A focal point of reality born once each generation and blessed, or cursed, by the Fates to be at the center of a dynamic confluence of rival powers. A Nexus is someone invested by the powers of time and space with the ability to alter probability lines through their actions.  If a Nexus turns right instead of left at a critical moment in time they can alter the fate of that entire world.  A Nexus is free to act without prior disposition of Karma, Kismet or Fate and is, in fact, an agent of change whose actions determines the flow of destiny and creates Karmic lines of consequence that reverberate throughout the rest of that temporal dimension...


A Nexus shapes reality by the way he acts and perceives it. Nexus children are a peculiar breed of humanity. Nobody knows why the Powers that Be choose randomly to select a certain individual to become a Nexus for his generation. Several of them can operate at one time, but the result is usually anarchy and mayhem of one kind or another, so It's generally safer to space them out geographically so that one Nexus doesn't go tripping up into the path of another. A Nexus child has that unusual characteristic of creating a major effect upon the timefield that he exists upon. They have a latent ability to manipulate the flow of reality on a purely unconscious level, so if one makes a choice to turn to the left or the right at any given transition point in that reality, the Universe will be greatly affected. If a Nexus goes one way and ignores a different path, the Universe itself will **turn** in accordance with their decision, so the choices they make are of paramount importance to everyone and everything in which they come in contact, even on a peripheral level. To some extent all living beings have a self-reflective ability to manipulate reality through choices, but a Nexus is a thousand times more gifted than the general lot of humanity, so what they choose to do with their lives will often create a path upon which the Universe itself bends in accordance. The problem is that Nexus children are often rather notorious in their inability to make conscious choices in the same manner. The words "clueless savant" could best describe them for the innocent way in which they often choose not to decide, and therefore cause a vacuum in their given reality where events revolve around them in a confusing, perverse and even contradictory manner to what they believe are their real intentions. If a Nexus were trained to use his abilities properly, it would not be a problem, but since the fate rarely allow them to gain such competent training.

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