Miranda Darkdreamer
Aliases The Dark Dreamer, Selene, Kali, Hecate's child, Morgan, Three Sisters
Family Udan (father)

Anri (uncle)

Reka (uncle)

Ulsa (aunt, stepmother)

Thelendra (cousin)

Kali (girlfriend)

Occupation Oracle
Species Eluini
Miranda Darkdreamer --Eluini, Daughter of Udan


Miranda has ebony dark hair and wears dark purple robes that are low-cut in the collar, revealing a generous amount of cleavage.


Miranda listened in as Astarte explained the Daokan to her companions and eventually decided to put her own two cents in. Snake was the only one who wasn’t alarmed by Miranda’s presence and bowed to her. Astarte now recognizing her explained who was to the others. Miranda revealed that she was there to caution them against acting too rashly and charging into affairs before they were adequately prepared and well-briefed. Seeing that Miranda knew what was going on Tri-Longu demanded that she tell them only to become angry when she called her out for not listening. Tri-Longu took a menacing step forward, but was instantly knocked out. Miranda assured Astarte that she didn’t hurt Tri she just wanted her and them to appreciate just how powerful Reka was, with that she left. Though as she predicted Snake decided to go investigate anyway.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Miranda is an Eluini, the daughter of one of the Daokan...specifically meaning Udan himself by a long-ago acquaintance. She is also one of the Three Sisters who are sometimes identified with the Fates of ancient legend. She is an Oracle of visions Past and Present.


Miranda denies having any connection to Selene, Hecate or Morgan Le Fay

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