Jim Robert Bader, also known as Shadowmane, is the author of 47 works of Ranma ½ fan fiction.


"Jim Robert Bader is a long-time fantasy artist and writer who has been practicing his hobby for more than twenty years running. He is currently 41, stands 6'4 with brown hair and brownish-green (Hazel) eyes and weighs over two hundred and twenty pounds (about a hundred-plus Kilos to the Metric system). He is unmarried, currently reattending College with the aim of obtaining an Associates Degree in Computers, and writes fanfiction stories in his spare time while answering E-mail, of which there is quite a lot these days! A former member of the United States Air Force, where he served in Florida as a Computer Operator for an old-style Mainframe that is so out-of-date these days as to be practically prehistoric, he hopes to obtain his degree by upgrading his skills into modern data systems and is attending classes with that aim in mind, which is why he doesn't get more writing done these days than he used to. Jim Robert Bader is known for an eclectic style that combines philosophy, metaphysical and religious observations with wry humor and social commentary. He is not a practicing member of any organized religion but prefers to call himself a Neoplatonist, and while he claims to be open minded he can be pretty aggressive in asserting his opinions on certain subjects. Among those is a lifelong obsession with Bisexual and Lesbian women, who often feature prominently in his stories. Not all of his female characters are same-sex oriented, but the line between them and the nominally "straight" kind is often blurred in the course of his writing. Jim Bader is currently living in Ridgecrest, California, right next to the downsized China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center, where he rents a home with his roommate, a Base Patrolman named Jason Hohler. He has no children at present, nor a steady girlfriend, but he is definitely "in the market" should he ever get lucky, or meet a cute Okinomiyaki chef, or take a trip to China and visit a hidden villiage in the Bayankala mountain range...[2]"

Ranma ½ Fan FictionEdit

The Amazon Way

Aud Lang Sang

Best of Iinasuke

A Christmas Carol

"Crossovers that Should Never Be Done"

A Different Take

The Earthchild

The Fifth Fiancee

"Fusions that Should Never Be"

Genma Saotome's Time and Space Mis-Adventures

Ranma the Kid

A Gent from Nerima

The Horse and the Butterfly

Ill Met in Nerima

Jedi Kasumi

Kami No Baka!

Knights and Warriors

La Blue Ukyo

Lum Sum Purple

Oh My!

An Omake to Remember


Out of the Ashes

Porn World

Reality Bytes Reality Squared

A Night of Delights

Where Were We, Then? (co-written with D.B. Sommer)

Reality Cubed

"Side-Story One"

Reality Warped

The R-men


Sins of the Fathers! A Tale of Two Wallets

A Tale of Two Pussies (Give or Take a Tom-Cat)

The Second Night!

Black and White in Color

How to Make an Okonomiyaki

Pangea: The Land that Time Ignored

Spot the Lesbian

Trivial Pursuits

A Very Scary Thought Keiko Arigami

The "S" Files

Lair of the Tiger

The Perfume Files

"The Honeymoon (Hentai) Chapter!"

A Tale of Two Nabikis

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