiki who took him for an Anarchist. While flattered even Reka acknowledged the need for the existence of a state as a means of furthering and advancing the welfare of most human beings. The conversation moved on to the nature of Eluini when Ukyo called him out for going on about how superior he was. Reka knew from the start that Nabiki was a nascent Eluini. While she couldn’t get strong enough to face Udan in two days the true essence of the Art is to turn an opponent’s strength against him. After all with great power there always comes a balancing element.

The realization that the alternative meant the death and destruction of this entire dimension hit everyone hard. Ukyo, Perfume and Shampoo turned on Reka demanding why he was risking everything they’d lived through together by making Ranma and Nabiki go up against his brother. Reka was no more eager for this than any of them neither was Udan, when they turned their question from the Firelord to Ranma and Nabiki. It was the latter who answered, though she lacked the courage to meet any of her lovers directly and instead stared into the softly sputtering fire-pit, as she explained that Ariman was really after their children. Ranma also assured his lady-co-wives, that the Daokan weren’t to blame, but the ancient demon they were facing.

Reka explained that the history of this timeline had been altered by a direct manifestation by Ahriman and his brethren. They have seen the future and wish to avert it at cost, so they tricked the foolish Reyabi into thinking they were his enemy while having him fulfill the centuries-long vendetta of the Amakusen.  He will unleash a plague that will depopulate the world and cause even the Gods to suffer its rampages, for it is a disease tainted with Ancient DNA.  Rather than permit this to come to pass Udan has elected to destroy this timeline…but Ranma and Nabiki objected, which resulted in a challenge being issued between them. That is why he elected to offer his support by summoning them there so he could offer them a means for achieving victory, and possibly even survival.

Reka’s reply to Perfume, Ukyo and Shampoo asking if he really met that was to ask how much they loved their wife and husband. When they answered that there was nothing they wouldn’t do for them. He then asked how much they trust Nabiki, Ranma replied with his life. Nabiki had a very strong suspicion of what it was that Reka was alluding towards, which were confirmed when he nodded to his wife, who smiled and clapped her hands while turning towards the back entrance to the tent, and a moment later the canvas there parted to admit Carla, Trudy and a nervous looking Saki. Since Nabiki was Trudy’s student Reka felt it was best if she explained.

Trudy seemed far less cocky and self-assured than she had been earlier in the day, and she obviously was less than comfortable about sitting down, even upon such soft surfaces as the sand or the pillowed divans, but nonetheless she managed to straighten up and compose herself in perfect mimickery of Japanese etiquette.  Once she had managed to regain her dignified bearing she bowed from where she sat and directed her comments not at Nabiki but rather at someone else sitting near by within their party. Shampoo was surprised to discover that she was addressing rather than Ranma

Nabiki and Saki stared at each other in amazement that Trudy was able to convince ranma and her wives to undergo the next stage in mastering the Shaloe-Ahl. It was mind-blowing, incomprehensible that the issues of jealousy and possessiveness had been taken completely off of the table, and now they were being given the chance of fulfilling the urges that they both had been sensing from the time that they had parted company no more than a few hours earlier in the day.

Reka broke the spell of the moment by calling the two back to reality, when he gave them their own personal space and saw to it that they weren’t disturbed. Almost magically before their very eyes a literal banquet was laid out before the Saotome clan, complete with sweets and treats of every type of imagining. Before too long everyone was eating at the table, slowly abandoning their cares, complaints and reservations as food and wine began to ease away their tension while Lord Reka and Lady Veragar observed it all impassively, neither touching the food nor the drink but seeming to revel in the company that they were presiding over. This curious behavior naturally aroused the suspicions of Nabiki, who made a point to stop herself from eating too much as she obliquely studied the man and his wife, even as Saki was apparently gorging too much upon the appetizers and the freely provided liquor.

He quickly noticed this and assured her that she was safe as he would hardly resort to poisoning them, nor would he violate the sanctity of desert hospitality by treating them ill in any way. Trudy cut Nabiki off before she could respond. Thanking Reka and Veragar she decided that it was time to get on to the training session.

Ranma finally asked Reka what he was hoping to accomplish by helping them his reply was simply why not as there was nothing to be gained in allowing the attack on their house to go ahead. From there the conversation moved once again to them resembling what human beings were like in the old days and the nature of the Daokan. He was impressed when Ukyo bluntly asked him about the state of the world. He answered that while the Daokan were protectors they weren’t truly lords and masters over humanity and were bound to observe a code of manifest non-interference. Unlike Anri he had no real ambitions about correcting the problem himself as he knew better than to masquerade in the role of a teacher seeking to impart wisdom to the general masses.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care about humanity it was that he regarded the condition of mortality itself to be a vice more than an illness. Veragar finally spoke up, interrupting her relative silence during the bulk of this conversation, and oblivious to her husband’s sour demeanor told the group that they should talk to their traveling companions and followers for a more-or-less objective opinion. Tis prompted Ukyo to ask how the two met. She shocked the group by revealing that she and Reka were once bad guys. The reason that Veragar invited them wasn’t because she found them amusing it was because they had Latisha in their company which practically made them all like family. Latisha is one of my Reka’s various progeny that he has seeded over the thousands of years of his existence, but she is very dear to him nonetheless, and when they both learned that she had settled down and was taking a husband they wanted to meet him.

Veragar went on to ask Latisha if she had decided on a name yet even offered some suggestions. However the conversation was interrupted when everyone felt Saki and Nabiki attaining synchronization. Worried the Saotome clan quickly rushed to Nabiki and Saki’s tent to see if they were alright only to be stopped by the protective barrier that Veragar had put up. The husband and wives, plus the concubine elementals and infant daughters were watching in amazement as the very air within the circle vibrated, and an awed hush fell over them for a moment as each in turn felt something of that light reach out to them and touch their very soul-cores.

Finally Carla Rodriguez stepped out from the relative shadows of the night to pay them her regards, and as each one there studied the American in the faux-Arabian Nights attire they could see the odd smirk that she was wearing that was faintly both admiring and resentful as though she knew full well just what was going on inside that tent but was deliberately sparing of the details. After telling them they would get their turn she made a point of giving kudos to Ranma who’s Kama-Senken technique was giving this round of the Awakening more potency than even the time when she Trudy first shared it together.

Tara surfaced among the crowd of gawking onlookers as though assuming the role of chaperone by default, and brought them back to their tent. At this point Sharil had popped out. She did what she could to keep an eye on things before Trudy found her. She informed them what she saw of of the two’s training getting them to realize that there was more to it than just sex.

As Ranma wondered why he wasn’t more upset by this Reka came to stand over his shoulder of the younger man that woman were “The Glory of the world, the paragon of creation, and a most intriguing mystery that even he, for all his years, have yet to penetrate…though at times he is moved to wonder if they are as much a curse as a blessing.” Veragar replied that they felt the same about men while she pivoted on one heel and began to saunter back towards the tent, deliberately exaggerating her hip movements as though to shake her rather ample and well-formed posterior in his direction. Despite themselves both Reka and Ranma could not help but watch the green-haired woman’s teasing body-gestures, but then they both shook loose from her spell and Reka made a point of ruffling Ranma’s dark hair while telling his son-in-law to pay it no heed as it was all for the best and on a primal level he already knew that.

When Ranma vanished into the tent, Reka mused to himself judging by Latishe he’d be too busy for the remainder of the night to pay much heed to what goes on with Saki and Nabiki. He then turned to the tent where they were speaking out loud that Soon Udan would know what these mortals are capable of achieving on their own. He then told his daughter Kali Durga to guard them and keep them undisturbed until the morning. It was revealed that Veragar had been drugging everyone with that Red Lotus juice so he left to make sure she behaved herself for the remainder of the evening as it should be starting to affect them.

After finishing her training and achieved her awakening Nabiki made her way to Reka. Reka helped Nabiki better understand the expansion of her sensual awareness. Before she had woke up Nabiki had a dream of a past life of her as the daughter of Lot whom had met Reka when he was Agni. Reka confirmed that while imperfect her dream did reflect the past. Seeing the sun rise the conversation moved to living in the moment. Nabiki still hadn’t figured out what Cologne met by that. Reka surprised her by explaining it as she took him for a simple barbarian. Reka didn’t mind he even admitted that he was a barbarian in the Age of Stone.

Nabiki finally asked Reka why he was helping her and he gave her the same answer he gave Ranma. He also revealed that her granddaughter would thwart the Old Ones which he wanted to see. However he didn’t go into further details as it would spoil the surprise. Reka explained the nature of sex and her awakening to Nabiki stating that she would go on to perform the Shaloh-Ahl ritual with her loved ones. This led to another argument regarding Reka’s Social Darwinist philosophy as well as another lecture on the nature of humanity. He became insulted when Nabiki compared him to Anri, but quickly calmed down and admitted that there are very few real differences between him and his brothers. After all, in spite of their dissimilar pathways they are essentially the same person in three alternate aspects. The memory of the Daokan brothers joining together flowed back in vivid detail and full recollection leaving Nabiki with a sense of awe. They were interrupted by the antics of Reka’s daughter Kali Durga.

Nabiki followed Reka from the encampment as they ventured out onto the volcano-laden deserts on the outskirts of the oasis. Unlike Nabiki he did not flinch did not bat an eye nor flinch in the slightest at the multiple explosions. When they came across Kali Nabiki was surprised to learn she was Reka’s daughter as there was little physical resemblance between them in spite of their obvious spiritual connection. Kali wanted to meet Nabiki for herself so decided to make her presence known to draw them to her away from the others.

Reka was shocked when Kali expressed her desire to impart some wisdom to Nabiki. Afraid that she would attempted to install some of her bad habits and anti-social tendencies. Kali called him out for being so cynical. She wanted to teach Nabiki about power and its consequences. Nabiki almost jumped as she felt the surge flow from the deceptively underage girl into the ground and through invisible subterranean channels rise up in yet another eruption of nerve shattering intensity. Reka sighed in the ensuing silence that followed this discharge then explained who Kali was. Nabiki found it incredibly easy to believe the claim that she was Kali the Destroyer as the power flowing through the young girl was equal to that of a fully manifested goddess.

Like her father her answer for wanting to help Nabiki defeat Udan was why not. She also pointed out that despite becoming an Eluini she was still no match for him. However there was a slim hope, as much as you could ask for when you challenge one who walks in the shadow of the gods and makes them tremble. Kali explained to Nabiki about the two opposing forces in the world Creation and Destruction. As she demonstrated her power Nabiki felt something churning from within her own being and was surprised to discover a power similar to that which Durga had just employed was forcing itself into her awareness, prompting her to extend her own arm and stare at the palm of her hand as she started to concentrate and envision an object and to her complete surprise she saw a swirl of particles begin to surround her hand and flow about as if in response to the power that was rising up from within her.

Reka called his daughter out, but the dusky skinned girl innocently stated that Nabiki was doing it herself. She just displayed her power in such a way that it would prompt a sympathetic reaction within Nabiki’s own expanding nature. Reka didn’t fall for it and told Nabiki to be careful how she channels her new power as she now held the force of creation itself, which can be shaped by the will for good or ill, depending on what you most value. Kali called Reka an alarmist and explained to Nabiki how to use her power, which she used to create a locket with a picture of her mother. They went on to explain the further explain this power, its consequences and how it relates to Udan. Nabiki realized that they meant using Udan’s opposing element, but as Kali pointed out she would need to channel a force as great as that wielded by him. What she needed to do was keep in mind that power is its own limitation.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Eris. Reka groaned very faintly upon realizing who it was while Kali by contrast seemed startled and turned around in time to see a sight that brought a look of joy to her own exotic features, even as a powerful reddish motorcycle suddenly came leaping over a dune and sailing high over their heads, crashing down some distance away as the rider commanding the two wheeled motorized terror spun it around recklessly and gunned the engine once again, causing it to pop a wheelie as though its rider were commanding the powerful thing like some child’s toy.

Kali and Eris threw their arms around each other and embraced then kissed each other on the lips, establishing for Nabiki the nature of relationship between the two young-seeming women. Reka’s tone had the stern disapproval of a father who did not care much for the company that his daughter was so affectionately keeping, when he asked Eris what she was doing there. Eris told them that her father Charon had been captured and asked for their help in rescuing him.

Reka revealed that he already knew this, but before Kali could call him out Nabiki asked what was going on. Reka informed her about the virus Otono intends to unleash. Thanatalia was upset that Charon let himself get captured, but she thought he did it deliberately. Reka agreed that it defied logic that he would remain in their custody unless he had a reason to lay low and bide his time for a moment when he might effect his own escape. Eris knowing that they had low grade Orachalchum begged for help. Against Reka’s wishes Kali agreed and with that she raised her hand and caused a wall of flames to surround both herself and the girl on the crimson motorcycle, and then the wall fell away, leaving no trace of either young girl in their passing.

Nabiki quickly pointed out that Reka didn’t try to stop her he answered Free Will. Kali knew he was bound by rules that she only acknowledges in token by their violation. She then asked if he was going after her he replied that there would hardly be any point. He and Kali’s paths are fated to cross time and again, and he would hardly abandon her to her folly. She is powerful but her tendency to overestimate her abilities is what has cost her numerous lifetimes and he did not intend to see her cut this one short before she has had the chance to bring him a grandchild. He wasn’t worried about Eris as time is long and possibilities are endless, and gender is little a barrier. Nabiki was surprised that for a guy who seemed to pride himself on being some kind of anti-social counter-culture guru he turned out to be a pretty cool parent.

From there the conversation moved to Anri and how he and Reka don’t see eye to eye. He shared Udan’s mentality of accepting people for who they are and seeking to protect them from themselves where he is permitted. Anri still clung to the hope that mortals yearn within their hearts a cherished desire to restore the Unimind that was known before Atlantis. When Reka brought up David Nabiki’s stance was that forgiveness had to be earned and she didn’t see him turning all mushy and remorseful any time soon. When Reka told her that Anri has taken him on as a student Nabiki halted in her tracks and blinked, then as Reka turned an amused glance her way she said that was a fitting punishment. The conversation ended when both Reka and Nabiki sensed the attack on the Kuno Mansion.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Reka may be the weakest of the Daokan, but he's a menace by any other measure, a walking Pyro with many times the power of a thousand H-Bombs. Reka is a force of nature to be reckoned with, allied with the elemental powers of Fire and Earth themselves, and thus able to tap into their wellspring with no restrictions or limits. He has spent the past few thousand years fortifying and reinforcing his body by integrating it with his living Chi to the point where he near-invulnerable to any sort of physical trauma.

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