Anri Monalon Maitreya
Daokan Lord of Air and Fire
Aliases Way-Farer, Soul Guardian, Binder, The Binder of Souls, Mahurabsammatrusara, the Man in the Center of the Eye of God, Monalon Maitreya, Boddidharma, Sidhartha, Hermes Trimigestes, Aeslepius, The Lord of Light, Lord of Air and Fire, Mithras, Hermes Thoth Trimagestes Sol Ivictus, Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Rama Muharabi
Age 689
Family Ulsa (sister), Reka (brother), Udan (brother), Uta-Haled (father deceased), Thelendra (daughter), Kasumi Tendo Steinberg (Daughter in law), Franklin Nathanial Steinberg (son in law), Elea Ventura (wife)
Occupation One of the Four Lords of the Way, the Guardian of the Path of Air and Fire, known as the Phoenix Force of creation.
Species Eluini
Love Interest Elea Ventura
Loved By Elea Ventura
Universe Continuum-59343921
Creators Jim bader
Gender Male
Anri Monalon Maitreya --Eluini, Daokan Lord of Air and Fire


Anri is tall and slender with arms and legs that are well formed and excellently well proportioned. His face is youthful, agelessly handsome and he has a full head of light brown, almost wheat-golden hair, somewhat darker than blond but definitely styled to give his features balance. He is clad in a yellow shirt with open sleeves and has tight-fitting slacks and thigh-high boots that look like well-worn velvet rather than leather. A purple sash around his waist further adds style to his Spartan sense of fashion, and about his neck hangs a thin gold chain from which is suspended a teardrop-shaped amethyst stone, his only other adornment that seems to resonate upon his chest with a gentle pulsing rhythm that seems timed in synch with a steady, even heartbeat.

Background Edit

Anri Monalon Maitreya is a figure of legend who has gone by a great many names over the years. To some he is simply the solar child of Wonder, to others he's both meddler, teacher, healer and prophet.  Some call him Maitreya, or the Binder of Spirits, or the Lord of Air and Fire who embodies Tipheroth, the Solar Plane of Harmony and Beauty, though to better appreciate what he is you would have to know something of his actual history as part of the Daokan.

Anri, was first raised among the more cultured tribes of the Indus valley, where he studied among other things the mystic arts, philosophy and combat skills that were the precursor to what we know today as the Martial Arts, all of which he combined into a single integrated system. That's why he reincarnated there on at least two or three other lifetimes, to renew his roots out of the ten incarnations presently known about.

One of his earliest identities was as an Egyptian scribe who isn’t known of by name but who comes down to us by the identity of Thoth Hermes Trismagestes. The founder of the Hermetic School of magical philosophy known originally as Masonry, which inspired much of Greek thought for the next two thousand plus years...and that was about six thousand years back, as near as can be determined.

He started out a lowly slave in a rock quarry and worked his way up to become the adviser of Kings, and near demi-god beyond that. Which is the opposite story when he was reborn as a Hindu prince named Sidhartha. Another identity is Boddhidarma, the monk who crossed the Himalayas and brought his Zen philosophy into China and founded the Shaolin system. Who also paid a brief visit to a certain tribe of Amazons and left his seed there in a woman who carried his sacred bloodline.  Of course his most notorious or most famous identity was that of a character in Palestine who comes down to us by the name of Yesus.

Unlike what the bible states Yesus didn’t die on the cross, He faked his death by crucifixion using a drug-laced sponge that a soldier named Loginus helpfully supplied to him, thinking it was vinegar, which they did administer to victims to keep them alive and thus prolong the agony of death by that method. When he almost immediately succumbed to the opiate that Roman became suspicions and pricked Yesus with his spear, but then he was ordered by his superiors to bring him down---which was never the Roman practice for crucifixion victims---and spirited away to a nearby crypt whereupon he later recovered. Yesus’ father Yussef, bribed the guards and Pontius Pilate and three days later he presented himself to his followers and allowed them to think he'd been 'miraculously' resurrected. He lived to see old age and died at the hands of the Zealots during the siege of Masada. The story you hear in Josephus makes it sound like the innocent Hebrew were the victims of the marauding legions of Rome and Vespasian, but the reality the Zealots had taken the place over and were terrorizing the common people, putting anyone to death who didn't show excessive zeal for their side and generally behaving like followers of Ariman usually do, which is what tends to make them so obnoxious.

Upon his death he fell into a spiritual trap set by Ari-Yahweh and was seized upon by loyal Modrons, who bore him away to the Pit of Abadon and placed him in the custody of Samael with instructions to bury him in the deepest, darkest, foulest chamber beneath Golgatha. Right away Stan knew it was a crock and a sham, Ari was locking away his greatest enemy, but Stan knew almost at once that Anri was his ticket out of that Hell hole. Of course it took some convincing before he decided to play along and help stage a jail break, but once he knew it would be his only real chance out of that hell pit he took it and no further questions asked. He and Anri freed thousands of souls trapped in limbo on that day, and much enflamed the rage of Ari-Yahweh, who suffered a loss of the energies that he had been drawing from our misery, which left him momentarily unable to come after them as they fled to a different dimension. Of course Anri no longer had a physical body, but he was freed of the constraints that held him in check from utilizing his full powers, so he chose to travel to a world near to the center of the Light to regroup and regather his senses so that he might return once again in his subsequent ninth incarnation.

In his current incarnate Anri was reborn in the thirteenth century. His mother came from an obscure northern village that was sacked and burned by the Enemy before he was barely even conceived by his mortal father. Fortunately for the both of them his mother was found and spirited away to a safe haven by monks who served the Temple of Light in a parallel dimension known as Arcadia, where Thelendra herself was born and conceived of the previous incarnation of his current wife, Elea Ventura. The High Arcons of Arcadia had prophesized his rebirth and had dispatched the monks to bring his mother and him to their plane where he was coached and tutored in the ways of Knowledge and Wisdom by gentle masters who were keen on helping him to become aware and to recall his awareness of his nine previous incarnations. It is thanks to their patience that Anri was able to achieve Satori while still quite young, and he has hardly aged more than a few days in all the years since then. By his nineteenth year he was awarded the title of a Boddhisava and graduated with full honors. Anri was then at liberty to roam where he would and to become his own life's teacher.

History Edit

Anri called in the services of Nabiki Saotome from Continuum #32145896 to aid in preventing Shang-Kwan from absorbing the essence of Lylac Tendo, Fragrance Kuonji, Eileen Managi.

He later appeared before Kasumi when she was in the park contemplating her relationship with Frank and the fact that she may not be able to have children. Kasumi was initially confused by his presence especially when he started making wistful comments. Leading Anri to explain that he was on how sad she looked and wondered what could make a beautiful lady so unhappy. After introducing themselves to each other Anri set about cheering Kasumi up which she immediately found herself doing. However while she noticed how easy he smiled she also saw that his eyes contained a kind of sadness that was poignant, eyes so deep and wise that it was difficult to believe that they belonged to a man as young as him. As they talked Kasumi kept trying to figure out what it was about Anri that seemed so otherworldly.  The mere fact that he had approached her without her sensing his presence should have alarmed her, but instead his nearness set her at ease, as if he were an old friend come to pay a visit, one she only dimly remembered, though she could swear that she had seen eyes such as his somewhere before, however poorly recalled at the moment.

After he revealed that he knew that she was a goddess she revealed what was troubling her. Anri’s advice for her was that her it wasn’t lack of communication but what is being communicated that causes misunderstanding, doubt or worry. What she needed to do was speak to Frank directly about her fears to clear the air between them. Kasumi pondered what he said but really didn’t get it so Anri cautioned her to give it time. Kasumi finally asked Anri if she would find love and earn the love that comes with being a mother. He asked her what made her think her would be able to answer such a thing. Kasumi replied that while not sure why she felt that he already knew many things about her. Anri’s answer to this was that she should ask his daughter who was the oracle in in the family.

As he spoke of her Thelendra arrived in the form of a curiously rainbow-winged butterfly that fluttered past his head, and when Anri stretched out a finger to offer her a perch she casually settled there and rested her wings, sparkling in the sunlight with a beautiful panoply of colors shimmering from her luminous body. Kasumi was entranced with the vision, and she had the most peculiar sense that the butterfly was winking at her, but then a voice startled her and called her away from the entranced state of her unfocused awareness.

After Kasumi left Anri asked his daughter if she approved. Thelendra replied that there was nothing about Kasumi not to be approved of. She was more concerned about him wondering what her mother would think about him flirting with the nascent demine. Anri laughingly replied that he would not lose sight of the purpose for their coming to Nerima. All things will unfold as they must at the proper time and channel. Thelendra scoffed that she had heard that before and then floated off towards the approaching sunset.

The two then watched the events of Ryoga being corrupted by his aunt and as the family group split up, some moving towards the dojo, others towards the main house, none of them were privy to the presence of two perched atop a distant tree. Thelandra called her father out for his penchant for coy melodrama especially given what was at stake. Anri was perfectly aware but for now all they could do was play the role of observers and narrators for the play that they are about to see acted out. As their time was not yet at hand for more immediate intervention. Thelandra was getting tired of playing the idle role of mere spectator to tragedies but all things in their proper time and place. Which was proven by the arrival of Happosai and Pantyhose Taro.

He and Thelendra watched the events unfold he only intervened when Kasumi furious at Taro hurting her family. As Kasumi showing her true Vampiric nature ignored the cries of her friends and family and was about to strangle Taro to death Anri spoke in her mind causing her realize what she was doing and let him go. When Taro kidnapped Nabiki causing a number of people to chase him either to rescue him or to stop the Minotaur Anri felt that matters were getting a bit too much out of hand here, and it is well past time that they took a more active part in these matters.

Thelendra wondered if that was the best course of actions given all that was at stake. Anri replied that there was far greater risk in not getting involved and that he found that he’d enjoy getting to know them. This caused Thelendra to once again bring up his sixth incarnation. Anri replied by warning her not to kill Happosai. Just as Thelendra asked what he was talking about Happosai attached himself to her ample bosoms and rubbed his white-mustached face up and down against the perfect skin that projected forth from the cleavage of her tunic. Thelendra pried the wizened old pervert from her body and began to stomp on him with uncharacteristic violence, before punting him away with such force that he went rocketing forward as though shot out of a cannon.

Vowing make the pervert pay should their paths cross again Anri remark about how much she reminded him of her mother. With that thought in mind the very strange pair vanished into the night once again, and the wind blew warm in their passage with the hint of a spring thaw that chases away the harshest of winters.

Anri appeared before Ranma as he was in a healing trance. Not really sure what was going on and weirded out by Anri’s strange aura of charisma and cryptic nature Ranma attacked him  backed by all the fury he had felt pent up from his frustration...yet to his amazement his hand seemed to slow down as if he were moving through molasses, and as if viewing everything in slow motion he saw his hand crawl across the space separating both men, falling just shy of Anri's face without the other man so much as batting an eyelash. Try as he might Ranma nothing came even a bit closer to nailing the other man, and so Ranma fell back half a step and gasped for breath while trying to study his foe, attempting to determine if he were some manner of phantom.

Now that Ranma had calmed down like Kasumi before him Anri set about guiding Ranma the way to enlightenment. Ranma finally asked Anri who he was for it was slowly dawning upon him that the figure before him was far more than he seemed upon the surface. He replied that Siren would know the answer to that question before releasing him from his trance.

Thelendra's sour mood was hardly improved when she found her father watching the battle with Taro and demanded to know if he knew what would happen between her and Kasumi. Without meeting his child's resentful expression Anri replied that he could sense that something might happen but knew she could handle things. Anri didn’t apologize for his actions as it helped her get over Gymp and it was worth it to see her smile again. Thelendra replied that despite the moment of happiness Kasumi wasn’t hears to claim. Anri replied that the future is never entirely written. After the two apologized to each other the two watched as Chusen Saotome the new Eluini was born into the world.

Thelendra noted that he would need guidance to mature and grow into his true nature, but since the crisis hadn’t happened yet Anri wasn’t worried about that. He just wanted them to take comfort in the fact that a tragedy has been avoided and that there will now be some hope for the future. When Thelendra wondered if that was wise Anri replied that it was best not to tip their hans prematurely. To which Thelendra replied that it wouldn’t be long before her aunt and uncles sensed what was going on. Since Ulsa would guide things from afar Anri wasn’t worried.

Anri appeared before Nabiki as Lylac was making sure she took it easy. Lylac was reluctant to leave her Fama alone particularly as she could see that there was more to Anri. That is until he offered her candy.  Lylac automatically stretched out her tiny hands and accepted the candy, but she made a point of going all the way around Anri in order to reach the door, and she did not pause to glance over her shoulder as if afraid of what she would see if she caught him in full profile. Nabiki thanked Anri for his help but given how mysterious he was she wondered what his point was. Anri replied that he’s not the direct type and warned her about the true enemy yet to come. 

As they were talking Ranma came to check up on Nabiki. Seeing Anri and not initially recognizing him Ranma attacked only for his elementals to bow before Anri and apologize for Ranma’s hasty actions. Sobriel as she had been in the abyss all her life had no idea who Anri was so before anyone could stop her attacked. Anri extended a hand and caught the Void elemental up within her own vacuum spell, and all at once he held a ball of energy in the palm of one hand, balancing it easily as Sobriel stared uncomprehendingly from within a basketball-sized prison. He then tossed the ball at Ranma, causing it to discharge its contents and with an outstretched arm Ranma accepted his Void spirit back into his body. Latisha apologized for Sobriels rashness, but Anri found her actions quite refreshing. Since when people usually find out who he was they always prostrate themselves before him. So he was quite exasperated when Karina and the others averted their eyes. 

An astonished Nabiki asked if he was god but he denied it. With everything calmed down Ranma finally apologized to Anri for attacking him and thanked him for his help. Anri informed Ranma and Nabiki that Chusen had a destiny of his own to fulfill and that he would need watching in the future, and strong guardians who will care for him and help him to find his destiny. Anri was about to say his farewells only to be stopped by Siren who had come to see her Great-grandfather. Both Ranma and Nabiki were shocked at this revelation.

Atsuko secretly watched the sparing match between Keiko and her father when she suddenly sensed a presence behind her. Anri informed Atsuko that while she is right to be concerned a son yearns for his mother. Upon realizing who he was Atsuko bolted away in fear deapite Anri’s protest that he wasn’t that bad. Thelendra stepped from the seeming concealment of a nearby tree and wondered if his pawns were ready. Anri remained confident believing that the weak possess a nobility that is best found in adversity. It was here that Thelandra realized that Anri planned on having his brothers to goad them to bring out the hidden strength that lays within them. since they had already been attracted by the scent of impending disaster so why not encourage them to do so if it has the effect of creating the conditions that they are after. Thelandra was adamant that Reka and Udan constituted a level of overkill that surpassed all description. Anri wasn’t worried however assured that everything would work out. when  his daughter asked him who he planed on asking to provoke Udan. He answered that he was already on his way to this timeline. He then changed the subject to hwe affections for Kasumi. Thelendra glanced hastily away, and then she stepped back into the shadow of the trees and vanished from ordinary sight, though by no means beyond the vision of the man who was her father.

After wishing Thelandra the best in her endeavors Anri asked his sister Ulsa who he knew was watching if she was guiding the actions of their brothers to effect his plans. He allowed the silent sadness to overtake him, then he raised his head and smiled, and became nothing more than a shadow as the rays of sun pierced his being and soon there was nothing to show even a trace of his having been there, for even the shadows themselves were duly humbled.

When Udan arrived in the Continuums only to meet up with the Time agents Nabiki and Ranma Saotome as well as their adopted daughter Ranko Saotome. Anri made his presence known after they left. He then effected a nonchalant look of innocence as he denied having anything to do with that. He then went on to try to convince Udan to stay.  Udan said nothing in reply but started up the engine to his powerful machine.  He gave his brother a hard look before driving out of there, and beyond all mistaking he had made his own silent commitment.

As they gazed down from the cloud that they were sitting within to observe David attack Furinkan Thelendra noticed the troubled expression upon her fathers face. Asking him what was wrong, he answered that he was contemplating how his teachings had come to this. Thelendra assured her father that he wasn’t to blame for others corrupting his word to justify murder. Anri then turned the tables on Thelendra bring up her budding relationship with Kasumi. She called her father out for tempting her with a coice that could only bring disaster. But answered that she merely suggested that she not write off the possibility prematurely.

After watching the battle with David Thelendra accused her father of orchestrating the outcome. Only for him to feign an innocence that they both knew to be patently false. Knowing that more dangers were to come Anri suggested that they pay them another visit starting with Kasumi who he noticed Thelendra staring at. Though Thelendra wondered if he was beyond hope Anri also wished to help David.

As they were watching the TCP Anri advised Thelendra to have patience when she wondered why he just didn’t have them get involved. Explaining that they would play their part when the time comes. Siren’s arrival revealed Anri had her convince Ranma and Nabiki take a more serious interest in improving their training. Siren decided to speak up when Anri sent Thelendra to meet with Kasumi. Given how hurt she was when she broke up with Gymp she wondered if it he was pushing to hard. She was also worried that she would come between Kasumi and Frank.

While there was a possibility of tragedy Anri felt he owed it to Thelendra to give her a chance at finding the happiness that has eluded her for so long. Anri informed Siren that after she finished training Ranma he wanted her to greet Reka. Though she didn’t want to Siren agreed as she left she started grumbling about him showing up in her life for the first time in over a hundred years and expecting her to prostitute herself with a relative.

Anri interrupted Thelendra and Kasumi just as they started to make out each other, causing both women to startle and glance to the side with looks reminiscent of two deer caught in a pair of headlights. While he loathed too interrupt them business must come before pleasure. However he did take the time out to get the two to admit that they were in love with each other. What to do about Frank was left up to them. It is revealed that the two were lovers in a past life.

With that Anri explained the nature of the Daokan. Kasumi was shocked upon finding out about Udan and Ulsa’s relationship, but quickly conceded upon being reminded of her attraction to Nabiki’s cursed form. Anri hoped to awaken the memories within Kasumi of her past lives so that she would be more prepared for the coming battle. He and Thelendra then informed Kasumi about the demon Genocide telling her that she, Ranma and Nabiki were the key players needed to thwart him.

A few years ago she made Lao’s acquaintance during what she thought to be a routine snatch and grab. A target of opportunity supposedly encountered by chance but in reality Ulsa was controlling the entire situation manipulating Lao into doing what she wanted, which came naturally enough considering how easily Lao was mislead by her baser reflexes. This is why when she and Anri went to retrieve Amalthea Ulsa made her presence known to Lao when the POJ sailed near Lemuria by displacing trillions of metric tons of water to display the lost temple. Lao greeted Ulsa before informing Martha Kent who had flown her why she was answering questions that hadn’t been asked that she didn’t talk. When she asked why she was there Anri revealed himself.

While initially reluctant given what had been done to the young girl Lao agreed to give Amalthea to him. Before they left Anri informed Lao he and Ulsa would forgive her for her transgressions against Ulsa a few years back. Unfortunately just as she was sighing in relief he informed her that Udan was another story altogether. Anri appeared in the chamber when Lao told Amalthea who would be her new master. Needless to say everyone was shocked as the presence of a man within the Seraglio was almost unheard of. Nonetheless the enigmatic blonde named Ulsa appeared at the side of her equally strange brother, and Lao hastily calmed them down.

It turned out that Ulsa was actually the one buying Amalthea revealing that she had let Lao kidnap her specifically to learn her craft. Anri was just there to train her so that she could help reclaim the soul of her brother. Hearing that her brother was alive Amalthea broke discipline by raising her voice in total contravention of her training as a sex-slave. However she quickly self-corrected herself. Hearing Anri comment that he was confident that she would shape up nicely Martha demanded what he meant before catching herself. However Anri wasn’t offended and stated that he wanted to rekindle the flames of the warrior within her, to say nothing of awakening her Kirin blood so that she may go to battle with those who betrayed both her and her brother. Amalthea’s tone no longer soft nor submissive asked when do they begin.

Anri and Thelendra were watching Lenore prevent Yagyu’s assassination attempt. Thelendra accused Anri of having a hand in Lenore’s timely intervention but denied it. With that done he introduced Thelendra to Amalthea. Finding out that he brought her from Lao Thelendra wondered what her father’s angle was as she was damaged goods. However Anri told her that she was under estimating Amalthea. To prove his point he attacked. The young lady named Amalthea blinked her eyes and then reacted automatically as a fist came rocketing towards her face from seeming no where.  She had not even perceived the Lord Anri as having moved---let alone attacked her, but her body was so well trained and her reflexes so near-instantaneous that her hand moved to intercept and block the punch before it could totally connect with its designated target.

Seeing this Thelendra studied the girls aura and was able to feel the fire burning within her. By this point Ulsa arrived and much to Thelendra’s surprise when she started laughing at seeing her brother being defeated. Even more so when she wanted to take over the first stage of Amalthea’s training. She planned on loosening the mental bonds placed upon her by Madam Lao, to fully awaken her warrior's spirit so that she will be well armed and in the right mood to kick some butt in order to free her brother.

Thelendra wondered why her aunt who has always been that of total pacifism would suddenly do this. Anri had her watch as his sister approached the silver-haired Amalthea, bare feet gliding through the sand as she moved with a grace that was preternaturally sensual and as regal as the bearing of an empress. Amalthea herself gasped as Ulsa came to stand before her, and then leaned forward and planted a kiss upon the younger woman's forebrow. Said kiss was followed by another, this time lower on the face and much closer to the mouth, which was where the third kiss was next planted, and then Ulsa reached out with both arms and drew the half-Kirin girl into an embrace in which Amalthea quite naturally reacted by returning these affectionate gestures in accordance with her pleasure-girl training.

Anri informed a stunned Thelendra that they should leave, but she just continued to gape in solid disbelief over what she was seeing. She came to her senses when Anri closed her mouth and allowed him to guide her away. It took an entire three minutes of silence before Thelendra could speak once again. asking her father what was going on he informed her that Ulsa had brought Amathela. He then informed her that when Ulsa's work was done he would begin in assuming the role of Amalthea's teacher. He also reminded her of her appointment. When she asked what he was talking about he told her that Reka was fated to arrive soon which could be a problem if he initiates the testing of Kasumi. Thelendra cried out in dismay, and vanished into a fold of space and time. Seeing the Ulsa would be busy for awhile Anri decided to follow his daughters’ example and left himself.

Frank was at his desk reviewing a report when Lenore called him to inform him that Reka was fighting Ranma and Nabiki. Before he could do anything he was interrupted by Anri. Still furious over the last time he dealt with Anri Frank was not happy about this. However Anri wasn’t there to warn Frank about the Umakusa but about Thelendra’s and Kasumi’s budding relationship. Informing him that they were reincarnated lovers. However it turns out that Kasumi was also the current incarnate of Andrea. After Anri he set out in pursuit of a certain oracle. Anri watched him as he left along with his granddaughter Gamina.

Anri arrived at the battle between Reka, Ranma and Nabiki to finally put a stop to it. Reka showed little remorse for his actions. However Anri wasn’t there to argue semantics he was there to get Reka to apologize for hurting his Thelendra who steped into an attack met for Kasumi. When Reka refused Anri revealed that Udan was there as well who promptly knocked him out. Anri introduced Ranma and Nabiki to Udan and Ulsa as well as Amalthea who they recognized as resembling David. As well as Ranko and Cheshire. Ranko quickly tried to leave only to be stopped by Anri perpetrated by Udan glaring at them. Anri apologized on behalf of his brother, before everyone left so that they could properly explain what was going on. 

They took Ranma, Nabiki, Kasumi, Lenore, Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Where Anri finally explained the nature of the Daokan and his past incarnation of Yesus Ben Yusef as well as the history of humanity. Ranko and Cheshire were forced to explain their lineage. Cheshire was the first grow impatient and demanded to know what brought her and Ranko to that timeline. Anri explained Holocaust the true being behind Otono and the Umakusa Suekazen Society whose aim was to unleash a pestilence upon Japan to further his goals for greater power. Anri was just about to go into the specifics about why Otono was out to destroy the Tendo’s when the group was asked to leave as the visiting hours were over.

After explaining the nature of Christ Mithra Sol Ivictus Anri showed them the back-stage story of what it means to be dead and living in either Hell or Heaven. Their first stop was the land of Nod. Lenore’s knowledge of the Kabala allowed her to recognize the place. As they toured the realm they witnessed the arrival of Akhmed Muhammad Pulavi a suicide bomber and his victims. Despite what Akhmed was told he was not greeted by seventy virgin Houri but dragged to Malabolge by Erinyes. The silence that followed this incident was broken only by Anri’s regret on having to do that. Akhmed’s victims were equally as shaken as Nabiki and the others, but the lead of the trio managed to ask Anri who he was. Anri replied with his usual modesty as they began to fade from view, becoming misty lights that rose up into the sky and vanished altogether. However he was interrupted from going back to his discussion by the arrival of Michael.

Michael had come because he heard that Anri had been once again harassing his staff, so he was furious to find him interfering with their appointed rounds of gathering the fallen and conveying them to their place of destination. Anri tried to explain that he merely delayed a few travelers for the span of an instant, but Michael wouldn’t budge and the fact he had brought mortals only made him angrier. Not even when Reka decided to comment or Anri reminded him of the looming crisis did he back down. Only when Udan made his presence known did he start to show fear, but he still refused to be intimidated.

However the change in Michael's attitude and manner when Kasumi asked him to let them continue was striking. All at once he was down on one knee with head bowed, even as the other glowing figures made similar gestures of supplication in the direction of the astonished Tendo sister. Now that they were aware that the divine Goddaughter of the Central Manager for Michael’s department was there Anri had far more leverage.

As Nabiki was pondering Michaels abrupt change in behavior. Michael’s daughter Jerika went up to Ranma as she sensed a familiar presence from him. Not wanting to deal with another Elemental Nabiki shoved herself into the path between them. Michael apologized for Jerika’s immaturity Kasumi apologized to Jerika for Nabiki’s outburst, and much to Nabiki’s frustration Thelendra asked if Jerika would be their tour guide. Surprised that a goddess was asking permission rather than demanding it Jerika agreed. Their next stop was Heaven.

Of all those present, only the dark-meined Udan seemed truly out of place in this lofty setting, a shadow amid the brilliant colors of eternal spring who manifested an entirely discordant aura, not so much antagonistic as more reflecting a breath of winter chilling the ground upon which he was standing. Lenore also seemed somewhat out of place in these environs, but there was a look almost of rapture in her eyes as if she yearned to be a part of such a peaceful landscape, to walk among the fields and plains without the taint of Vampirism giving her a negative glow that absorbed the light around her, causing a partial fading in everything that came near her. Flowers wilted and grass turned brown at her feet, a phenomenon not at all consistent with Kasumi's aura, which had the opposite effect, causing things to bloom with radiant life as if joyfully enraptured by her presence.

Reka burned brightly in the endless sun of day, but the smolder he represented was the hot breath of a desert wind disturbing the landscape and threatening to turn the verdant green into the ash of a drought ridden summer. Clearly he did not fit in any more than his brother, yet he stood aloof rather than hostile to all that he was viewing as if mindful to respect his place and not intrude upon the good fortune and happiness of others. Amalthea was another to whom this strange dominion seemed both appropriate and fitting, and as she gazed around with puzzled eyes she noted how familiar everything felt. Doubtlessly it was the presence of the blonde named Ulsa who was tempering her brother's flame, for she seemed quite at home within these environs and radiated her own potent aura of life-enhancing emanation. 

It was here that Kasumi, Nabiki, and Ranma got to see Kimiko. Anri tried to continue his lecture only to be stopped by Ulsa so that the four could have their reunion. During this she and Reka also transformed Ranko back into her true form so she and Ranma would no longer be in stereo. After their greetings and explaining how their lives turned out Kimiko turned away and returned to what she was doing, leaving all three of her closest family members staring in amazement, unable to shake a sense that the Tendo matron was somehow turning back to her day-to-day existence and gradually forgot about their presence, her eyes settling into her task with a pleasant glaze that seemed contended and a bit too dreamy.

Anri assured them that this was just the nature of the realm they were in. Kimiko had responded to their presence since they were still living before going back to living out the dreams of her existence. Jerika was explaining Kimiko’s (as well as Kasumi’s former) nature as a Template when Peorth arrived. Peorth initially didn’t recognize the three though she did recognize Kasumi’s resemblance to Belldandy. At least until Thelendra reminded her of the wish she performed ten years ago. Unfortunately Anri chose to leave before she could say anything. He took them to Malabolge so that they could see further along the gradual path of evolution that the soul undertakes, from death to the afterlife, from the highest to the lowest and back again. 

The group watched in dismay as the Erinyes went about their work tormenting lost souls. Jerika called her father out for constantly butting in as she was the one hired to guide them. This nearly started a fight between the two as Michael still considered her to young before Anri stepped in. They then went to the transition point in the afterlife where souls are channeled and prepared for reincarnation. The Daokan also went into more detail about the nature of the Eluini. However the actual reason they were brought there was to show them the Old Ones. As they started up at the creatures Ranma and Nabiki noted that one of them was staring at them. that was the true enemy Baal Ariman Yahweh the forsaken, False God and enemy of all Creation. Who saw the two a threat to his dark ambitions.

This prompted a discussion of the connection between Hebrew and greek mythology to explain how Yahweh got his name. During which Amalthea accidently revealed that Lao was her former Mistress. She also almost revealed that Lao recently gave birth to Nabiki’s child but was stopped by Ulsa. Though Nabiki noted the way she regarded her new "pet", and got a sudden lurching sense in her stomach from it. However this did force them to get to the point of the discussion the Shimubara Rebelion. Otono is the direct linear descendant of Amakuza Shiro. Just as the Tendo and Saotome clans themselves had ancestors who took part in suppressing that rebellion. At this point Yahweh began to feed on the soul energy of the recently deceased Fundamentalists Christians. Since they were followers of the false Yahweh Jerika had no sympathy for them, causing her father to call her insensitivity.

The group watched as the Heaven's Aerial Defense Force which included Kimiko marshaled to repel him. Unfortunately while the weapons they had effective against any lesser demon of the outer dark. A greater Old One was a different story. So the Daokan decided to step up. Hearing this Michael gave the order for his troops to withdraw as the Daokan united to form the Incarnation. Michael and Jerika fell to their knees and bowed their heads in abject submission to her, while Thelendra too bowed her head deeply and manifested a posture of differential respect and humility that made Kasumi take notice. The divine Tendo sister herself felt an emotional stirring of amazement as she basked in the light of the inhumanly beautiful giant, while Nabiki and Ranma stood to the sidelines with Amalthea, Ranko and Cheshire, mouths hanging agape, while Lenore herself lay utterly prostrate as if hoping not to be noticed in the light of such perfection.

They were driven to their knees by the clash between this Celestial being and the monstrous beings known as Old Ones that seemed to go on and on for an eternity all about them, threatening to drown out all of existence with the violence of these awful exchanges. Once Yahweh was driven off and the Daokan separated again they took the group back to their world both to spare them from further psychic trauma and to explain what happened. Seeing that level of power Ranma and Nabiki realized that what the Daokan need at the time was a lower caliber of ammunition that hits the target without creating too much collateral damage. Since if they fought it would most likely destroy the universe.

Unfortunately the Old One hadn’t been completely driven back and ended up possessing Lenore. As Ranma, Nabiki and Kasumi watched in dismay as their friend and retainer was horribly afflicted by a thing of nightmare. The possessed Lenore turned to Michael and called him out for changing sides. However Michael didn’t take the bait and calmly stated that Moloch died along time ago. Before the conversation could go any further she was killed by Reka. As the others turned on him Reka flatly stated it was unavoidable. Anri mediated stating that it wasn’t the goal that they were objecting to but the excessive means he used to solve the problem. Ulsa agreed that Lenore didn’t deserve such a fate so had Udan resurrect her.

Michael found himself pushed out of the way as Kasumi rushed to huge the resurrected Lenore who had no memory of what happened. Reka brought the conversation back to him, he still didn’t believe that that they were strong enough to deal with the Old Ones. Unfortunately Udan agreed. Since he didn’t feel that Ranma and Nabiki were up to task he decided that he would deal with it personally. Knowing that such a battle would destroy their universe Ranma challenged Udan for the right to face Otono. Much to everyones horror this caused Udan to laugh. Amused Udan accepted Ranma’s challenge and gave both him and Nabiki much to her surprise three days to prepare. With that he, Ulsa and Amalthea were about to take their leave only to be stopped by Reka.   

Reka was angry that Udan was trying usurp his position of challenging the couple. Udan replied that he better back off since he knew his greatest weakness. Reka laughed at the notion that he feared man or beast causing Anri to remind him that she was neither. Reka started to fearfully edge away only be yanked back by his ear by his wife Verigar. Everyone who wasn’t an Eluini or Angel collectively gasped upon realizing who she was. Anri decided to intervene by greeting his sister-in-law. Verigar sounded delightfully charmed as she greeted Anri back while not releasing her iron-grip upon her "husband."  She was a little disappointed to find that Udan, Ulsa and Amalthea had already left. Telling Reka it was time he spent time with his family the lovely green haired woman dragged the protesting Reka away , the both of them vanishing as suddenly as the Lady Ulsa, which left Anri and the others to stare in mixed reaction to their sudden passage.

Ranko decided that it was best that she and Cheshire leave as well and called her back into her pokeball, before saying goodbye to her paratime parents. As they were wondering about such the odd form of transportation Anri reminded them of Ranma’s challenge to Udan. Nabiki snapped at the erstwhile 'Lord of Light' for allowing such a thing, but it was out of his hands. However he was quick to ensure Ranma that Udan wasn’t totally invincible. Michael revealed that he had tasted defeat around the year 37 BC. This in no way calmed Nabiki down. Anri reminded them that they had teachers to train them Siren for Ranma and Trudy Wells for Nabiki.

At this time Frank arrived as he turned a glowering look in the direction of the Lord Anri Thelendra recognized that Gamina was with him drawing a startled look her way from Kasumi. Picking up Gamina off the Monster and setting her down on the ground he turned his murderous glare at Thelendra who instinctively darted around behind Kasumi, keeping the vampire goddess squarely between her and the towering man-brute. Frank tried to circle around Kasumi, only to find Thelendra adept at moving to keep their mutual love interest squarely between them. Hearing Gamina refer to Thelendra as Mommy as she was gathered up into Anri's arms caused Kasumi to turn in wonder allowing Frank to catch Thelendra. What followed was a brief tussle as two superbly trained martial artists attempted to wrestle for advantage, Frank attempting to grapple and immobilize Thelendra while the rainbow haired Eluini sought just as desperately to avoid being entangled. They traded blows that each one blocked with a speed that even Nabiki found dizzy, but all at once they were both shoved rudely apart before either one could gain the advantage on the other, and each was held at arms length by Kasumi, who easily resisted the best efforts of her promised husband to get around her at her "girlfriend."

Thelendra tried to escape as Frank was distracted but was stopped by Kasumi’s firm grip. Kasumi asked about the girl calling her mother. Thelendra explained that Gamina was a child she had with a former boyfriend. She then turned Frank and took full responsibility, explaining much to his dismay that she and Thelendra shared a history and a past. Turning back to Thelendra she told Thelendra that they need complete honesty if they were going to have a relationship. Much to her surprise Thelendra answered that she should stay with Frank. Gamina spoke up calling her mother out for once again not being honest and revealed that Kasumi was pregnant with Frank’s child. 

Anri revealed that Kasumi was having twins and that one was Frank and one was Thelendra’s. In an attempt to protect the child she caused the embryo to divide into two each with half a soul. So to fix it she implanted a part of her essence into the cloned half of the cloned offspring. At this point Frank had frozen solid causing Lenore to tip him over. Once he came back to his sense he once again tried to exact his revenge on Thelendra only to be stopped by Kasumi. Much to their shock she suggested that they take a page from Ranma and Nabiki’s book. This naturally started a fight between the two though Kasumi was eventually able to calm things down and see things her way. However still made at Thelendra for lying to her she gave Frank permission to properly discipline her.  The tall Eluini suddenly found herself being picked up and tossed over the shoulder of the much larger Frank, who held her there kicking and squawking in protest while Kasumi folded her arms and looked on with approval. Thelendra protested as she was rudely carried off like a sack of flower towards a nearby grouping of trees that would prove sufficient covering to obscure from the night what was about to take place under full moonlight.

Anri assured Gamina that Thelendra would be fine as Frank was a doctor. Kasumi took the chance to get to know her new daughter-in-law. Nabiki and Ranma waited until their "big sister" was sitting side-by-side with the child on a swing, before calling Anri out on setting the whole thing up though he was quick to deny it. He reminded them that they need to train for their match. Lenore and Micheal were quick to express their doubt that the two could defeat Bartev the Blackguard. However it was out of his hear as his brothers follow their own paths for the same reason. With that the fair-haired man bowed respectfully to the remaining souls who found themselves standing in a deserted park in the middle of the Nerima district. 

Anri appeared before Nabiki as Trudy had her sit back while Saki practiced her kicks. He revealed that he was fascinated by the fact that Nabiki didn’t believe who he claimed to be and he found that skepticism wonderfully refreshing. Nabiki asked him to elaborate why the Daokan choke her and Ranma. He revealed that it was because she was not one of his followers and in fact had every reason to distrust and be wary of the religions nominally founded in his name. Trudy called Nabiki out for not paying attention only to start freaking out and apologizing upon realizing that she was talking to Anri. Refusing top raise her head Trudy explained to the confused Saki who Anri was. Embarrassed Anri chastised Trudy for humbling herself like that in front of her students. Afterward he gave Nabiki and Saki some Manna Kola to help them regain their stamina. Saki and Trudy went back to training as Nabiki and Anri continued to talk. Anri went to further detail of the history of his current incarnate, Nabiki role in everything, the meaning of life, ect.

Nabiki started to get irritated when Anri started commenting about how attractive Saki was as well as how good a bond they would make. She told him that some would describe him on the basis of his own words as being an agent of Satan. Much to her surprise he took that as a compliment and even offered to introduce her to him.

Anri took Nabiki to the Bizarre of Deva to meet Satan, who much to her surprise was revealed to be an old friend of his. Stan began freaking out upon realizing that they were their to discuss Ariman afraid that speaking his name out loud would attract his attention. After assuring Stan that he had taken precautions to insure it could not be heard by the wrong parties. They told Nabiki the truth of what how Stan became Ariman’s scapegoat. While Stan had been away on the edge of things he’s kept his ears and eyes out so was aware that Ariman was making a move. Anri was quick to confirm his suspicions that Ari-Yahweh was putting his plans into motion, on Nabiki’s world. Before they left Stan was able to convince Nabiki to buy some things to aid her in her coming battle. Nabiki’s protest proved futile as she was going to get dragged into an area that was normally her own specialty, and with a consummate master who was the literal founder of special school in cut-throat negotiations.

Anri consoled Nabiki about how bad she lost in negotiations with Stan teling her that she actually did rather well. As Nabiki looked through the things she was convinced to buy Anri used the D-Rod to take them to Arael to show her the wonders of the dimension and the bounteous joys awarded to the Araelian by the powers that govern. He introduced her to Brav the Brilliant and Erika the Red. Later he revealed that he knew that one day Brav would choose of her own volition to leave Arael and by giving her a chance to connect with Nabiki and arming her with her street-savvy he hoped to better prepare her so that she is not quite so much a babe in the woods as would otherwise be the case. Next he took her to Valinar to show her the difference between Araelians and Gods. He introduced her to Mauro Ironcloud interrupting him as he was protecting his land from a horde of giants from a barbarous Hill Clan. Anri froze the giants in place and Mauro offered Nabiki some Ambrosia upon realizing she was mortal. Anri wanted Nabiki to see what true divinity can be like from one who was born to the blood of the Gods and how life can be as much trouble for them as it is a marked blessing. Hearing that her world was in peril from one of the Lords of the Abyss Mauro offered his axe to defend her people. As thanks Anri had Nabiki give him the D-Rod so he could visit his sister. With that he allowed Maruro to get back to his fight.

The next place Anri took Nabiki was the Blazing Cross of Glory Cathedral, home to the Church of the Illuminated Glory, headed by the not-so Reverend Thomas E. Schickle. The two listened to the reverends service Anri urging her to remain silent while the fool on the pedestal continued to rant like a well-dressed madman. Anri finally made his presence known when this attracted Eating Companions and a lesser Old One. Leaving the flock confused and more than slightly disoriented when he banished them. Reverend Schickle had his Mighty Men take them away so they could talk in private.

Schickle took Anri and Nabiki to the private chancel located at the back of the church, well away from the eyes of the viewing public. As Anri stood relaxed and ease amid the "goon squad"---known officially as "Mighty Men"---as though their presence was nothing more than a courtesy, and one easily confined to the background, he could just glare at him while Nabiki just didn’t want to antagonize the "good" Reverend out of concern of the men with guns who were hanging rather ominously in the background. Anri explained to Nabiki about the other times he’d visited the church such as well he dressed up as Yesus only to be kicked out, As Schickle yelled at him for heckling his congregation.

When he turned his attention to Nabiki he expressed his condolences for the company she kept until he learned that she was Shinto and Japanese. Expressing that her kind would reap the rewards of the Judgement Day. However he quickly became evasive when Anri asked him what he meant by that. Anri gave him an out by once again giving his criticism of Schickle sermon specifically his interpretation of the word of god. Nabiki raise both eyebrows, when the hint of disapproval of her companion's voice gradually changed in tone to implicit condemnation, though Anri remained as much at ease as before, eyeing the man before him as a Snake Handler might a deadly cobra, only with far less warmth in his regard of this particular slithering reptile. While Schickle was so angry that it took him awhile to notice how Anri was referring to himself which was when he told his men to take the two away.

Anri kept calling Schickle out on his hypocrisy as the various armed security men hesitated, feeling a strange reluctance to carry out their orders for some unknowable reason. That is until he got tired and lashed out at Anri with the back of his hand, slapping the taller man so hard that Anri actually flinched, though when he turned back his expression never wavered, as though he had barely felt it. Tired of Schickle’s antics Anri started bringing up his more shady business dealings. Such as how he exploits child labor in foreign countries and slave labor for certain other of his clients. The discussion really heated up when it moved to the topic of Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. Nabiki watched in growing alarm as the tone and tremble in the voice of her companion intensified, and the security men looking on were starting to back away with looks that clearly said that they wanted to be elsewhere and were regretting even being in the same room with this frightening figure who radiated a sense of divine wrath even while never raising his voice above an even tempo.

Schickle tried to speak, to defend himself and to maintain his position, but Anri cut him down to size with a look of stern reproof. He finally realized that Anri truly was who he he said he was when he mentioned the his demon-pacts with arms merchants to ship dangerous Biochemical agents to Japan. Schickle wrestled a gun from one of his Mighty Men and tried to shoot only for him to stop the bullets in mid air. After Nabiki managed to break loose from her own topor and quickly disarmed the fool Schickle fell to his knees an begged Anri for forgiveness, claiming that everything he did was in his name. Anri did not hear any of it and just left him to Ariman. He told Nabiki to keep quite until they were clear of the church.

Once they were on the sidewalk Nabiki turned around to see a giant face forming in the sky directly overhead, composed of cloud yet bearing a hungry maw that seemed ready to devour all who gazed upon it. When Anri finally stopped he apologized to Nabiki for his outburst. He explained that Schickle is the backer and financier behind the Umakusa Suekazen Society and provided Otono with Genocide's own special Plague. When Nabiki became angry that he hasn’t done any thing to stop it he told her about Otono’s faithful minion, a Rakshasa-possessed human named Talon, who stands ever-ready at hiss side harboring a sample of the Virus that he will use if his mission is prematurely aborted. The two then watched as a terrifying figure had formed directly above the fancy temple, a horrific shape like a helmeted giant gazing down from a thousand meters above, stretching out a taloned hand that was itself the size of a battleship as though attempting to grasp the entire building between its misshapen fingers.

Anri withdrew his protection from the church allowing Ariman to lay claim to its occupants. However in a last act of mercy thanks to Nabiki he drove Ariman away. While Schickle was still denied heaven Ariman wouldn’t claim his soul. this left them free to be collected by Charon. Anri showed Nabiki what really happened during the Shimubara rebellion before showing her Amazuka Shogo’s defeat at the hands of Kenshin Himura so that she could see why Otono bared a grudge against her and Ranma. He then took her to meet Continuum-47512936 to meet her niece/step-daughter Sayo Sanosuke so that she could show Nabiki just how formidable the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū truely was. As Nabiki was getting over the fact that Sano was obviously Kasumi’s child Anri introduced her as Sano’s cousin. Revealing that he was a friend of Heiko Sejura he asked her to demonstrate her kenjutsu skills. Sano agreed, but invited them in for tea first where she told them about her family’s history. She then proceeded to demonstrate some techniques of the style causing Nabiki to appreciate more than ever how much of a deadly fighting machine the gentle-mannered girl truly was. As thanks for her help Anri not only blessed Sano’s blade fixed the negative effects practicing the Mitsurugi style had on her body

After they left Anri explained to Nabiki the three possible virus’ the Otono would use to create a contagion. The last of which required him to show her the Neflim Lilith. It was at this point that time agents Ranma and Nabiki finally tracked them down. Unsurprisingly he had been expecting them. The two were concerned with Anri’s chosen course of action, and with what the Daokan have planned for the timeline that their counterparts called home. The Nabiki who was shocked by the tragedy she sensed in the two finally spoke when she heard that she was a Lore Master. She quickly put 2 and 2 together that the two were Ranko’s parents. Despite Ranma’s warnings to drop it she asked about their past. Anri also stressed that she deserved to know the truth which nearly caused Ranma to attack him. Calming himself down Ranma and the older Nabiki explained to the younger version their history. After hearing the full story Nabiki was filled with a loathing that almost made her vomit.

Anri apologized for bringing up painful memories and revealed that Ariman was the true cause of Akane’s insanity. Which the older Nabiki had already suspected. The younger Nabiki closed her mouth after having stood with it open for the longest of moments, and then called the older out for screwing up her family, though she quickly apologized correctly perceiving the dangerous wrath of a woman who radiated such intense power. After calming down herself Nabiki informed her younger version that they were worried that Anri was using her as a weapon. Anri didn’t deny this, stating that he was about to inform her of the potential consequences. As the younger Nabiki contemplated just how different their life was the conversation moved to the nature of the multiverse. Anri advised her to think about how drastically changed her life would be if different choices were made. Nabiki quickly realized what Anri was doing but before she could stop him he sent the younger Nabiki to a world where she didn’t have so many responsibilities.

Anri took Nabiki to a timeline where a parallel timeline where she made a conscious choice to live a very different lifestyle and fused her with her counterpart. When the Kishijoten brought her back and re-divided the two she and Kishijoten comforted Nabiki Tendo has she came to grips with how she’d doomed her world with her bad decisions. Telling her that there still was hope. Anri even allowed her to retain some memory when she was sent back. Anri’s point was that Nabiki’s children were the real hope for a better and brighter era yet to happen. Sati-Nabiki had also concluded this through her own research that in around forty years or so a third yet unborn generation would strike a significant blow against the Lords of Chaos. Nabiki was brought out of the revelation that she’s gonna have grandkids by Shiva-Ranma reminding her about Udan. He was tired of dealing with the Daokan’s games and schemes and much to Nabiki’s horror decided to deal with Udan himself. The older Nabiki just stood there with her expression caught in horrified realization, as Ranma drew her into his arms for a kiss before asking Kishi to wish him luck. When she confirmed that she always does Ranma turned sideways and was gone.

When the younger Nabiki asked if he had a chance, Anri remarked that while he does its the same as a snowball landing on the sun. Kishijoten however turned to the devastated older Nabiki and called her out for letting her man go off into battle without giving him some backup. Anri reminded her that everyone has a weakness, including his brother. After receiving a few tips Nabiki left as well. With that Kishijoten took her leave as well. Next Anri took Nabiki to meet Taishi Takamura so that he could tell her about the Kishin Corp’s hoping that his experience could enlighten her on the nature of Ariman. He initially mistook her for Bureho and Anri confirmed that she was her current incarnate. Coming to his senses Taishi explained to Nabiki the unknown battle fought during WWII and throughout it all Nabiki did feel a disturbing sense of familiarity with what he was saying. Taishi expressed his regret that he had participated in deliberate genocide against another sentient species, but Anri assured him that the parasitic nature of the enemy meant he was forgiven. After he was finished it almost seemed as though a light had gone out of him, as though he had been sustaining himself up to this very moment on sheer will to live alone, and that without a motive force the strings keeping his puppet-frail form together had gone slack all together. Thanking Taishi to rest Anri thanked him again for his heroism and with that he was allowed to move on and join the Kishin Corps on the other side.

Thanatalia confronted Anri as it was not Taishi’s scheduled time of departure. Despite being angry she took it in stride knowing that there was nothing she could do. She informed him about Charon being dispatched to get a sample of the virus and was somewhat offended when Anri applied that he wouldn’t be able to. This turned to shock when he told her that he was preparing Nabiki to deal Ariman’s minion. Even more so when she found out about her and Ranma’s match against Udan. after assuring her that it was unnecessary due to her confidence in Charon Thalia left. Their next stop was Canada to meet Chakar Shadowmane. Anri deliberately taunted him to get him interested in doing an investigation on the Umakusa Suekazen Society.

Anri then took Nabiki to see the handiwork of Genocide for herself. He took her to Sudan home to ancient tribal rivalries that predated the hostilities that motivate the people of the present. The result was death and suffering abound and with no one the victor save only Genocide himself. Nabiki could say nothing to this, her horror going beyond words as she saw the conditions of some of the bodies and wondered what manner of insanity could possibly make someone inflict such a thing upon another living person. After that he took her to the Rape of Nanking. He made sure to assure Nabiki that her ancestor did not participate. His point was to show her that this could happen to anybody anywhere as long as people listen to Genocide and allow him to manipulate their darkest feelings. Nabiki asked if there was anything he could do but

As guardian of the Path of Light Anri often travels far and wide to face those threats that menace the greater whole of reality. He is the embodiment of one quarter of the soul of all humanity, appealing to the higher nature of all beings. He is forbidden to interfere within the choices set down by the collective will of humanity itself, and if he not wanted somewhere then he is not allowed to travel and do the kind of things that he would choose to do were it simply a matter of his own volition. People aren’t crying out for him they want the myth that is Jesus Christ, and he can never be him. To pretend to be that lie would betray all that he is, all that he embodies. He never visualized himself as the Savior to all Humanity. Humanity must learn to save itself, to stop doing the things that are so destructive to the human soul. He has set his teachings down before and yet people ignore them. Nabiki saw a certain intensity in the eye of her new mentor and realized how deeply conflicted he was over the issues that he was raising. Finding a survivor Anri took the child to him home Ka'ala Tierma. Elea was quick to attack him as it had been a week since she’d sent him to the market to get milk. Anri ignored the threat of her sword and introduced her to Nabiki. Re-sheathing her sword with as much ease as she had displayed in its drawing Elea asked about Thelendra. Anri told her about Kasumi and quick to explain that that they knew her from a previous incarnation. Seeing the refugee that Anri brought Elea took her to go get bathed and feed.

Afterwards Anri heard Saki mastering her kick and returned. with no preamble Saki crossed the distance between them and threw her arms around Nabiki and kissed her. Once she realized what she was doing Saki started running away as fast as her legs could carry her. Nabiki was about to give pursuit only to be stopped by Trudy who opted to go get her herself knowing that Nabiki going would only make the situation worse. Knowing that Anri was aware of Saki’s feeling and asked why she keeps hurting the ones she loves. Anri’s flippant response grated on Nabiki’s nerves and she attacked him only for Anri to defeat her with laughable ease. Nabiki could only gaze in disbelief at her arm, which hung at an unfamiliar angle while her mind nearly shut down from the shock of her agony, her body becoming as rigid as a statue.

Anri called her out for trying to childishly vent her wrath without thought of the consequences before resetting her arm as she slowly regained awareness. He admitted that he’d been intentionally provoking her when she apologized. He wanted to show Nabiki much she had yet to learn in her training. Nabiki asked she was supposed to get better in just a couple of days and started to freak out when he told her she had to sleep wit Saki. The two talked some more and by the time Trudy returned with a much-subdued Saki Anri felt that it was time for him to leave he’d done what he could to prepare Nabiki for Otono and her challenge against Udan.

Anri went to Father Conal O'Rorke to see whether or not there is merit or none in allowing his church to continue. He found O'Rorke to be a very extraordinary, if hardly unique in the type of man. A man of such unimpeachable integrity standing firm against the tide of ignorance and superstition that is threatening civilization as we know it. If Christianity could yield even one such as him, to champion its cause then there must indeed be some slim sliver of hope for the rest of humanity, and as such Anri honored the consensus.

Anri next took on David as a student on behalf of his sister. When David asked who he was Anri replied by asking who he was a puppet prince or a swan in the shape of a Kirin. He then went on to tell David that it was time for him to be Baptized in the proper way. Confused David told him that he had already been baptized only to be told not the way Anri does it. David admitted as he felt the rage and anger melt away from him inexplicably, to be filled with a dawning sense of awe that took away his ordinary fears and replaced them with something more akinto a holy rapture. Anri stated that was a good place to start assuring him that by the end of the day he would learn the true meaning of repentance and forgiveness. If he survived the teaching process that is. David tried to grasp for something familiar to take hold of, only to find his crucifix was missing, the most prized of all of his possessions. Seeing Anri holding it he balled his fists and looked quite determined to take it back by force, but Anri just smiled at the challenge and waited for the younger man to make the first move, which would begin the pain and humiliation of teaching this brash young fellow not to rush into things or be quite so impulsive as he was hardly the passive sort like his sister and was more than ready to show off his own brand of righteous retribution.

Anri, endured the verbal abuse of David who refused to believe that he was Jesus Christ, despite the fact that Anri kept denying that he was. He also called David out on the hypocrisy of his rhetoric. Eventually David couldn’t take it anymore and attacked Anri who waved a dismissive hand and turned his back upon the youth, affecting a posture of total nonchalance. Despite this David kept missing his target no matter how many times he lunged Anri was simply not where his clawed hands attempted to grapple. All the while Anri kept commenting on where his skill needed to improve as he easily dodged every attempt on David’s part to nail him. Eventually Anri did go on the offensive bringing both palms together, then made a finger-steepling gesture and pushed the air forward while making a faint humming noise, and all at once a violet radiance took the shape of a ball of energy which he gently pushed forward, causing it to glide ahead like a mere soap bubble, drifting purposefully in the direction of the astonished David. The youth knew better than to stand his ground and look, but still he remained perversely fascinated with the energy ball as it came to within a few inches of his face, looking for all the word like an illuminated grape the size of an orange and not in any way menacing…an impression dispelled one instant later when the ball exploded in his face, sending the half-breed Kirin youth tumbling backwards into the foam-flecked surfside water.

Anri sat serenely composed with legs crossed in a full lotus, perched upon the rock where he had remained for all the frantic attempts of the young half-Kirin boy to try and silence his lecture. While David felt feel numb from the beating he had taken, even though the one tormenting his mind and soul had not yet laid a hand upon his person during the past hour of David’s rebuke desperately.

David felt his strength fail him as he tried to rally once again in yet another attempt to beat down this aggravating being who kept hammering away at his faith with gentle words that mocked his very being. He leaned against the coral rock that dared uphold the fair haired man assaulting his certainty with words that tore into his soul like claws of flame. He finally asked what Anri wanted from him to which he replied that he wanted David to listen and think like a rational person, and not a petulant child seeking the approval of his false parental icons. Rallying what little strength he had left as he sought to deny the pounding pressure of the back of his own mind where long buried memories were starting to rise up to challenge his self-conception. David told Anri that he couldn’t make David renounce his faith.

Anri’s reply was that David would do it himself of his own free will just as he has endured the Siege Perilous of Anri’s interrogation to come this far to awakening the memory of who he truly is, and to banish this false idea of himself that was superimposed on him. David is breaking out of that shell even as he attempts to insist that he is immune to Anri’s teachings. As more and more terrible memories starting to rise up to call into question everything he once had held as certain. David was stunned, his mouth hung open as he stared at Anri with growing horror and dawning comprehension that he could have left any time he wanted yet stayed and railed against Anri because he knew deep in his heart that the truth he sought could only be found if he stopped trying to run away and hide from it.

As Anri continued to lecture him David gripped at his own head and tried to fight the deteriorating shadows that were shredding away, allowing the floodgates of his memories to awaken. David wailed as the dark images gave way to terrible sights and sounds that awakened to his knowledge as he re-experienced the awful sight of evil men tearing him away from the loving arms of his helpless sister…and the things which they then did to her while dragging David off to be abused in a different sense, the slow and steady process of converting him into a servant of their evil. David moaned as he collapsed to his knees clutching at his face and keening softly as the memories began to come crashing down upon him head, tearing apart his wall of certainty as he started to remember the things that he had endured at the hands of those who had called themselves his nominal masters.

At this point Amalthea rushed to her brother and threw her arms around him and gripped him by his wrists as he instinctively started to struggle against her efforts to restrain him from doing physical damage to himself, while Anri looked down and regarded them both with infinite compassion. He began to wonder if he was a bit too rough on David in forcing him to regard the truth, but Ulsa insisted that he needed to face this. As it was long since time that he grew up and leave behind the mistakes of his painful and tragic past. Just then the two sensed the attack on the Kuno estate. Amalthea was ready to help but was worried about David. Anri surprised everyone by telling her to take him with her. He explained that David needed to know that what he is experiencing now are true memories and not the mere shadows of ill fancy.

David was still shedding tears as he stared bleary eyed up the quixotic man who had been tormenting him with words before now, only this time he correctly read the compassion and understanding in Anri’s expression, and then he turned a glance up at Amalthea, and gently pushed himself away, attempting to stand on his own feet without anyone else’s assistance. Amalthea instinctively reached down to lend him support but found the gentle hand of Ulsa upon her shoulder restraining her action. David managed to get upright and on his feet on his third attempt, and then he stared hard at Anri and made a decision that, for him, meant turning a page on his entire existence as he said resolutely, he would go and see the truth for himself.

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Anri has a mystical aura about him. He is friendly and casual, but he says a lotta things that don't immediately make sense but in a roundabout kinda way.

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In power and knowledge only Ulsa exceeds Anri in scope and ability. Anri was once called the Boddhidarma, and taught the Shaolin system to the Buddhist Monks of China. He was also once a humble fisherman living in an obscure village situated in what is now known as Northern Korea, and he founded there a school of assassination that survives to this very day.

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