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A Very Scary Thought


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Jim R. Bader

When Nabiki was only seven her father exchanged her for a boy named Ranma. Now, ten years later, she comes home with a few surprises...

History[edit | edit source]

When Nabiki was barely over seven years of age she and Kasumi had crept up upon their father to eavesdrop on a very strange conversation he was having with an even stranger man named Saotome Genma.  The gist of the conversation was that a boy would soon come to live in their house, which seemed strange in itself as their mother did not appear to be pregnant again.  The mystery soon resolved itself as it soon became apparent that the boy in question was the only son of this strange man, a boy named Ranma.

But their father became immediately suspicious that his "old friend and fellow student of the Martial Arts" was actually trying to unload his son on the Tendo Household.  But then her father surprised everyone by proposing that Saotome Genma take one of his daughters in trade. There was a noticeable pause before Genma quietly agreed with the proposal, which left the question of who would he take with him down to three prospects: Akane, Kasumi and Nabiki.

Nabiki was certain her heart did not beat again until she heard her father give her name in answer to Genma's question.  Her fate was thus sealed, and for the next ten years one question would reverberate in her mind: Why had her father agreed to such an imbecilic arrangement?

Not that she spurned the opportunity to get out and travel.  School was becoming less of a challenge and her mother was always fussing with her to get out and play like "normal girls" her age.  A chance to see more of the world was just the thing a young girl with prospects needed to broaden her education and teach her about survival.  So she would have to intensify her Martial Arts training when she was thinking of giving it up, that would be a small sacrifice on the whole, and her father said that Uncle Genma was a good teacher.

Time passed and Nabiki became used to having Uncle Genma for a companion.  He had his flaws, but he was amiable and easy to manipulate, and in time she figured out a strategy to get him to do things the way she wanted him to behave.  Of course he kept on insisting on her training, and as much to satisfy him and keep him happy she took her lessons seriously, even more seriously than her studies on business and math, and she prospered in all three, becoming good enough to earn occasional praise for her efforts.

And--strangely--in time she found a real passion for the art.  It was at first the convenience of being able to do things other kids her age could not do, and to do it so well that she could take it for granted.  Later on she discovered that her love of the art was the equal to her passion for making money.  She rarely sought out a fight, but when one came looking for her she was always able to come out on top.  In time her skills as a negotiator came to equal her skills at fighting so she did not have to fight very often, except when there was a profit motive to make it all the sweeter.

Yet through it all Nabiki had always kept a promise she had made to her mother before leaving, that she would at least try to be a good woman when she grew older, a woman her mother could be proud of.  She had fought to maintain some trace of her femininity in spite of adopting Tomboy ways out of habit.  Even the curse had not taken that away from her.  Nabiki was a woman, and even a man's body could not take that one essential thing away from her, the only link she still retained with her late mother.

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