Iczer-1 is a powerful Bioroid created by the Cthulhu to be their guardian and future leader. However, when the Cthulhu were taken over by Big Gold, Iczer-1 was jettisoned. Sadly she lost her original partner during the outbreak of this crisis.

Overview [edit | edit source]

She arrived on Earth and somehow got wind of the coming invasion by the Cthulhu, now under Big Gold's command. She was therefore forced to defend the Earth against those she was created to protect. To do this, she needed a partner to help her use the Iczer Robo, a giant fighting mecha which is somehow connected to her (a connection so profound, that when Iczer Robo's arm was cut off, Iczer-1 lost the use of her own, corresponding arm). The Iczer Robo can fire energy cannons from its hands and emit tendrils of yellow energy; Iczer-1's powers include teleportation, knuckle beams, invisibility, levitation, super human agility, dimensional shifting, a light saber, and even time travel. She chooses Nagisa as her partner to help her. Iczer-1 is caring and compassionate. She is also very lonely, forced to fight her own people, not knowing why she was created. This will nearly costs her life when she will be confronted to Iczer-2, her sister, and hesitates to fight against her.

She eventually fought with the nefarious Big Gold, and emerged the undisputed victor. Sadly, she had to part ways with her much-beloved Nagisa, understanding that Earth should follow its own destiny. But she never truly left for good, always keeping a watchful eye over Earth from afar.

When Big Gold attacked again she sent Neos Gold to deal with Iczer-1; the violent confrontation between the two ends in a stalemate, as Neos acknowledges that neither of them has the strength to continue the fight at that point. The battle force her to have to recover in a healing chamber aboard the Cthulhu ship, sending Iczer-3 to defend Earth, which Neos has now targeted, in her place.

Iczer-1 physically appears to be around twenty years old, though she is likely to be far older, and as a biooid, may even be immortal. Like all Iczer gynoids, she is capable of numerous superhuman feats, such as flight, teleportation, and telepathy. She also holds a large soft spot for her sisters.

By the time of Earth Child Iczer-1 holds the title of Protector for her people. A kind of formalized Presidency and Military General who has overall command over the C'thuwulf society, though she delegates much of the actual running of society to their symbolic leader, Sir Violet...sort of a combination Prime Minister, Lady Pope and Queen who has the title, Mother of Us All. During this time she and Nagisha have also had a daughter named Rhea.


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